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Do you have a collection of baseball caps featuring team and company logos? Do they stay on the floor of your closet or littered around the house? Here is your opportunity to organize your collection and display them using our hand-crafted cap racks at a reduced price. This holiday season we are offering 10% Off all three of our hat rack styles between November 10 and November 26, 2018. If you place your order now, your cap rack will arrive in plenty of time for the Christmas holidays. Choose between sizes: single, double and triple cap rack sizes.

Hand-crafted Cap Rack
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Each rack comes with hardware for easy hanging. You can select a stain that matches your home furnishings. Mix and match the sizes if you have a very large collection.

How to make your own BBQ Gift Baskets and what to include in you collection.

Barbecue gift baskets are becoming the rage for do-it-yourself gift giving. Whether you are a guy or gal, you probably enjoy an entertaining backyard barbecue. As a result these specialty BBQ themed gift baskets have become popular choices for birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, and holidays for the hard to buy for person on your gift shopping list.

BBQ Lovers Gift Pail

What to include when making a BBQ gift basket is a matter of taste. There are many options that you can include. No matter what you choose to add it’s really a fail-proof gift. There are a few guidelines you can follow to help get you started, depending on the type of basket you want to make.

Start with a useful container... add items, decorate and create!

Every basket needs a useful container of some sort, the items you are including in your gift collection, and the materials to decorate the basket. Beyond that, let your creativity take over! Here are some ideas to help you make your own Barbeque Gift Baskets.

1. The Beginner’s BBQ Kit

For everyone who enjoys a good barbecue but does not have the materials to master the skill, here is your opportunity to throw together a kit for them.
Personalized BBQ Tool Set and Case

Start with a useful container such as a galvanized bucket, a tub or an insulated cooler (they can later use this to cool their beverages), or picnic basket and then add the basic tools needed to cook.

These utensils can include things like long handled spatulas, brushes, and wood handled tongs. Throw in a personalized apron and some kitchen towels with a sports team they like or a design that you know they will appreciate. Be sure to remember the potholder! Even better to top off your gift, add an outdoor cooking recipe book. And don't forget a corkscrew or bottle opener.

Now seal the basket with decorative cellophane wrap. You might even add a bow or tie your gift closed with red and white checkered napkins!

What is so great about a BBQ gift basket is that it makes a handy way of having all the grilling needs in one place so they are ready to go outside when you are ready to light the grill.

2. Personalize A Barbecue Basket Just For Them

Personalize a gift basket specifically to include what they need and are sure to enjoy.

Grill Master Apron
There are many ways to make this gift just for your loved one by adding personalized items such as any of the following:
  • Grill Master Apron designed with their family last name embroidered on it
  • Kitchen towels featuring their monogram
  • Cooler bag with their first name and BBQ reference
  • Engraved bottle opener
  • Family name cutting board
  • Personalized wall mounted bottle opener and catcher in style of choice
  • Custom wood BBQ themed sign
  • Beer or soda can koosie with name
  • Including barbecue sauce selections to their tastes
If you would like to make a great bbq sauce to include in your gift basket, you can find some of the best barbecue sauces in this list of 5 BBQ sauces from BroBBQ.

Anyone on your gift list who prefers to cook in their own backyard will truly appreciate a BBQ gift basket that has everything required to quickly make a scrumptious meal while enjoying family and friends and the great outdoors.

3. BBQ Gizmos and Gadgets Basket

For the beginner or pro barbecuers, this vacation style picnic basket is the way to go. Everyone loves getting new grilling gear and tools, so this gift is always a hit. Grab a picnic basket for your base, put a table cloth in the bottom and then start adding in the basic tools needed for barbecuing.

Beginners’ tools can be simple, or you can tweak them for the experts by adding personalization or finding one geared towards their interests. Be sure to include items such as a BBQ knife, stainless steel spatula and tongs, and a heavy duty grill brush. Or you can add a tool set such as monogrammed case featuring BBQ grilling utensils.

An NFL spatula with bottle opener also makes another handy addition to your BBQ Gadget Basket. Include a handy automatic instant read digital meat thermometer probe to make sure they cook the meat to the perfect temperature. Barbecue kabob skewers also make a useful addition to any gift basket. Use matching napkins as part of the packing to protect the contents if you need to ship your gift. And don't forget a stick lighter required to get the party started.

If you are not sure which BBQ grilling tools to get see these products are reviewed by BroBBQ.

4. Barbecuing Spice and Sauce Basket

The person who loves to entertain a crowd in the back yard while showing off their grill skills is sure to enjoy a gift basket featuring a variety of spices and sauces. A BBQ Basket with a collection of spices and sauces works great for Father's Day or as a housewarming gift. Start with a tin bucket or wide mouth flexible cooler. Pack in dry rubs and powdered seasonings. Marinade mixes also work well. Include barbecue sauces in different flavors to top off a food-based gift. Sauce aficionados will be delighted by a BBQ sauce gift basket that offer an assortment of tasty flavors, from spicy and sweet to tangy and savory.

The Perfect Gift for Barbeque Lover... A BBQ Gift Basket

Making a gift yourself always adds extra pleasure to the giver and the receiver, and that is true with BBQ gift baskets as well. Even though Labor Day officially marks the end of the summer grilling season it turns out that almost half of us barbecue year round. Some even do so during freezing temperatures, so consider giving a BBQ gift basket to friends and family members this holiday season.

Short On Time ... Or your Barbecue Basket Online!

Short on time, don't fret! You can order a variety of prepared BBQ gift baskets online and have them shipped and delivered direct to the recipient.

No matter the skill level of the recipient, these gift baskets are always appreciated and used often! After all every cook wants to spice up their BBQ game. So thrill the griller in your life with tasty BBQ gifts they’re sure to love. You may even get the added bonus of being invited over to enjoy the meal that is cooked using your excellent gifts!

About The Author
Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is a self-appointed barbecue aficionado and lover of all vegan foods. He lives with his wife, Sara, their two children, and the three dogs that he did not pick out but now loves, in New Jersey. He is an ex-office workaholic who now uses his entrepreneur side to practice his culinary skills and relax with his family.

Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Use

Choosing a housewarming gift is no easy feat. You want to give a recipient who is moving to a new home something that will actually be put to good use. At the same time, you also don’t want your gift to be too mundane. And while gift cards may always seem like the easy choice, you may want to rethink this option since according to Market Watch one billion dollars worth go unused each year.
Rather, find a housewarming gift that’s the perfect combination of high-quality, thoughtful, and useful. What does this look like? You do not need to spend a lot to make new homeowners owners feel welcome or to congratulate a friend on moving to their first apartment. Check out these suggestions that are as charming as they are functional.

Cloth Napkins Make An Elegant Housewarming Gift.

While cloth napkins may not seem like anything special, they make a great housewarming gift. Cloth napkins are super useful and instantly make meal times seem fancier. Just imagine how much using elegantly monogrammed cloth napkins would add to your mood when you’re living out of boxes during the first few weeks. Your recipient will love using them and will appreciate receiving such a practical and stylish gift they probably wouldn’t have thought to get for themselves. When it comes to material, go with linen which has natural antibacterial properties and it gets softer after washing. Then add a family initial or monogram to personalize your gift. Every hostess will tell you that they can never have enough napkins. Ultimately, you want to choose a beautiful napkin set that complements your recipient’s decor taste.

Say Welcome with Housewarming Gift Baskets.

Nothing says “congratulations!” like a beautiful gift basket brimming with gourmet goodies. Fruit gift baskets are a perfect choice — particularly ones featuring tropical or exotic fruits that are healthy snack packed with vitamins and antioxidants. These gifts can be received by new homeowners the same day they are ordered. They are hand delivered and arranged by a local florist.
You can even add in a few treats like chocolate, cookies, or a bottle of wine or champagne for celebrating their new home. Top your selection off with some meats and crackers which will come in handy if the new homeowners are not cooking at home yet. Gifts of wine may delight the new homeowners after a hard day of moving and unpacking. Or you could decide to give a housewarming gift basket filled with helpful items such as kitchen or shop tools. You could fill a useful container such as a bucket or toolbox with other useful things like household tools or gardening supplies. And the good news is that if your friend or family member moved away to a different town you can still send them a wonderful housewarming gift. Just shop online! At we feature both hand-delivered fruit and gourmet baskets and practical gifts such as our BBQ gift baskets or a garden gift.

Give New Homeowners A Family Name Sign or Welcome Plaque

Family Initial Sign Est Date
Our most popular housewarming gift is a family last name sign. One style is a painted family name sign that features their last name with either a welcoming inspirational quote or the family member's names. Another custom family sign version starts with a rustic stained pallet board that features a monogram or an initial along with the family's last name.
If the new family loves their new home state then consider ordering a state silhouette sign with their family name. The latest current trend in family wall art is the architectural photo name matted and framed print where a family name is spelled out in photos of letter designs.

Make Moving Easier with A Return Address Stamp or Return Address Labels

Once moved in, new homeowners have to go through the arduous process of informing their friends and family of their new address — one responsibility on top of many.

You can help them out by giving them something to make the job easier and a lot more fun. A self-inking personalized return address stamp is a thoughtful gift that’s bound to get a lot of use. You can even include a stack of “I’ve moved” postcards to round-out the gift and make it even more practical. Custom address labels are also convenient and economical. Whether you choose an address stamp or labels create a custom design with one of the many design wizards available online. And as a bonus, your friend will think of you every time they send a letter! There’s no need to settle for dull and boring housewarming gifts when there are so many clever and useful options out there. Anyone of these gifts is bound to delight the lucky recipient. Which one will you choose to help new owners celebrate their new home?

About The Author

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estate, restaurants, and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitating, engaging manner for a variety of topics. 

Choosing the right gift could keep your long distance relationship on track.

Sending the right gifts at the right time often enhance a long distance relationship. Anyone in a long distance relationship will identify with the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But there’s science to back up that claim. A study revealed that couples in LDRs (long distance relationships) can be closer than those who are not. Published in the Journal of Communication, the research showed that LDR couples shared more meaningful feelings than other couples. That said, being hundreds of miles apart can still put a strain on even the strongest relationships.

Stay In Touch with Thoughtful Gifts

One way to maintain the connection with a loved one across the miles is to send a thoughtful gift or package. A surprise champagne gift basket in the mailbox is sure to make any heart flutter. A bouquet of heart shaped love balloons a teddy will impress any gal or guy.

Make Your Gifts Personalized

Adding a personal touch to any gift you send will instantly remind your partner of your special love for them. Your personalized gift will also be unique, making it a treasured item that symbolizes your love and relationship for years to come. Sending one half of personalized pillow case set - and keeping the other - can be a romantic way to show that, despite the miles between you, you’re still connected. A personalized romantic state sign is a wonderful gift to share. Displaying two states connected by a heart and a quote that says because we fell in love..... this sign would make a great item to add to a home that you share.

Guys Love Food

If you and your guy friend or husband are separated by distance you can't go wrong by sending them a food gift occasionally. Guys like to eat big so forego the dainty gifts and consider sending them a hearty meat and cheese gift basket. Or if they like beer, consider a beer basket.

Gals Love Chocolate and Roses

The way to a woman's heart includes chocolate. So when you want to remind her of your love for her send her chocolate gift basket. There are lots of gifts featuring chocolates available for ordering and shipping online including chocolates and champagne, candy gift baskets and even fresh bakery gifts. And instead of sending a fresh flower arrangement choose gold dipped roses which are much better since they will last for a lifetime.

Practical Gifts Work Too

Sometimes a thoughtful practical gift can really show someone you care. And even more importantly that you listen to them! If your partner recently lost their favorite monogrammed water bottle, sending them a personalized one will be a cute surprise they won't expect. Plus, as they’ll be carrying the bottle with them wherever they go - it’s the perfect way to keep reminding them of your important connection.

If your fiancee is wrecking his dress pants by sitting on a large wallet consider giving him a monogrammed money clip. Since you both may travel regularly to see each other why not give each other personalized luggage tags. Does your girl friend play the role of wine connoisseur? If so she is sure to enjoy using a personalized wine bottle opener. While your guy make prefer beer so give him a gift of convenience with a bottle opener and cap catcher wall sign.

Gift Them A Gift of Choice

Sometimes, no matter how well you know someone, the best gift to send could be a gift card for their favorite retailer. That way they can treat themselves to a luxury item, something they have always wanted or anything else they really need. They'll still get the warm fuzzy feeling of receiving a gift from you, but have the freedom to choose their own item. Be sure to write a heartfelt message to send with your card, to give it that all important personal touch.

Don't under estimate how much a gift message from you can mean. Sometimes even just slipping a gift card from a favorite store inside a romantic greeting card and your personal message is more than enough to show you care.

Listen for Gift Hints

Don't get too concerned with what to buy your partner. Research shows that the best gift we can buy for a loved one is something for which they have asked. Sometimes going for the big surprise moment isn't the best approach. If your loved one is telling you all about their constant cookie craving, send them a cookie basket or a giant fortune cookie. Maybe they’ve recently printed out pictures from the last time you met up? Time to send a picture frame so they can show off their favorite photo. Or have they been leaving travel brochures around the house. If so that is a hint that it is time to take a romantic trip.

Ultimately, keeping in touch regularly and sending thoughtful packages will strengthen your relationship - no matter how many miles there are between you. One day, when you’re living together in the same state and city you can look back on all the keepsakes and remember the moments you shared along the way.

About The Authors

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estate, restaurants, and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitating, engaging manner for a variety of topics. 

Grill Tool and Personalized BBQ Case Special Deal Offer

Our latest Deal Special offers a 25% Discount and is perfect for Father's Day. It is a grill 3 utensil set featuring long wood safety handles and personalized bamboo carrying case. So dad can grab his grill tools and fire up the grill during summer barbecues. Check it out: BBQ Grilling Tool Set and Personalized Bamboo Case.

This case features a Happy Father's Day message along with dad's name.

You can see that the case features slots for each of the tools including a long handled fork, wood handled spatula and safety handled tongs. Personalization is Free! There are several options including adding initials or a name along with another message.

This is a perfect personalization for a young child to add for their dad!

There is a molded slot for each long handed wooden BBQ Utensil.
Here the customer chose a three initial personalization.

Are you planning a wedding? Personalize BBQ Tool Sets for your Groomsmen.

Take Time to Choose a Thoughtful Gift for an Elderly Relative

Gifts for Senior Citizens from Arttowngifts
Seniors should be celebrated for their lifetime of experience and memories but are sometimes undervalued by their families living busy lives. As well as giving time and attention to listen to their often entertaining stories, treat the older people in your life to a thoughtful gift to show how much you appreciate and respect them. If you take time to select a memorable present or personalize a beautiful gift, it will become a treasured possession and show the recipient how important they are to you. So put on your brainstorming hat and join us as we get you started with some great gift ideas for the golden-ager who is often one of the most important people in our lives.

Souvenirs to Spark Memories in Older People

Newspaper Reprint Gifts

For older people, remembering the past and sharing memories become more important. A framed copy of the newspaper from their birthday or the day of their wedding is a lovely way to celebrate the milestones in their lives. One example is a framed New York Times front page reprint. Just imagine what it would be like to see a page of their paper published many years earlier on the date of their birth is sure to be impressive. Not only that it is sure to remind them what a wonderful life they have led. When you select their birthday, this framed art makes a fantastic birthday gift to commemorate a life well lived.

Personalized Preserved Gold Trimmed Rose

Personalized Gold Dipped Rose
Another great birthday gift idea for your favorite granny is a personalized birthstone rose. Let them know you love them by selecting a gold trimmed rose in their birthstone color. Then add a birthstone gem, their name, and birth date to one of the delicate rose petals. There are other personalization options such as adding their childrens' birthstone gems and names to different petals. These are real roses that are carefully selected and preserved with a clear lacquer and then trimmed in your choice of 24 karat gold, silver, or platinum. Packaged in designer gift boxes, preserved rose gifts are perfect for Mother's Day, an anniversary or a birthday.

Albums and Personalized Photo Boxes

Looking at old photos can be pleasurable especially for someone whose memory is fading. It is easy to enlarge old photos to put them in a picture album as a gift that you can then share together. Or scour their home and other sources to collect special photos and store them in a personalized lasting memories keepsake box. So gather a group of important photos featuring their special moments they will love to review or share. In addition to photos, they can include other keepsakes and mementos ... special photos, cards, letters, tickets, trinkets and more in their personalized mementos photo box. To make the photo gifts even more meaningful plan a get together to review the photos and ask them questions to encourage reminiscing. Then write in names and record anecdotes that will help them remember in the future and later this will become a gift for their entire family to enjoy.
Personalized Photo Memory Box

My Life Story Journals and Question Books

If you would like to capture more memories for future generations give them a journal with questions for preserving family memories book. Then spend time with your loved one helping them to complete the questions listed in the memory book. This is such a great gift to encourage your family members to capture their memories for posterity with easy questions that guide the narrative making it really easy to complete. There are umpteen family history book selections from which to choose. My Life Story was one of the first offered. Now there are many versions for grand-parents, mothers, dads and more. Regardless of the gift choice, you make this journal is certain to become a treasured possession for both the recipient and many future generations to come.

Celebrate A Senior's Heritage and Legacy with Family Trees and Genealogy

Personalized Family Tree Sculpture

Personaized Family Tree Sculpture
As seniors age, they often spend time thinking about their relatives that have passed and what they themselves have contributed to future. So consider giving your senior a personalized family tree sculpture featuring charms of every member of their family tree. What a great way to celebrate the generations of their family including children, grandchildren and even great children. This wonderful keepsake gift is available in a variety of styles.

Most family trees start with a standing tree or wall hanging with the main family name and then feature family names on birthstone charm discs for each relative. The version pictured is an artfully designed, black wrought iron family tree with a gold-tone base plate displaying up to 3 lines of personalization such as a family surname and dates.

To decorate the tree coordinating gold-tone round magnetic discs which include a name, birth date and a birthstone for each member of your family are offered. Or larger heart shaped engraved discs which include up to 2 names, birth dates, and birthstones, perfect for parents or married couples are also available. The tree holds up to 50 names on the coordinating discs. Families often add charms for new members through weddings and new babies. Just image how proud this gift will make your elderly family member.

Personalized Family Tree Wall Hanging

If the family tree is too pricey for a big family then consider a personalized family tree canvas wall hanging. There are many other items available in the Family Tree Collection at Arttowngifts. Most of the family tree wrapped canvases allow you to enter the main family name and then add their offspring.

Create A Family Genealogy

Another gift idea is to create a family genealogy history for their family. These ancestry records can be purchased or you could put one together on your own or even better work with your elders over a period of time to create one for their family.

Give Seniors Gifts with A Practical Purpose

A practical gift is occasionally more appropriate as long as it isn’t too difficult to use and won’t just end up sitting unopened in a drawer. By the time someone is considered a senior, they are often beginning to pare down their possessions in preparation for downsizing. So receiving a functional gift is sure to be much appreciated. If you’re looking for a wonderful gift that your older adult will actually use and enjoy, we have you covered.

Personalized Aprons

As we get older there can never be enough aprons. We need aprons when we are baking, cooking or working in the craft room. So why not give your grandparents each his and her personalized aprons. Guys who like to tinker in their garage or shop also appreciate aprons. And if it is personalized most men will wear it like a uniform. There are many apron styles from which to choose including grilling and kitchen themes along with elegant monograms.

Bottle Opener and Catcher

If your senior likes to enjoy a cold beer or soda then this gift is sure to delight both the males and females in the home. These wall mounted bottle opener and cap catchers feature a combination of a beer or soda bottle opener along with a cap catcher underneath. This way the bottle top never hits the ground. My mom used to get so upset with my dad when she stepped on a bottle cap in the garage. It would start a squabble every time. Well here is the solution, give your dad, grandpa, or other aging guys a bottle open and catcher combo for their garage. These functional personalized wall signs come in a variety of fun styles including classic family name, whimsical, rustic, funny, and bar themes. So encourage your senior citizens to pop their bottle tops in style with a bottle opener (and not their teeth) with catcher wall hanging.

Watch and Jewelry Boxes

Personalized Watch Boxes
Current fashion styles encourage both men and women to wear different watches that coordinate with their attire and the event. So as we age we often have a collection of watches and jewelry. This is where a personalized watch box will make life easier for an oldie. Storing watches in a beautifully crafted watch box will make it easier for them to select the watch they want to wear for the day. It will also keep the top of their chest of drawers clutter free. You can add family names, full names, initials or monograms to these high-quality watch boxes. So give your older friend the gift of stowing their stylish timepieces in a handsome personalized box.

Handcrafted Cap Racks

Does your granddad collect baseball caps? If so then grandma will love you for giving him a handcrafted baseball cap rack to display his collection and keep his hats off the floor and other furniture. And another plus is that they are out of way to avoid tripping and guys love to display the logos on the hats so they can brag about whose collection is best!

Presents to Stimulate the Senses of Older Relatives

For an aging person whose sight, hearing or memory is impaired, a gift that stimulates the senses will be helpful. A favorite perfume or a recording of some of their best-loved music will lift their spirits while evoking treasured memories. The feel of a soft, fleecy blanket is soothing as well as practical and simple and traditional gifts like fragrant and colorful flowers and a favorite luxury food will always be popular. Even the music of wind chimes will lift the spirits of both older and younger people alike. The same is true of hummingbird feeders. They bring the delightful sight and song of the hummingbirds.

Spa Gift Baskets and Pamper Me Gifts

Spa Gift Baskets
One relaxing idea is to send them a “pamper-me gift” such as a spa gift basket. Loaded with sensuous lotions and lush potions featuring their favorite scents such as vanilla, lavender, or caramel these hampers feature pedicure toolkits, loophas, wood massage tools, gel masks, bath pillows and much more. Your grandmother or great auntie is sure to enjoy donning terry cloth bath slippers after enjoying a relaxing soak in bath salts while exfoliating with shower mitts and using a loofah back strap and ball. Top the experience off with a scented candle and delightful smelling bath products and even the crankiest older adult is sure to be happy particularly as they bite into the delicious chocolate treats included in these gifts.

Cigar and Smoking Gifts

Cigar Humidor
Yes we know these are supposed to be off limits but at their age, it is probably safe to indulge just a bit so if the old godger in your life enjoys an occasional cigar there are some great gift ideas for them. An heirloom quality constructed personalized humidor is designed to keep cigars fresh, properly moistened and fragrant. And you can choose from a traditional monogram or family name and initial styles or have some fun and select one with a variety of pub themes. There are personalized humidors featuring fishing, golf, bowling, and other sports or hobby themes. You can top off this gift with a personalized Zippo lighter so your senior never has to look for their matches. Nothing smells better than the smoke from a fragrant cigar!

Personalized Pashmina Scarves

When you want to send both a functional yet sensual gift then consider a monogrammed pashmina scarf. Made popular by the British, these pashmina scarves add a touch of class to any wardrobe while keeping the wearer warm and comfortable. So grandma will love the touch of the scarf while it keeps the chill at bay. Grandma, your great aunt or an older friend
Pashmina Silk Scarf

Gifts That Make Life Easier for Seniors

Another idea is to give the older adult a gift that helps them accommodate their limitations and improve their life! Don’t stop buying your elderly relatives a gift just because they say they have everything they need or they no longer ask for something that you know they would like. Instead, let's get creative and use our imaginations to surprise these special people with a thoughtful gift that you believe will make their life a little easier or will bring them comfort and pleasure.

A relative who loves to read but whose eyesight is deteriorating might appreciate a magnifier. There are handy versions that wrap around the neck so that the elderly or just farsighted can continue to needlepoint, knit or cross-stitch. Or give them several pairs of reading glasses so they can always have a pair close at hand. You might also consider giving them a reading glass necklace or strap.

An easy to read calendar clock acts as a useful reminder and helps with daily routines and, although not very glamorous, a battery powered can opener will be welcomed by anyone suffering from arthritis or rheumatism. As they age seniors have difficulty getting their shoes on so a long-handled shoehorn is sure to be appreciated. There are even tools that help seniors with their socks! Along the same lines is a bracelet tool to help latch a bracelet and a zipper hook to make it easy to reach the zipper in a back closing dress. These dressing tools are particularly helpful for the new widow or widower.

Older adults are always interested in the weather. Couple that with their need to dress appropriately and a great gift for them is an indoor-outdoor thermometer. These nifty gadgets make it easy to take a quick glance at the thermometer and know the temperature inside and out.

If your older adult friend likes to go to games to watch the grandkids play then consider giving them a bleacher chair. The ones that feature backs are particularly helpful for older people who need back support or who have back issues. For even short walks some seniors have difficulty and need to take a break so a chair cane is a helpful tool. There are lots of styles from which to choose including leaning, folding and umbrella styles. Just make sure to avoid the low camp styles for younger people. Seniors can't arise from a low position.
Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

Send Gifts from Travels to Older Friends

If the senior in your life is beyond traveling on their own be sure to send them postcards from your own travels. Consider remembering them with something practical like a t-shirt or hoodie from a town you know that visited at one time. Some older people collect baseball caps, miniature spoons, sewing thimbles, coins, stamps or other items. So send them a new item from the cities you visit to add to their collection. They will know that you were thinking about them and took the time to select a gift just for them. Or once you return home, select a photo of the entire family from the trip and add a personalized picture frame and give it to them for their birthday or Christmas. Trust me, the next time you visit it will be prominently displayed in their home!

Seniors Love Family Name Plaques and Other Wood Signs

Older adults love to tinker around their homes to make them a welcoming retreat for their visitors. So consider sending them a family name sign to help them put out a welcome sign on their porch or in the foyer. Give them the opportunity to enjoy a chuckle with a funny quote on a plaque or inspire them with an inspirational saying on a rustic wood sign. If you have an older friend who likes to garden entertain giving them a garden sign or garden plaques and stepping stones. Visit the Sign Shop for lots of wood sign or wrapped canvas signs.
Family Name Sign

Send Senior Gifts that are Just for Fun

OK we have covered all of the gifts for seniors for more serious reasons, now it is time to just have some fun. Whether you send them a funny card for “just because” or to remember a special day, your older friends always enjoy being remembered and having their sense of humor tested. So find a particularly funny puzzle they will enjoy putting together and send it their way. Or there is an abundance of funny coffee mugs that you can personalize. Send a gift basket featuring items related to their favorite hobby and they will enjoy both the gourmet treats, tools of the trade and in some cases the mementos.

Giant Fortune Cookie

Giant Fortune Cookie
If your relatives and friends enjoy a good laugh and a gift that will make an impression send them a giant fortune cookie to enjoy. These huge cookies are not only tasty, the fortune inside is your personalized gift message. These cookies come in giant and super giant sizes and are over the size of a football. Just imagine a cookie that weighs over a pound and includes a foot long message. Fortune cookies are baked here in the US with only the finest ingredients, including high-quality Belgian chocolate They are dipped in your choice of chocolates and decorated with sprinkles and designer candies. There are designs for every holiday and occasion. Even your mother-in-law is sure to enjoy this gift!

Game or Dart Board Gift Baskets

Yes, they actually combine games, cards and dart boards with gourmet treats and cheese to make great gift baskets for seniors. Some even have puzzle books and crossword puzzle books. Whatever you choose it is sure to be appreciated and it will keep your senior on their toes!
Dart Board Gift Basket

Drum-roll please …. Just imagine the delight of a widowed great-aunt, an elderly friend without their own children or even a retired co-worker opening an unexpected gift with a short gift message from you. Regardless of the gift, they are sure to be even more thrilled that you thought of them. I can hear them bragging about you to their friends and family for weeks to come. And it is a great way to respect your elders who you may only for a few more years.

About The Authors

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estate, restaurants, and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitating, engaging manner for a variety of topics. 

Thea B Few, a retired print publishing executive, writes about subjects of interest to online shoppers.