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Personalized Get Well Gifts for Sick Children

Gifts for a sick child
What better way can there be to perk up a little boy or girl than presenting them with a personalized gift selected especially for them? Being sick is a bummer for anyone but when this tragedy inflicts a child it is even more difficult to face. So is a child you care about in the hospital, facing a scary surgery, or going through a difficult treatment? Studies show that children with encouraging family
Bakery Get Well Gifts
and friends heal faster and have overall better results. Even so, it can be so difficult to cheer up a child who’s recovering from an operation or a lengthy illness. Parents, relatives, and friends are faced with the dilemma of what should they do to help a child get through the long days they may face.

So send the little one a surprise personalized gift selected just for them! We all know that children love to receive items that have their name written on them. Combine their name with a favorite character, theme, birthstone gem, or colors and you will be rewarded with a smile. Anything you can do to make a sick child feel more comfortable and secure in the hospital or at home the better their outcome will be. So, if you are a grandparent with a grandchild who is facing surgery, a teacher with a pupil who has to stay at home to recover for a long period, or worse a friend of a child facing cancer or other life-threatening illness consider sending them one the top personalized gifts for children we have listed below:

1.  Order Personalized Bakery Gifts for Children.

There’s something about good food when you’re sick that instantly makes you feel better. And if you are hospitalized a sweet gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of a sick child. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered to make even the worst boo-boo better. Send your sick friend a freshly baked gift such as a giant fortune cookie or a personalized get well cookie bouquet complete with a thoughtful personalized message on the center cookie. You can make the fortune cookie extra special by including a fun get well gift message as the fortune inside the cookie. A giant fortune cookie will provide several days of enjoyment. Some people think they are too cute to eat! And if you like you can send a fortune cookie and a plush teddy bear for even more comfort.

Or you can send a bakery personalized cookie basket which includes fortune cookies, dipped Oreos and more. The center iced cookie can be personalized with their name or your get well message. Every sick kid deserves to enjoy some treats to aid their recovery. And they are sure to enjoy tasty treats that feature their name and other favorites!

2.  Give a Child Encouragement with a Personalized Prayer Cross.

An unwell child may feel a little down and in need of comfort particularly if they are facing a scary surgery or painful procedure. Instead of avoiding talking about their fears or parking them in front of the TV may be the best way to help them is to talk about their concerns. Once they have shared their feelings, give them a personalized children's prayer cross so that they can speak to God about their concerns. There are many prayers and themes from which to choose and a variety of styles such as Twinkling Star Cross, Paisley Praise, Gardens of Grace, Starburst, Faith and Flower, Irish Blessing and more. You can say the prayers with them and then leave the cross on their nightstand to provide comfort throughout the night.

3.  Children's Activity Gift Basket with Personalized Greeting Card.

Children's gift baskets are the go-to gift when the child is in a hospital in another city from you. And the available choices are great. Children are sure to enjoy an activity gift basket or a game gift box collection. One of the goals of sending your gift is to make a sick child feel better by taking their mind off of their illness with entertaining items.
Children's Activity Gift Basket

Most of the children's activity gift baskets feature a combination of puzzles and games such as Yahtzee, Uno or checkers. Depending on the age there maybe coloring books, crayons, stickers, toys, bubbles and play dough included. Some of the gifts are topped with a plush stuffed toy too. So encourage your sick youngster to have their own party blowing bubbles and making things out of play dough. Then they can settle down by coloring or play simple board games. What a great way to pass the hours away!

Since we can't make the medicine taste any better we can give them some tasty snacks. For some variety away from the bland hospital foods, delicious snacks include favorite goodies such as pretzels, snack mix, nuts, potato chips, cracker jacks, cookies, and candies. What is great about gift baskets is that the child can enjoy the snacks while passing the time playing the board and card games with their visitors and coloring when no one is around. So if you are the aunt or uncle of a child who is going to be in bed for some time think about sending them a children's gift basket to really make their day. You can't take the pain away but you can be sure to add your custom message of comfort and encouragement to the greeting card included with all gift baskets. One great idea is to arrange a Skype visit after the sick kiddo receives their gift. This will provide you a great opportunity to share some wisdom and encouragement.

4.  Reassure a Sick Child with the Gift of a Personalized Bible.

Books are great gifts to present to a child laid up in bed as it gives them something peaceful and calming to do, either on their own or with their parents. And what could be better than giving them a personalized Bible of their very own? For young children consider a picture Bible with verses illustrated so that they can understand. For school-age children who can read, a personalized Bible will become a favorite gift they are sure to cherish for many years after they recover. Be sure to put an uplifting inscription in the front of the Bible. Then share your favorite verses with your child. If your child's illness is extended make reading a Bible story part of your daily routine.

5.  Spend Time Drawing and Reading with Your Sick Child.

As every parent knows there is nothing a child enjoys more than listening to their mom or dad or other close adult read them a bedtime story. This is particularly true when your child is sick. They enjoy spending time with you. Plus doing something familiar such as reading about fun adventures, animals or even cartoon characters makes them feel secure. Books are great gifts to present to a child laid up in bed as it gives them something peaceful and calming to do, either on their own or with their parents. There are great personalized book options available, including ones which allow you to feature a child as a character in the story. And, you could make the book even more special by including hand-drawn designs and images with a personalized message on the reverse and placing them between the pages of the story for them to discover. Or download one of the many ebooks such as Learn to Draw Animals and practice drawing with your child. Just imagine how many hours you can fill entertaining while your child grows stronger. Next, take turns making up stories and telling each other. The more entertaining and funny the better!

6.  Send Balloon Bouquets to Avoid Transit Time for Short Hospital Stays.

If your order is being shipped to a child while they are in the hospital, please be certain that they will still be a patient at the hospital by the time any gift you plan to send will arrive. Keep in mind that not only will you need to allow for shipping transit time and the gift personalization, most hospitals will take a day or so to move the gift through their own receiving system to the child's room. When possible it is usually best to send the package to their home and then have their parent bring it to the child. If this is not possible consider sending Mylar balloons with a teddy bear or other treats such as chocolates, candies, and cookies. Balloon bouquets are hand delivered by a local florist so you can avoid any transit time issues. Be sure to check with the hospital before placing your order. Most hospitals restrict latex balloons. And often no gifts are allowed if the child is in intensive care.

7.  Cheer Up a Bedridden Child with a Personalized Pillow Case.
Personalized Childrens Pillow Cases

OK! We know it really sucks to be stuck in bed all day particularly if you are a child. All they want to do is to be outside playing with the other kiddos in the neighborhood. So make their long days in bed just a little bit better with a child's personalized pillowcase. Choose from a variety of designs featuring religious prayer and other uplifting themes. Adding their name to the pillowcase makes this soft and functional gift an even more special surprise. Give them several different cases and make changing the case each day a special ritual or add an extra pillow for their doll, teddy or even you to share! They can even make their very own fort with their special pillow, blanket, and teddy inside.

8.  Every Sick Child Needs a Special Plush Buddy to Keep Them Company.

Sick children regardless of age are sure to be lonely as they stay isolated in a hospital or at home. So an unwell child may feel a little down and in need of comfort. Handcrafted care packages loaded with small toys such as a personalized yo-yo are great for youngsters on the road to recovery.

A younger child will appreciate a plush toy, hand stitched with their name, to cuddle when then personalized blanket or quilt in cheerful colors also makes an ideal gift for a youngster who’s expected to be sick for some time. It will likely be their go-to comforter for many snuggles for happier years to come.
Childrens Picture Frames
they’re tucked up in bed. Small is better so that their new friend will fit in their bed to watch over them as they sleep. A cozy and comfy

9.  Surround a Sick Child with Photos of Family and Friends.

Speaking of company, if the child is in the hospital or away from home, what could be better than photos of the family displayed in a children's personalized picture frame? You can even get a matching picture frame, cross, water bottle and pillowcase set. Choose from bright colors or favorite Disney themes and action characters. So capture the heartwarming moments from happier times and put all of those adorable family photos to good use with unique a kids' picture frame. The goal is to add a familiar and warm touch to your child's hospital room or bedroom and spaces with picture frames and wall art custom-made especially for them. Photos are so great because your child will see a constant reminder of your love even after visiting hours are over.

10.  Pass the Time with a Personalized Musical Instrument.
Personalized Harmonica

Nurses report that one the biggest challenges faced by sick children in the hospital are boredom. Just think how boring it is for adults and consider the attention span of a young child. So let's use this downtime productively and give them a musical instrument personalized just for them. A personalized harmonica or guitar will provide hours of fun. It is easy to learn simple songs. There are loads of videos on Howcast and Youtube that teach the basics of playing the harmonica. Both are not too disruptive for others. And for fun invite some others who know how to play to come in for a jam session. Who knows they may even organize a hospital band!

11.  Dress Up a Sick Child with a Personalized Jewelry Piece.

Boys and girls both love to know that they are wearing something special. Personalized jewelry is the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and beauty. Be sure that your youngster feels that they are still looking nice with a personalized jewelry piece. For boys, dog tags are a great choice while girls might like an initial necklace. Bracelets are also nice. The best-personalized jewelry is that which touches the recipient with its special meaning such as their birthstone or a favorite charm. By simply customizing a piece of jewelry that can be kept close to the heart you are sure to give a sick child a moment of joy each time they touch the piece. If the child is hospitalized make sure to clear it with the staff and keep your selection simple and inexpensive. Regardless of your choice, your child is sure to sparkle.

Personalized Jewelry
There are many options to choose from when you’re looking for the perfect personalized gift for a sick child. Before making your selection, be sure to consider their illness, expected recovery period and their age, likes, and dislikes. Try to stay away from giving anything that is too complicated for younger children or even old kids that are heavily medicated. Their concentration or even vision may be adversely impacted. If the child is hospitalized keep in mind space limitations. This is not the time for a large train set or giant teddy bear.

As every mom know when their kid is under the weather whether they are stuck at home in bed or in the hospital for an extended stay boredom can become a major challenge. And this is a time to remember that the family of a sick child needs your support too. Often we don't reach out because we simply do not know what to say particularly when a child is seriously ill. These parents are living a parent's worst nightmare and they really need help. So offer to give them a break by visiting the child and keeping them entertained for a few hours.

Remember the sick child may have siblings that feel neglected and pets that need to be walked. If you don't feel comfortable calling or you are afraid of disturbing them, send a text with a specific and genuine offer of help. If you are in town offer to keep their pets or make meals for the family still left at home. Even simply picking up their mail will be a help. If you do not live near their location offer financial support to help cover the family's extra costs. Any amount is certain to be appreciated. And it is easy to send a VISA or MasterCard Gift Card.

Above all else your main job is to stay positive and strong for the child and their family!

About The Authors

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estate, restaurants, and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitating, engaging manner for a variety of topics. 

Thea B Few, a retired print publishing executive, writes about subjects of interest to online shoppers. She is working on launching a new affiliate based website,

How to celebrate the Easter season with personalized Easter gifts and decorations!

Easter Tote Bags
Easter is a special time of year that brings a message of hope and rebirth with the arrival of spring and religious celebration. And with Time magazine reporting that consumers spend over $17 billion dollars on Easter gifts and products every season, it’s clear that people love to mark this Christian and Spring festivity by giving gifts to friends and family.

There is much more to Easter than just enchanting bunnies and spirited egg hunts associated with the holiday. The Easter holiday is a time to create lasting memories and express appreciation with Easter baskets brimming with candy eggs, peep chicks, chocolate bunnies and plush toys. Plan an unforgettable Easter this year with personalized gifts.  Arttowngifts is here to help you create an Easter celebration full of wonder with enchanting gifts for every bunny lover on your gift list.

If you are looking to add an extra touch of personalization to your Easter gift-giving, there are plenty of personalization options to consider. By adding a name or other custom items, you make your gift thoughtful and memorable. Of course on Easter morning, your children are sure to look adorable in personalized and matching Easter shirts while searching for dyed Easter eggs. The look of excitement on their faces will be priceless as they look through the candies and toys packed in their personalized Easter baskets. Your little ones will love to cuddle with their personalized Easter Bunny or other stuffed animal as play with other interesting activity sets such as bubbles and card games or participate in the day's Easter egg hunts.

Here are some top personalized Easter gift ideas.

1. Start with a personalized Easter tote, basket or other unique container.
Easter Gift Baskets

First instead of just filling a cheap wicker basket with candy and other treats, why not start with a personalized Easter Tote bag?  With over 15 cheerful canvas designs from which to choose there is a perfect tote for all ages. All totes feature a line of free personalization such as a name. They are large enough to carry a full load of Easter candies, decorated eggs, plush toys and more. Choose from cheery design themes such as Easter, bunnies, eggs and chicks. Recipients can reuse their colorful tote for activities throughout the summer or save their tote to use for next year.

2. Make Easter fun with gift baskets personalized with name or initials.

Inspirational Water Bottle
Many parents and others love to give children Easter gift baskets filled with tasty candies, gourmet chocolates, cute chocolate covered bunnies, yellow marshmallow chicks, and plush teddy bears. These baskets are sure to include chocolate covered eggs and solid chocolate bunnies and colorful jelly beans. Activity items such as coloring books, card games and other toys are also popular. And of course they will be topped off with plastic or dyed Easter eggs.

A favorite activity at this time of the year for families to enjoy is the dyeing and decorating of eggs for those fascinating Easter egg hunts. And a major traditional function of Easter baskets is to hold those collected eggs. So to keep the baskets in the right hands among the siblings consider a basket with an embroidered name on a removal liner. Lillian Vernon offers traditional wicker baskets as well as plush and felt bunny baskets. Have an unforgettable Easter egg hunt this year with a personalized Easter basket or tote.

3. Add a personalized water bottle with a Spring or religious theme to your Easter gift.

Giant Fortune Cookies
These days everyone carries water with them where ever they go so why not make sure your friends and family members drink from a save and cheerful personalized water bottle? For Easter gifts we have water bottles featuring encouraging and religious themes and the coming of Spring. With over 15 bottle designs from which to choose, each eco friendly aluminum bottle features a leak proof cap, attached carabiner and free personalization with a name up to 15 characters in length. Pastel bottle designs include crosses and delicate flowers that are appropriate for both girls and boys and even adults.

4. Hide your gift message in a giant fortune cookie for Easter.

Spread some smiles among your friends, family, associates or customers with a unique bakery gift. For your of out-of-town customer, friends and family consider sending giant fortune cookies decorated for spring or Easter. One of the most fun aspects of giving gourmet fortune cookies, is that no one can resist opening one. When a cookie weighs a pound and is almost the size of a football there is a great excitement for the kiddos or adult gift recipients to open your gift.

Each traditional vanilla giant fortune cookie comes dipped in gourmet Belgian Chocolates (Dark, Milk, or White] and includes your very own custom Easter message of encouragement and optimism inside. Our confectionery artisans finish it with delightful pastel candy Easter confetti and Easter candy decorations! You really can taste our quality in every crunchy bite. This beautiful cookie will have them hopping for joy. Every giant fortune cookie arrives cello wrapped with a designer bow, tucked into sizzle and a nice gift box. See for yourself why our giant fortune cookies are so popular! Order and send giant fortune cookies this Easter.

5. Stitch a loved one's Give a cuddly soft bunny or teddy bear.

It has been speculated that the Easter bunny may have first arrived in America when German immigrants sailed over in the 1700s. Making the most of this historic tradition is great if you have young children for which to buy gifts this Easter. The floppy ears of many plush toys such as bunnies or teddies are perfect for personalization. Getting your young loved one’s name stitched into the Teddy's ears is a way to make their new teddy bear gift truly theirs! Personalization Mall sells a Some-Bunny embroidered plush bunny that is over a foot tall. This cute and cuddly furry friend features their name embroidered across the ear.  There are other versions with personalized t-shirts in blue and pink pastel colors for little boys or girls.

6. Decorate and light up the evening with personalized candles.

Inspirational Pocket Watch
Ever since the Paschal candle symbolizing Jesus Christ was first lit, candles have made ideal Easter gifts. What’s more, candles are really in fashion at the moment. Leading homemakers like Martha Stewart are excited about the candle trend in decorating. Custom candles make a great gift no matter what the time of year. With Easter coming early this year candles will be perfect for lighting up the darker evenings.

Sending your loved one some handmade long burning candles with a scent that suits their home will give them a peaceful and relaxed ambiance in their home over this Easter season. Many candle websites offer a variety of personalized candle styles. For example, Yankee Candle sells a personalized photo candle in over 30 fragrances and a variety of styles which all feature a photo provided by you.

7. Personalize pocket watch, key chain, dog tag or compact.

Easter is the perfect time to give a gift with an engraved cross personalized with a name. At Arttowngifts we offer a selection of just these items. Guys are sure to enjoy this personalized inspirational pocket watch with engraved cross which is available in 4 metal finish styles including brushed silver, gunmetal, midnight and polished silver. The case features a beautifully engraved cross. With room for a name up to 10 characters, the engraving makes it a meaningful keepsake. It is easy to carry with a 14 inch removable chain and clip for secure fastening. Quartz movement provides accurate time. The watch measures 1.5 inches in diameter.

We also offer a personalized large inspirational dog tag with an engraved cross which is versatile enough for both gals and guys to wear anywhere. With a sturdy ball chain for easy sizing, beveled edges and nickel plating, it’s perfect for any gender. We will customize this stunning Christian dog tag with up to 10 characters, right beneath the engraved cross, to make it the ultimate jewelry gift for believers. There are other items in this inspirational cross line that include a key chain and compact.

8. Celebrate Easter with a personalized religious cross.
Personalized Religious Pillow Cases

Easter is the perfect occasion to give both children and adults a personalized religious cross. The Christian faith finds meaning in this symbol of faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. At Arttowngifts you will find a range of decorative wall or prayer crosses that make perfect gifts for Easter. Give a children's prayer cross that features your choice of prayer along with your child's name, event and date. This is an inspirational and encouraging gift that will become a memorable keepsake for years to come. Capture memories of the festivities and the atmosphere of your family celebration with personalized picture frames and religious crosses.

9. Encourage a peaceful night's sleep with a personalized pillow case featuring a religious message.

Add an inspirational pillow case personalized with their name and prayer to their gift basket this Easter. Make sure the message and meaning of Easter continues throughout the year by giving a pillow case that features a religious message, Bible verse or prayer blessing. All of the pillow cases feature delightful pastel spring designs. This super soft poly sateen pillow case fits a standard or queen sized pillow. There are 30 soothing designs from which to choose including religious and friendship themes. Customize each with up to 20 characters for no additional charge.

10. Indulge in and personalize some chocolate.

Chocolate, of course, is the most famous most loved Easter gift of all. Whether you choose to send a solid chocolate egg, white chocolate bunny or another candy or bakery product, your recipient is sure to thank you! To add that element of customization, you can ask your chocolatier to pipe on a happy Easter message bearing the name of your gift’s recipient in icing. Several online websites handcraft tasty fudge eggs, covered in pure milk chocolate that are personalized and sold in cute Easter gift boxes.

Make your gift eggceptional - Add personal gift message to your Easter gifts.

The Easter holiday is a time to create lasting memories and express appreciation with Easter baskets and gifts. From chocolate eggs to handmade candles, there are many possible gifts from which to choose. And in a world where products are bought and gifts are sent on a very regular basis, it’s definitely worth investing in some customization options to make standout gifts this Easter. That way, your loved ones will remember your kind gift for years to come. Make all of your Easter gifts extra special this year by making sure to add a personal gift message to your order.  Here are just a few ideas:

Personalized Easter Greetings for Any Age
Personalized Prayer Cross

Hoppity Easter to you!

‘Easter Bunny’ Day!

May your Easter Day be bright and happy!

Hoppy Easter to a very special some-bunny

Personalized Easter Greetings for Kids
Wishing you a Egg-stra hoppy Easter.

Happy Easter
When it comes to terrific, there is no better bunny than you!

You're somebunny special!
Happy Easter!

It's Easter Bunny Time!
Have a Hippity, Hoppity, Happity Easter!

Personalized Easter Greetings for Adults
The celebration of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Rebirth living.
Here's to your Happy Easter!

Missing you a lot on this Easter. Wishing you were here to celebrate this joyous day with me.
Happy Easter!

May the star of the world shower his blessings on you and fulfill all your wishes.
Wishing you a Happy Easter!

 About The Authors

Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estate, restaurants, and online fashion stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitating, engaging manner for a variety of topics. 

Thea B Few, a retired print publishing executive, writes about subjects of interest to online shoppers. She is working on launching a new affiliate based website,

Celebrate the Irish with a St. Patrick’s Day party!

Are you Irish or at least Irish at heart? If so spread the luck of Irish with an authentic St. Patrick's Day Party. You can have fun and honor your Irish ancestors by hosting your friends and celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a festive party. After all everyone can be Irish for a day. Start the entertainment early by having fun planning your party. After all people love to party so planning a party should be fun too! 

Step 1.  Start the St. Patrick's Day party planning with a list of task categories.

Use this activity as an opportunity to flex your organizational skills. Break down all of the party to-dos by category such as the following:
St Patrick's Day Party Planning
  1. People
  2. Venue
  3. Decorations
  4. Door prizes and favors
  5. Entertainment
  6. Food and Drink
  7. Post party thank you gifts

Step 2.  Track your St. Patrick's tasks with a party planning template or app.

Use a party task checklist template application to stay on top of all your tasks. Then customize it to fit your St. Patrick's Day event. Years ago before desktop computers became ubiquitous, my mom used simple index cards to plan birthday and dinner parties. She developed an index card for each task she needed to accomplish. Then she added all of the related resources such as recipies, shopping lists and suppliers to the cards. After the party she made notes on things to improve. She kept the cards and pulled them out the next year for the same party. As a super keepsake for me I found all of her party cards when I cleaned out her house a few years ago. I am still holding on to the cards as a memory of her great entertainment skills.

Now with handy apps on your mobile phones, tablets and desktops you have so many wonderful opportunities to use other people's ideas, there is no need to start your party plan from scratch. So depending on the size and scale of your party plan consider using one of the many party planning templates and apps that are available online. Most of them are free! Here are a few examples:
If these suggestions do not meet your needs there are spreadsheets, MS Office docs and many more checklists available.
Kiss Me I'm Irish Gold Dipped Rose

Step 3.  Select a dynamite venue for your St. Patrick's Day party.

Before inviting people and making the party plan you need to determine the best location for your celebration. St. Patrick's Day parties are often about shenanigans and some overindulgence. So you need to make sure that your venue is appropriate for what might become a slightly rancorous party. Alternatives to consider include the following:
    • Office, lobby, conference or meeting rooms
    • Hotel event center
    • Bar or restaurant
    • Community center
    • Your home

Step 4.  Design and order Irish themed invitations online.

Get the party started with a fun invitation! There is no need to spend money to have your invitations printed. With the many free image and invite sites available online it is easy to create dynamite invitations. Simply download a fun St. Patrick's Day or Irish themed template and print your invitations yourself. Or if you want to be informal, use an online event invite application to send your invitations by email, text or similar method. Evite, one of the most popular even offers a gallery of St. Patrick's Day invitations.

So forget about boring and have some fun designing your invitation using clover art, shamrocks, Irish top hats and gold beer glass designs. And of course, your invitation and envelop has to be green! If you want to add some fun, add green glitter or confetti to put your invitees in the party mood when they open your invitation. Simply add an event title, date, time and location with a short personal message asking your party to wear green. If you are offering a dinner or expensive finger foods be sure to provide RSVP details. You may also invite your friends through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Send your invitations out at least two weeks prior to your party.

Step 5.  Who to invite to your St. Patrick's Day party?

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Invite any of your friends and co-workers who are of Irish descent. Then add to that list of invitees those who like to party and who always claim to be Irish at least on St. Patrick's Day.  Of course, you will want to include your adult family members who always enjoy a good party. You might also use your party as an excuse to make some new friends by inviting new neighbors and co-workers to attend. As a rule of thumb, party planners suggest inviting 20% more people than you can accommodate.

Step 6.  Decorate with personalized Irish gifts and St. Patrick's Day accessories

St Patrick's Day Pub Sign
Whether you are 100% Irish or simply Irish at heart you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style with personalized Irish gift items and accessories. First, decide on your theme. Is it Irish Pride, Slainte!, or Field of Clovers or Irish Gold Clover? Then hang pub signs featuring your selected theme such as this Irish Green Slainte pub sign which is personalized with your name and the date of the party. Add matching coasters and beer steins with the same theme. Then use personalized ornaments as combination name cards napkin rings to welcome your guests.

Finish off your room by floating both green latex and Mylar Irish themed balloons. Hang green streamers and cutouts of shamrocks and leprechauns. You can also use green twinkling Christmas lights or green clover-shaped lights. Spread green glitter or sequins down the middle of the tables. Finally, add green herb arrangements as part of your table design. Then light some green candles and dim the lights to get the party started! Make clean-up easy by adding St. Patrick's Day welcome doormats and use matching green paper plates and napkins. Help friends who arrive in business attire look the part with St. Patrick's Day shirts and lucky shamrock and clover adorned aprons for them wear over their clothes. And to top off their party look by giving them Irish top hats. Make sure you wear one too and stay dressed in green!

Step 7.  Entertainment ideas for a rocking St. Patrick's Day party
Irish Ornaments

Authentic Irish music will truly get everyone into the spirit and ready to party. Whether you have a live band or use a DJ and a playlist consider Celtic duos, trios or bands, and bagpipers. It is a good idea to print out and distribute the lyrics of popular Irish songs. This will encourage guest to participate in sing-a-longs. If you have friends in a dance group or know a group, add Irish step dancers. Then get your friends to join in. Finally be sure to have your servers dressed as leprechauns or other fun characters.

Step 8.  Promise a blast with St. Patrick's Day party drink menu.

Keeping the beer flowing is one of the most important priorities of a St. Patrick's party host. So keep the options limited to make it easy to serve everyone without overworking. Here are some of the most popular drinks recommended:
  1. Green Beer served in clear mugs
  2. Irish Guinness Jameson Baileys Cocktail! - This St. Patrick’s Day favorite is known as a great Irish celebration drink. It is a tasty combination of a pint of Guinness with a shot glass full of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream plopped right into the glass of beer. As soon as the shot drops to the bottom of the beer glass, it’s time to chug away. 
  3. Irish Coffee
  4. Guinness Jameson ice cream float
  5. Non-alcoholic green shamrock punch - A super easy combination of lime sherbet and ginger ale

Step 9.  Serve traditional Irish easy to serve and eat finger goods.

You need more than drink to satisfy an Irish appetite so be sure to add some hardy foods along with sweets to your party plan. This will help to solve hunger and soak up some of the beer if your guests overindulged their thirst at the bar. Since green is the primary color associated with Ireland, the best appetizers for this type of event are carbs that are both green and easy. For our party, we are recommending table ready finger foods and appetizers. Here are some easy to make suggestions.
  1. Irish soda bread
  2. Green pizza  - Start with green pesto instead of tomatoes sauce and add green items such as arugula, spinach, green onions, green peppers, and broccoli. 
  3. Mini pastry cups filled with spinach or guacamole
  4. Shamrock chips and pot of gold dip
  5. Clover-shaped spinach quiche
  6. Spinach muffins with ricotta.
  7. Corned beef and cabbage egg rolls with a green dip
  8. Guinness pulled pork served on mini buns

Step 10.  Satisfy their sweet tooth with and St. Patrick's Day bakery treats.

Now it is time to satisfy their sweet tooth and have some fun while doing so. Make your sweets serve double duty by making them part of your decorations. For example, display St. Patrick's Day giant fortune cookies as edible centerpieces. Each football sized fortune cookie is finished with generous green sprinkles and other St. Paddies Day candies. Scatter smaller fortune St. Patrick's Day cookies around the tables for your guests to enjoy. Then to complete your dessert offering serve a combination of St. Patrick's Day chocolate dipped Oreo's and rice crispy bars. All of the smaller cookies are wrapped in cello and decked out in green with leprechaun and clover candies decorations. Your guests can enjoy the cookies during the party or take them home as party favors. Be sure to have a collection of gold foil covered chocolates for your pot of gold and bowls of Lucky Charms cereal conveniently arranged. Everyone is sure to enjoy this tasty ensemble of bakery and sweets.

Step 11.  Send your helpers St. Patrick's Day themed thank you gifts.

The party is over and everyone who attended had a great time. Even though you may be a little hung over, keep the party fun going by thanking those who helped you with the party. Our favorite gift idea is to send a personalized Irish picture frame with their photo from the party featured inside. For more gift suggestions, just check out our collection of Irish Themed Gifts or custom St. Patrick Day gift ideas. All of our suggestions truly showcase Irish spirit. Here are just a few of the other gift ideas you might like:
  1. Irish themed gift baskets
  2. Personalized Irish water bottles
  3. Irish whiskey humidor with personalization
  4. Personalized Shamrock beer mug
  5. Kiss Me I'm Irish gold dipped rose
  6. Irish pub barrel top sign
  7. Monogrammed pint glasses
  8. Engraved flask 
With the cleanup and thank yous complete, sit back and enjoy your memories of your fun get-together and enjoy the sure to come thanks from party goers. It's not too early to start planning for next year. After all you are in luck!

Give a Unique Gift of a Gold Dipped Rose to the One You Love

Fresh flowers definitely make a great gift. They are used to celebrate a variety of different occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries or “just because.” While fresh flowers are beautiful and pleasantly scented, the problem is that they only last for so long, and then they just die. If you still want to give flowers to someone you love this Valentine's Day but you don't want them to wilt and fade away, 24 k gold dipped roses are an excellent option.

1. Gold Roses are Real Roses that Last Forever.

Gold dipped roses are just as they as the name describes.
They are actual fresh roses that have been dipped and coated in real 24 karat gold. The actual rose petals and stem will never fade away or wilt over time. When you purchase a gold rose, you'll know that it is going to last forever, thanks to the great tedious and time-consuming process that they go through when they are made. These roses going through a special process that includes carefully picking only the best roses at the peak of their perfection then preserves them carefully by dipping them in 24 k gold. The result is a beautiful gift that is truly unique that lasts forever.

2. Preserved Roses are Available in a Variety of Metal Styles and Petal Colors. 

Along with gold dipped roses, you can also purchase gold trimmed roses as well, that just have the tips of petals and stems dipped in gold. They preserve the roses with a lacquer so the dramatic color of the petal still shows through and stays forever, and then just dip the very tips in the gold. We even offer roses in birthstone colors. These styles provide an exquisite and beautiful rose that will definitely be cherished.

Of course, you have more than just 24 karat gold options from which to choose as well. You'll find that there are precious platinum dipped roses and silver dipped roses as well that are absolutely beautiful. In fact, some people end up liking these alternatives more than the gold roses. Just like the gold roses, you can also choose to order roses with the original petal colors showing through and then have just the tips dipped in the platinum or silver, resulting in beautiful combinations that are breathtaking.

3. Celebrate Important Occasions with a Gift That Will Last. 

No matter what kind of occasion you are buying for, you'll find gold roses, or other precious metal dipped roses, make a much better gift choice than fresh flowers. They are wonderful options for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and they make excellent get well gifts as well. Some families like to add a gold trimmed rose to a sympathy arrangement with a combination of fresh flowers. Brides even add them to their bouquets.

4. Personalize a Petal with a Special Message of Love. 

We even offer a personalized I Love You Rose and a Will You Marry Me Rose. With our personalized gold rose offering you can add a short message to a petal. Birthstone gems can also be added to the petals. Our mom gold rose is one of our most popular gifts for Mother's Day. For Valentine's Day we offer a Happy Valentine's Rose or Be My Valentine Gold Trimmed Roses. They are also roses with I Love You written in the language of your choice. The best feature of preserved roses is that they aren't going to just fade away and die. The person will have a gift that will last for the years to come that will bring them happiness and joy. So, it's the perfect way to give a gift that will continue to give over and over again.

5. Gold Roses – The Perfect Combination of Gold and Flowers!

Women have long loved both gold and roses. A preserved rose is a way to combine both items they love to create a gift that is absolutely unforgettable and will last a lifetime. You can buy a single gold dipped rose or buy a bouquet such as a dozen gold roses.

6. Start a Collection of Preserved Roses for Occasions Throughout the Year.

If you're considering giving the gift of gold roses, you may want to consider giving multiple roses at one time or over a few years. You can arrange an entire bouquet of these roses for a silver wedding anniversary to give your wife an absolutely stunning gift that she will never forget. Roses also come in half dozen bouquets or you can get them in orders of three, or just a single gold rose. If she loves them, consider helping her begin a nice collection, getting her a new rose for each holiday that comes around during the year. Just imagine how much easier your life will be when you already know what you are going to get your wife for her birthday, your anniversary and Valentine's Day.

7. Gold Roses Arrive in a Gift Box with a Gift Message and Certificate of Authenticity. 

Instead of looking at those cut flowers at the flower shop, why not give the special lady in your life something she'll love and be able to cherish for many years in the future. Gold roses, platinum roses, and silver roses all make wonderful gifts that you can be sure will stand the test of time. This is a wonderful way that you can give a totally unique gift that will wow the person receiving it, and when you order them, you'll get a great gift box that includes a card on how these roses are preserved and a Certificate of Authentic. So, you do not even have to worry about wrapping the gift yourself. Whether you want to say "get well" or "I love you" gold roses are definitely the better choice that will win you huge brownie points.

What to Give Your Guy for Valentine's Day

Women often make mistakes when shopping for their boyfriends and husbands by thinking they will love a romantic gift. The truth is men are much more practical than you think. With Valentine's Day coming soon and birthdays always on the horizon here are some Gift Ideas for Men you can turn to when you need a gift for your guy.
  1. Food – Make it hardy such as Meat Cheese Basket loaded with contents such as smoked beef summer sausage, beef salami, wild Alaskan smoked salmon and Wisconsin cheddar cheese blocks. 
  2. Sweets – Forget that box of fine chocolates. Truffles are not their style. Instead, consider a Giant Fortune Cookie with your personal romantic fortune inside. Choose from all kinds of Fortune Cookie styles with icing and themed candy decorations. Chocolate Dipped Oreos are another favorite. And we have a variety that looks like golf balls sitting on a golf green. 
  3. Tools and Gadgets – Most guys like to carry a small knife in their pocket and a three in one tool in their car. Make sure the men in your life have the tools they need with style. Give your man a monogrammed tool to remind them of you every time they have an opportunity to use it.
  4. Sports Team Gear – Does your man follow a favorite sports team? Does he watch every NFL game on his wide screen or track to the baseball stadium to watch his team play? Does he like the clash of the players on ice displayed in a hockey match? If so give him team memorabilia to celebrate his team. All of these sports gifts feature a team logo along with your name and other personalization. Here are just a few examples:

      NFL Framed Locker Room Prints
      NHL Locker Room Prints
      MLB Club House Prints
      NFL Framed Pub Sign Prints
      NFL Framed Locker Room Wrapped Canvas
      NFL Framed Stadium Prints
      MLB Framed Stadium Prints
      NFL Stadium Wrapped Canvas
      NFL Shot Glasses
      NFL Spatula with Bottle Opener
      NFL Personalized Dog Tags
      NFL Beer Mug
      NFL Hot and Cold Tumbler
      NFL Zippo Lighter
      College Framed Stadium Print

  5. Initialed Money Clip and Monogrammed Wallets – With all of the fancy electronics these days, consider giving your man a practical item such as a Personalized Money Clip or Wallet. You can even choose an RFID Blocking Wallet in a variety of personalized styles. 
  6. Mancave Gear – Every guy wants a place to kick back and relax and a man-style retreat more than fills the bill. Help him decorate with Man-cave themed wall art and home bar gear. Choose from Pub Signs, Personalized Flasks, Growler Sets, Personalized Beer Bottle Opener  Catchers Signs, Whiskey Barrels, Wooden Beer Caddies and more. 
  7. Humidors and Lighters – Does your man like to relax with a fine cigar? Then make sure that his selection remains fresh with a Personalized Cigar Humidor. And while you are at it make sure he always has a lite with Monogrammed Zippo Lighter
  8. Hobby Related Gifts – Guys love their hobbies and toys so when a gift-giving opportunity arises you can always find a gift relating to their hobby or interest. So consider giving them golf clubs, a Personalized Executive Putter Set or even Gold Dipped Golf Balls and Tees. Hunters are sure to enjoy a Personalized Ammunition Box or a Camouflage Flask
  9. Dad Themed Gifts – These gifts may seem a little a hokey. Still, all dads cherish the gifts made by their children. Even better you can insert a photo of his children in a Father Themed Picture Frame. What about an Apron featuring the names of his children and their birth dates? There are even # 1 Dad Cufflinks and Ties! And of course the old standby a Top Dad Coffee Mug
Growlers Sets Make Great Additions to a Man Cave Bar

Avoid Embarrassing Gifts

Be sure to avoid sending a prissy gift to a public location that might embarrass your guy. While a romantic Sexy Gift Basket filled with massage oils and other tempting delights might make for a fun evening, it would be embarrassing for your husband to open the package at his desk in a cubicle office.  So for example, sending a Balloon Bouquet with a giant Teddy Bear to a deployed Marine Seal might cause the other seals to hassle your guy.
Make It Personal for Your Guy with Personalized Gifts!

So as you plan for Valentine's Day for your husband or Birthday Gift for your boy friend keep in mind that guys prefer the practical and functional over the frufoo anytime. Just follow these suggestions in this article and others and your guy is sure to enjoy any gift you select.
Men Like Hearty Gifts with Cheese Blocks and Sausage

What Are Recommended Anniversary Gifts for Each Year of Marriage?

Anniversary Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts Modern Anniversary Gifts
1st Wedding Anniversary Paper Clocks
2nd Wedding Anniversary Cotton China
3rd Wedding Anniversary Leather Crystal, Glass
4th Wedding Anniversary Linen (Silk) Appliances
5th Wedding Anniversary Wood Silverware
6th Wedding Anniversary Candy or Iron Wood objects
7th Wedding Anniversary Wool (Copper) Desk sets, Pen and Pencil Sets
8th Wedding Anniversary Bronze Linens, Lace
9th Wedding Anniversary Pottery (China) Leather goods
10th Wedding Anniversary Tin, Aluminum Diamond, Jewelry
11th Wedding Anniversary Steel Fashion jewelry
12th Wedding Anniversary Silk or Linen Pearls, Colored gems
13th Wedding Anniversary Lace Textiles, Furs
14th Wedding Anniversary Ivory Gold jewelry
15th Wedding Anniversary Crystal Watches
16th Wedding Anniversary Coffee or Tea Silver holloware
17th Wedding Anniversary Wine or Sprits Furniture
18th Wedding Anniversary Appliances Porcelain
19th Wedding Anniversary Jade Bronze
20th Wedding Anniversary China Platinum
21st Wedding Anniversary Fire Brass, Nickel
22nd Wedding Anniversary Water Copper
23rd Wedding Anniversary Air Silver plate
24th Wedding Anniversary Stone or Opal Musical instruments
25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Wedding Anniversary Sterling silver
26th Wedding Anniversary Art Original pictures
27th Wedding Anniversary Music Sculpture
28th Wedding Anniversary Linens or Orchids Lavender
29th Wedding Anniversary Tools New Furniture
30th Wedding Anniversary Pearl Diamond
31th Wedding Anniversary Travel Tourism Timepieces
32th Wedding Anniversary Bronze Conveyances (e.g., automobiles)
33th Wedding Anniversary Iron Amethyst
34th Wedding Anniversary Food Opal
35th Wedding Anniversary Coral (Jade) Jade
36th Wedding Anniversary Antiques Bone china
37th Wedding Anniversary Books Alabaster
38th Wedding Anniversary Luck Beryl, Tourmaline
39th Wedding Anniversary Laughter Lace
40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Ruby
41st Wedding Anniversary Office Desk Land
42nd Wedding Anniversary Clocks Watches Improved real estate
43rd Wedding Anniversary Entertainment Travel
44th Wedding Anniversary Electronics Groceries
45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Sapphire
46th Wedding Anniversary Games Original poetry tribute
47th Wedding Anniversary Garden Plants Books
48th Wedding Anniversary Home Improvement Optical goods telescope
49th Wedding Anniversary Copper Luxuries, any kind
50th Wedding Anniversary Gold for Golden Anniversary Gold
51th Wedding Anniversary Photos Cameras
52th Wedding Anniversary Bath Spa
53th Wedding Anniversary Plastic
54th Wedding Anniversary Glass
55th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Emerald
56th Wedding Anniversary Day
57th Wedding Anniversary Night
58th Wedding Anniversary Faith and Hope
59th Wedding Anniversary Charity
60th Wedding Anniversary Diamonds, Gold Diamond Gold
75th Wedding Anniversary Diamonds, Gold Diamond, Pearl
80th Wedding Anniversary
Diamond, Sapphire
85th Wedding Anniversary
Diamond, Emerald
90th Wedding Anniversary
Diamond, Ruby
95th Wedding Anniversary
10-carat Diamond
100th Wedding Anniversary

Use this list as a guide when shopping for your Wedding Anniversary. Keep in mind that normally your first, 10th, 25th and 50th anniversaries are the most important. If you make to 75 or 100 you will have a lot to celebrate. Check out our actual gift recommendations for each anniversary.

Why Give Gifts to Celebrate New Year?

After enjoying time with family and friends during the holidays your thoughts often turn to the New Year. What a better way to ring in the New Year than sending wonderful gifts for clients, associates, family, and friends.

Top reasons to send gifts for the New Year: 

  1. Encourage friends, family, and business associates to take a short break to enjoy a champagne toast, tasty snacks, and sweet treats. 
  2. Thank your corporate clients and commercial customers for their business and support during the previous year along with encouragement for a continued relationship for the New Year. 
  3. Did you forget someone? Send a New Year's Gift to those you left off your holiday shopping list. 
  4. Did someone give you an unexpected Christmas present? A New Year's Gift is a great solution! 
  5. Request continued support from your office associates and personal staff with an encouraging New Year's gift. 
  6. Did you offend someone last year? Why not start the new year off on a positive note by sending an apology with a New Year's Gift asking for forgiveness. 
  7. Did you meet someone new over the holidays that might be beneficial to your business? Consider sending them an inexpensive gift with an introduction to you and your business. Personalized gifts are an excellent solution for this purpose. Even something so simple as a bookmark with your company logo can make a difference. 
  8. For old times' sake why not reach out to a friend with whom you have lost touch and reconnect with a gift for the New Year? 
  9. Remember someone who lost a loved one during the year by sending them a note and a New Year's Gift possibly along with a donation to their favorite charity.

What are the Best New Year's Gift Ideas?
Grand Champagne Basket

Now that you know why and to who to send your New Year's Gifts, what should you send? A great gift is about more than the occasion. It is about telling someone they are special. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Grand Champagne Basket 

Our Moet and Chandon Imperial Grand Champage Basket starts with a faux leather container holding a bottle of top champagne and featuring a large assortment of high-quality gourmet foods and chocolates.

2. Personalized Growler Set

Instead of traditional toasting flutes consider a Growler Set. These trendy yet functional items are available in both sophisticated and whimsical personalized styles.

3. Personalized Travel Tumbler 

Give recipients a functional gift such as a Hot or Cold Faux Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel Mug with Lid that will remind them of you every day throughout the year. Personalize with initials or up to two lines of text.

At you can personalize a gift, customize a sign or select a gourmet gift that says you care. Whether heartfelt, humorous, witty or whimsical, there's a gift that’s perfect for everyone. So start the New Year off with celebratory energy by encouraging your co-oworkers, associates, customers and clients to look with anticipation toward a properous New Year.