July 2008
Find a great last minute birthday gift online 

With today’s face pace birthdays have a way of slipping up on us before we know it. The last thing you want is to forget a birthday for a special person in your life. The good news is that with online shopping today there is still an opportunity to find a great last minute birthday gift.

Limit the Google search results with keywords
For people who need quick help finding a birthday gift, shopping online presents the ideal solution. There is no need to step out of your home or office. Gift shopping online is both fast and convenient. Some even find it relaxing to look for that perfect birthday present online. And even though there is a wide selection of possible gift items it is very easy to drill down to just what you want by entering a very detailed keyword search phrase into Google search bar. Better yet just shop here at Arttowngifts.com. Without the stress of traveling to retail stores, browsing through gift ideas can become an enjoyable activity. So here are some last minute birthday gift suggestions you can find here at Arttowngifts.com.

Select birthday gift baskets around themes
Of course the birthday gift basket is the classic example of an attractive present that can purchased online. It features not just one, but a whole bunch of items that a recipient might enjoy. It is easy to find gift baskets online that follow certain themes. For example we have birthday gift baskets that incorporate the birthday theme and some even offer everything the recipient needs for their own birthday party. For adults I often recommend shopping around their hobbies, favorite treats or similar idea. For example send a coffee or tea gift basket if that is something they love. For chocolate lovers, send a chocolate gift basket. For the overworked, send a spa gift basket to suggest that they relax for few moments. There are movie lover’s baskets, book lover’s baskets, poker players’ baskets and different baskets for a variety of sports as well as wine and gourmet baskets. We even have several over the hill birthday baskets. For children, there are gift baskets filled with different kinds of activity sets including small toys, coloring materials and delicious treats.

Birthday balloons set the mood for a birthday party
Another last-minute gift idea that is sure to brighten up a celebrant's day is a birthday balloon bouquet. Send an arrangement of birthday balloons and teddy. You can add cookies, chocolates, roses, wine or champagne if you want. Does your birthday guy or gal love sweets? If so send them a gourmet cheesecake or specialty dessert cake that are beyond yummy. They will think they are in heaven when they bite into one of these!

Personalized birthday gifts of all sortsIf you really want to shine by giving a gift just for them, then personalized gifts are the way to go. There are a number of items that can be personalized including jewelry, money clips, boxes, tools, flasks and glassware. Engraving, in particular, makes an item look more luxurious and special. The most popular items that are engraved and can be ordered online are accessories like charms, pendants, lockets and even cufflinks. All sorts of glassware are also personalized and engraved. Allow a few days for engraving to avoid rush charges and overnight shipping expenses.

Gold roses trump fresh flowers
Fresh flowers are a sweet and simple birthday gift idea, but even better are gold roses that last a forever and look much fancier. These roses are actually flowers that have been dipped in 24kt gold, and are the perfect birthday gift for wives, girlfriends and mothers. Other varieties are available including silver roses, platinum roses and colored roses with gold trim. Mix and match or start a collection.

Same day birthday gift delivery
Aside from the wide range of choices for gifts, another convenience offered by shopping for presents online is the availability of delivery service. On time delivery of the birthday present is especially important for those sending the gifts out of town. While it is ideal that shopping for a gift should be taken care of at least a few days in advance, shopping on the day itself is still feasible with our last minute gifts. Just order before noon in the recipient’s time zone for same day delivery to most addresses. So even though there is just too much to do and too little time to shop for that perfect birthday gift, shopping online can save the day.
An alternative to traditional roses
Young girls and women love beautiful roses. They are a lovely way to celebrate a romantic holiday, congratulate an accomplishment or celebrate a birthday. But roses also fade and die pretty quickly and soon. The only thing that remains is a memory. An alternative to traditional roses is preserved, gold roses. Preserved roses are dipped in 24 K gold as well as platinum and silver. They are absolutely gorgeous and are guaranteed to last for years.

Gold roses - chosen at the peak of the blooming season
Each rose is chosen at the peak of its’ bloom and is dipped into precious metal of your choice. The process ensures that the rose is strong, so that it will not crumble or break. The dipped roses go through a 40 step process which ensures that the beauty of the rose is preserved. If you prefer color instead of dipping the entire rose in precious metal the rose can be dipped rose in lacquer to ensure that the color stays vibrant and so that the rose does not decay. Then the leaves and the stem of the rose are trimmed in either platinum or gold. These special types of roses are fantastic for celebrating anniversaries, romantic events, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because.

Gold Roses available in a variety of stylesYou can find gold dipped roses here at Arttowngifts.com. We also currently offer platinum roses, silver roses, colored roses trimmed in gold or platinum. You can purchase single stems or rose bouquets such as a dozen gold roses or bouquet of 3 pink and gold trimmed roses. Preserved roses also come in a variety of colors. You can purchase two-toned, colored roses with 24 K trim as well as colored, lacquer roses with platinum trim. For example, consider a single red rose trimmed in gold.

Gold Roses stunning beyond the photos
Traditional roses are beautiful, but compared to gold roses, they are well, ordinary. Even the highest quality of roses has a short-shelf life, and while you can enjoy their vibrancy for a short time, they die in a week’s time. What better way to ensure that the celebration of a special moment or occasion lasts far longer then a week. Preserved roses provide a keepsake that will last for a life time of memories.

Order a Gold Rose gift for your next special occasion
This sure to please gift also makes a great collection item. Start with one today and add a new rose for every special occasion. Before long your loved one will have a wonderful arrangement of roses that will last a life time.