August 2012
5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas
I have heard it said that the first five years of marriage can be the most difficult. This milestone anniversary is a testament to the strength of your bond and the commitment behind your vows. Honor the solidarity of your connection with 5th anniversary gifts and activities that symbolize your lasting love. Here are a few gift ideas to help make this anniversary unforgettable…

Traditional Gift Ideas… Plant a Family Tree
Love Story SignThe traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood. Wood gifts symbolize the enduring quality of your relationship. Consider planting a tree together for a terrific anniversary activity that is not only symbolic but tons of fun, too! Just imagine the joy of watching your tree grow throughout the years of your marriage. If you have children, let them take part in this activity, too. Kids enjoy feeling included and will love watching your family tree grow and flourish. For a special gift that you can both enjoy, consider a Wooden Sign from This Love Story Sign will stand as a gorgeous testament to the love and joy you share together. Check out their Wooden Sign Shop to find more romantic signs and custom name plaques for the perfect complement to your home décor.

Contemporary Gift Ideas… Dinner for Two?
The modern 5th anniversary gift is silverware. I know, forks and spoons aren’t particularly considered romantic in my book either, but there is some cool symbolism behind this. The silverware is meant to signify the connection of sharing meals together or with your children. A box of fancy utensils might not exactly set your spouse’s heart to throbbing, but putting a romantic twist on this gift is simple! Dress up your box of fine silverware with a nice ribbon and pair it with a homemade, candlelit dinner that will melt taste buds and their heart in no time. The Taste of Italy Dinner Basket from Art Town Gifts is an all-included Italian dinner in a basket perfect for two hungry diners. Complete with pasta, sauce, sides and dessert, you can have it all without the hassle of the grocery store! Sharing this special meal together can be a truly romantic experience, and the symbolism behind the dinnerware will make it extra unique!

Daisy Cuff BraceletPut a Twist on Her Daisies!

The traditional 5th anniversary flower is the Daisy. The Daisy represents innocence, purity and loyal love. Loving and loyal husbands everywhere, please take note: we ladies love flowers, we truly do! However, bouquets can lose their shine if overdone. I suggest something different this year. This Wild Daisy Cuff Bracelet makes a gorgeous gift for any girl, and is a terrific twist on the traditional Daisy. For an absolutely stunning gift, pair this bracelet with a bouquet of daisies, and explain the significance of the Daisy on your bouquet card. A woman loves to see thoughtfulness in her partner, and it doesn’t get much more thoughtful than this!

Slow Down to Experience the View
Now that you are full of 5th anniversary gift ideas, cash them in for a truly memorable anniversary. Five years is an important landmark on your road map, so be sure to pull off and enjoy the view! Strength, determination and love have gotten you this far, so on your special day take some time off from all that hard work to just celebrate love. Congratulations on this momentous achievement! Join me next time for year 6.
Anniversary Gifts for Year 4
Happy 4th! No, not the Fourth of July, though here’s wishing you fireworks on your fourth anniversary. As the years pass, those flames seem to die down, so fan that fire just a bit with gifts for your honey. There seems to be a bit of confusion between traditional and modern gift giving on the fourth anniversary. In my research, I found that some experts claimed fruit or flowers, while others said linen or silk. I apologize for the blurry distinction here, but I’m going to go ahead and say fruit and flowers sound pretty traditional to me. Linen and silk, along with appliances, will be my choice for the modern 4th anniversary gift. Whichever way the cookie crumbles, here are some great ideas to help make your fourth anniversary romantic…

24 Karat Red Gold Trimmed RoseTraditional Gift Ideas… Everlasting Roses for Your Everlasting Romance

Fruit and flowers are easy enough to come by. Sure, flowers for your girl are nice, but how about spicing it up a bit this year, guys? The line of Gold Roses at is stunning. There are gold, silver and platinum roses, as well as a huge collection of colorful lacquer roses trimmed in precious metals. This spin on the traditional rose is perfect for an anniversary, because just like your love, these roses will never fade!! Talk about some seriously romantic symbolism, huh? Ladies, does your hubby have a sweet tooth? Check out the Sweethearts Caramel Apple Trio for a really sweet way to promote a healthy relationship. Three Granny Smith apples are hand dipped in caramel, Belgian chocolate, and heart shaped sprinkles and lovingly tied with a ribbon. Yum, yum, yum!

Geraniums for Gentility and Comfort
The traditional flower to give on the 4th anniversary is the geranium. Interestingly enough, this flower can symbolize stupidity or folly. You might want to forget sharing that part with your sweetheart. On the flip side, this flower stands for comfort and gentility. Four years together has probably made you quite comfortable with one another, so this works out great! Add geraniums to your anniversary gift to celebrate the comfortable familiarity that your marriage has inspired between you.

Contemporary Gift Ideas… Slave Over Those Linens No More!

Pink Candy Striped Tote BagPut a modern spin on your four year romance with linen or silk. Remember those fireworks? Surprise your sweety with some silky lingerie or a luxurious pair of silk pajamas for making her dreams that much sweeter. A tote bag makes a unique anniversary gift for your girl-on-the-go. This pink Candy Striped Tote Bag is super cute, so she can carry all of her necessities while looking fabulously fashionable. offers a whole line of Personalized Totes for putting a name or initial on her gift! An alternate modern anniversary gift idea is an appliance. Does she do your laundry? Say thank you with a new washing machine and dryer. Does she stand over the sink washing your dishes? Get her a brand new dishwasher. On the other hand, maybe some lucky lady out there is married to a miracle man who dutifully washes those pots and pans after you cook his meal. Buy him a dishwasher. Seriously, he deserves it!!

For Fireworks on the 4th
Whatever way you choose to commemorate your 4th anniversary, do so with gifts that are both unique and meaningful. Spark up those old flames on this most comfortable of anniversaries with gifts and activities that will help you remember your reasons for saying I do. Don’t let this year slip by uncelebrated! Capture the spirit of romance on this very special day. Congratulations on another ending and this new beginning. Join me next time for year 5.
Grandparents Day Gifts
As important as honoring our elders is, Grandparent’s Day receives little publicity, and is an unknown holiday to many. Grandparent’s Day was founded in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter in response to a campaign headed by West Virginian housewife, Marian McQuade. McQuade wished to promote the cause of lonely elders in nursing homes, and so began her quest for this noble cause. The folks at hope to bring some attention to this wonderful holiday because our elders are more than worth celebrating!! Send Grandma and Grandpa a gift this year to brighten up their day and shed a little light on a holiday they probably never even saw coming! Grandparent’s Day always falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. In 2012, it falls on September 9th.

Find Gifts for Any of Grandpa's Hobbies!
The Poker ShopIf your grandpa is like mine, he is all about heading down to the lake and hoppin’ in his fishing boat! If this sounds familiar, check out the Gone Fishing Gift Set from An adorable little fishing boat is stuffed to the brim with snacks and goodies for Grandpa to enjoy while out trolling for the big one! While you’re at it, take a look at their huge selection of gift baskets. Whether your grandfather enjoys golfing, hunting, NASCAR or loads of gourmet treats, there is certainly something for him! For the grandfather who enjoys poker night better than any other night of the week, visit the Poker Shop. Inside you will find poker sets themed after every hobby or interest in the book, along with poker pub plaques, coasters and steins. It’s a safe bet to say that the Poker Shop at has something for every card shark out there!

Help Grandma Relax with Lavender
Grandma Nature's Song Photo FrameMy Grandma is a little more sentimental and a whole lot more mellow! She would adore the Grandma Nature’s Song Photo Frame. Insert a favorite picture and personalize with a sweet message to melt her heart. Nothing makes a Grandma prouder than her children and grandchildren, and she will love to brag to visitors about you with this terrific picture frame. If your grandmother enjoys kicking her feet up and relaxing, consider some Lavender Relaxation Booties! These booties feature heated lavender inserts that will keep her feet warm and her body nice and relaxed. Along with the booties, Grandma will receive lavender soap, lotion and body wash to make freshening up a very relaxing experience!

Celebrate Your Roots
Take some time this year to celebrate two of the people that made you possible. Whatever their hobbies or interests, Art Town Gifts has your grandparents covered. Help us create awareness of this special holiday by spreading the word and sending some Grandparent’s Day love back up the family tree. They deserve it! After all, they were the spark behind your creation, were they not?? Happy shopping!
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Anniversary Gifts for Year 3
Three years together; do you find yourselves moving in sync? The easy rhythms of daily life have begun to sort themselves out as you settle into comfortable patterns. On this third anniversary, break away from the mundane and celebrate one another. Today is not like other days, it is reserved for something extra special, and of course, extra romantic. Here are some gift ideas to make it memorable…

Traditional Gift Ideas… For the Everyday, or for a Getaway
Custom Leather WalletThe traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather. Plan a secret getaway and buy your spouse leather luggage for stealing away in style. Ladies, your hubby may enjoy a Custom Leather Flask or a Personalized Leather Money Clip on the more practical side of gift giving. For the wife who enjoys jewelry, offers a Customized Leather Bracelet. The bracelet is casual enough to wear with everyday attire, but works great for a dress-up date night as well! Engrave the bracelet with her name or a tender phrase to express your devotion.

A Basket of Fuschias = Really Good Taste
The traditional 3rd anniversary flower is the Fuschia. This bloom represents good taste and confiding love. The color fuschia symbolizes emotional stability perfect for the comfortable confidence of your third year together. She is living proof of your impeccable taste, gentlemen, so thank your lucky stars and express gratefulness for her place in your life with Fuschias on your anniversary! This gorgeous, draping flower is ideally grown in hanging baskets where it is allowed to fall elegantly for all to see. Perhaps by now you are living comfortably in a home that you have each made your own. Adorn the entrance to this sacred space with a hanging basket full of vibrant blooms for a beautiful and meaningful way to say I Love You. All comers will have no choice but to acknowledge your good taste in decorating!

Contemporary Gift Ideas: Raise Your Glasses to… You!
Champagne Glassware Gift SetThe modern 3rd anniversary gift is crystal or glass. Check out the Champagne and Glassware Gift Sets at These elegant sets feature two toasting flutes and your choice of fine champagne for a classy way to toast your time together. Prepare a romantic dinner for two and break out the bubbly to really impress your spouse. If your other half enjoys fine wine, order them a set of red or white wine glasses and add an initial to make it personal. Girls, if your guy enjoys a stout brew, consider a set of custom beer glasses or a shot glass for the liquor lover. offers a wide selection of Personalized Glassware to add sophistication to your home bar or kitchen and some fun to your evenings together.

Cheers to the Best Year Yet, With Better to Come
Take time today to celebrate the other 364 days of your third year together. A candlelit dinner, exotic getaway or romantic picnic for two is sure to do the trick! Be sure to include a little something for toasting to make it complete. Here’s to your third year, may the fourth be even better! Join me next time for year four.
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Anniversary Gifts for Year 2
Two years and going strong! Congratulations on making it through the very difficult readjustment years. Perhaps you bought a house, or maybe you planted a garden. Whatever plans you made and activities you took part in together during your second year, celebrate its end with a bang! Be sure to go somewhere special and spend meaningful time together remembering all the fun things that have happened since your first anniversary. To make your anniversary evening extra memorable, here are a few gift ideas to melt your sweetheart…

Organic Cotton Tote BagTraditional Gift Ideas… Rockin’ the Cotton
The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. Guys, cotton gifts for your girl are super easy to come by! Every lady loves to nestle into Egyptian cotton sheets, or how about a super comfy cotton nightgown? For a less obvious alternative, try a Custom Tote Bag for her to take to the beach, the gym or out shopping. The Eco Hollywood Backpack from is made from 100% organic cotton material perfect for the eco conscious spouse. The backpack can be personalized with her initial for an extra thoughtful touch. Stylish and practical, this cotton gift is great for your gal on the go!

Keep Order and Harmony in the Home with Cosmos
The traditional 2nd anniversary flower is the Cosmo. This vibrant and colorful bloom is available in a multitude of colors and sizes. The name Cosmo comes from the Greek word Cosmos, meaning harmony and order. As a romantic gift, the flower represents an expression of joy and contentment in love and life. A freshly cut Cosmo bouquet typically lasts 7-10 days and will look fabulous on the dining room table. I would recommend planting them in your garden, however. No garden? Plant Cosmos to kick one off! This flower likes plenty of sunshine and is considered one of the best annuals for poor, dry soils. Be sure to research this lovely blossom to find out if the conditions in your area are right for planting. What a fun way to begin another year together!!

Contemporary Gift Ideas… His and Hers China
The modern 2nd anniversary gift is china. A set of china dishes for the wife is always a safe bet. Flowers in a porcelain vase would work wonders in the romance department as well. It may seem that china would be more of a feminine gift, but I Custom Golf Beer Steinhave come up with some great ways for ladies to surprise their hubbies with china that they’re sure to love! offers a huge line of ceramic Mugs and Steins that any guy will love. Whatever his hobby or interest, from sports to poker to surfing, Art Town Gifts has it covered! From traditionally styled steins to contemporary beer mugs, find something for your man. Most feature personalization, so add a name or special anniversary message for a wonderful keepsake.

Looking Back… and Forward
Whether celebrating with delicate china or luxurious cotton gifts, it is the togetherness that will make this second anniversary count. Commemorate another year with memories that will last for a lifetime. Look back and remember your second year, and look forward to the next with anticipation and optimism. Happy second anniversary to you!! Join me next time for year 3.
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First Wedding Anniversary Gifts
You just made it through your first year together! The first year is one of adjustment to a brand new way of life. Congratulate one another upon making it through with an anniversary gift that can be treasured for a lifetime.
Marriage Canvas Sign

Traditional First Anniversary Gifts: Keepin’ It Old School
The traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper. Guys, how about writing your lovely lady a love letter to melt her heart? Expensive isn’t always better! Sometimes a gift straight from the heart is all a girl needs to feel super appreciated. Couples Anniversary PrintEspecially great for when the budget’s tight. Romantic poetry books also make excellent gifts for a spouse who enjoys the written word. For those of us who don’t love reading or just want a more public display of anniversary X’s and O’s, consider a custom fine art print to hang on the wall in your home. Add your names to a lovely print, hang it up, and infuse your décor with romance!

Contemporary First Anniversary Gifts: Fresh Ideas

The modern 1st anniversary gift is a clock. Celebrate the time you have spent together with a lovely wall clock to hang in your home. Ladies, if you are married to a classy gentleman who likes to accessorize, customize a pocket watch to add sophistication to his outfit! The Brushed Silver Pocket Watch from offers engraving with a name, pet name or romantic phrase for the perfect anniversary keepsake!

Carnations to Represent New Love
1st Anniversary BouquetThe traditional flower to be given on the 1st anniversary is the carnation. These aromatic blooms represent young, passionate love and fascination perfect for your first year together! No man can go wrong when he shows up with carnations! It’s difficult to find a truly beautiful, straight carnation bouquet, so I recommend a bouquet with carnations mixed in to get extra bang for your buck. The Sweet Sentiments Bouquet from includes a gorgeous mix of lilies, irises, roses and carnations that is sure to impress!

Never Fail to Recognize Another Year Together
Now that you have some great gift ideas in mind, check out the selection of anniversary gifts to find just what you’re looking for. Begin the tradition of giving meaningful anniversary gifts now and continue to do so throughout your life together to create lasting memories that will keep your bond like new! Join me next time for Year 2.
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Anniversary Gifts for Each Year of Marriage

Commemorate each passing year with time-honored anniversary gifts full of meaning and thoughtfulness.

This is the beginning of a brand new blog series all about yearly anniversary gifts. With each post, I will highlight traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas for another year. I will be covering the 1st anniversary to the 100th, so follow along to pick up on great gift ideas for your spouse.

Check out to find a great selection of wedding and anniversary gifts!
Barbecue Gift Set
Make Labor Day the Last Hurrah for the Summer with Labor Day Gifts
Officially, Labor Day is a holiday founded upon the celebration of the social and economic contributions of our workforce. It has unofficially become a day to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Most of us head out on camping trips, hang out at the lake, hold a backyard barbeque or take the kids on a trip before school starts. As summer winds down, it is the perfect time for everyone to celebrate one last big summertime hurrah! Whatever your plans this year, hopes to help make your Labor Day weekend the best it can be with a fun selection of gifts perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Enjoy A Backyard Barbeque
Invite all your friends and neighbors to get down with a little backyard grilling. The Budweiser Barbecue Gift Set features Budweiser infused sauces, gourmet cheeses, snacks and goodies that will make the chef look like a pro and make your BBQ the talk of the neighborhood!

Fishing Gift BasketTake A Fishing Gift Basket Filled with Treats
Perhaps you know a fisherman headed out to his favorite fishing hole? Consider the Fisherman's Fishing Creel filled with snacks, sweets and gifts to make this Labor Day fishing trip the most memorable yet. The creel even includes a photo frame for a picture to go along with that tall fishing tale!

Visit The Beach for A Family Outing
For the family or group headed to the beach, take along the Laguna Beach Tub Cooler perfect for filling to the brim with your favorite cold beverages. The cooler is soft sided for easy storage and can be monogrammed with initials for a unique gift!

Head Out to Your Weekend Cabin offers a wide selection of personalize cabin gifts for the family headed out to their cabin in the woods. Find coaster sets, mugs, photo frames, wall plaques and more all designed to enhance their rustic decor!

Plan A Summertime Excursion to Remember

Take a break from the office and round out the summer in style with gifts and accessories that will make any summertime excursion one to remember. From a trip to the beach to right outside your back door, these Labor Day gifts will make it fun and exciting!
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Just Because Gifts
Most of us equate gift giving with holidays or birthdays, but anytime is a good time to give a gift. If you are looking to really make someone’s day then give them a gift for no reason. These unexpected gifts show the recipient that you really care. The folks at think that everyone should have that special feeling at least once this year. Maybe you know a lonely friend or a family member that could use some cheering up. Whatever the case, pick a recipient that is feeling a little lonely or down and make their day, week, or even their month. Here are a few ideas on some great just because gifts.

Remember the good old days of real candy and tin lunch boxes? Give that nostalgic feeling to someone else with the Retro Candy Deluxe Assortment gift. This gift is full of candy from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, and is packaged in a vintage-inspired Dots lunchbox. This gift is sure to sweeten up anybody’s day.

Are you are looking for a gift the carnivore in your life will enjoy? knows sometimes that fruit and caviar baskets might not cut it. If you want a manlier gift take a look at The Ultimate Gourmet Collection and Cutting Board. This gift contains lots of savory sausage paired with assorted cheeses and crackers. This satisfying gift comes with its own cutting board and meat cleaver. For many the perfect gift, because what more do you need than meat, cheeses, and crackers?

Sometimes you need to show the person you love the most, that you still love them. The best way to show that your love will last forever is with a gold dipped rose that will last just as long as your love. Chooses from gold, silver, or platinum roses, or if you prefer you can always chooses gold trimmed rose in your choice of color. Gold roses are a great gift for a golden wedding anniversary, or just to say I love you.

These are just a few items that can be given anytime for any reason. Check with for other gift ideas. Remember they also have large lines of personalized gifts and custom wood signs. Brighten someone’s day with an unexpected gift, and show them you do care. One day the tides might be turned and wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?