Anniversary Gifts for Year 4
Happy 4th! No, not the Fourth of July, though here’s wishing you fireworks on your fourth anniversary. As the years pass, those flames seem to die down, so fan that fire just a bit with gifts for your honey. There seems to be a bit of confusion between traditional and modern gift giving on the fourth anniversary. In my research, I found that some experts claimed fruit or flowers, while others said linen or silk. I apologize for the blurry distinction here, but I’m going to go ahead and say fruit and flowers sound pretty traditional to me. Linen and silk, along with appliances, will be my choice for the modern 4th anniversary gift. Whichever way the cookie crumbles, here are some great ideas to help make your fourth anniversary romantic…

24 Karat Red Gold Trimmed RoseTraditional Gift Ideas… Everlasting Roses for Your Everlasting Romance

Fruit and flowers are easy enough to come by. Sure, flowers for your girl are nice, but how about spicing it up a bit this year, guys? The line of Gold Roses at is stunning. There are gold, silver and platinum roses, as well as a huge collection of colorful lacquer roses trimmed in precious metals. This spin on the traditional rose is perfect for an anniversary, because just like your love, these roses will never fade!! Talk about some seriously romantic symbolism, huh? Ladies, does your hubby have a sweet tooth? Check out the Sweethearts Caramel Apple Trio for a really sweet way to promote a healthy relationship. Three Granny Smith apples are hand dipped in caramel, Belgian chocolate, and heart shaped sprinkles and lovingly tied with a ribbon. Yum, yum, yum!

Geraniums for Gentility and Comfort
The traditional flower to give on the 4th anniversary is the geranium. Interestingly enough, this flower can symbolize stupidity or folly. You might want to forget sharing that part with your sweetheart. On the flip side, this flower stands for comfort and gentility. Four years together has probably made you quite comfortable with one another, so this works out great! Add geraniums to your anniversary gift to celebrate the comfortable familiarity that your marriage has inspired between you.

Contemporary Gift Ideas… Slave Over Those Linens No More!

Pink Candy Striped Tote BagPut a modern spin on your four year romance with linen or silk. Remember those fireworks? Surprise your sweety with some silky lingerie or a luxurious pair of silk pajamas for making her dreams that much sweeter. A tote bag makes a unique anniversary gift for your girl-on-the-go. This pink Candy Striped Tote Bag is super cute, so she can carry all of her necessities while looking fabulously fashionable. offers a whole line of Personalized Totes for putting a name or initial on her gift! An alternate modern anniversary gift idea is an appliance. Does she do your laundry? Say thank you with a new washing machine and dryer. Does she stand over the sink washing your dishes? Get her a brand new dishwasher. On the other hand, maybe some lucky lady out there is married to a miracle man who dutifully washes those pots and pans after you cook his meal. Buy him a dishwasher. Seriously, he deserves it!!

For Fireworks on the 4th
Whatever way you choose to commemorate your 4th anniversary, do so with gifts that are both unique and meaningful. Spark up those old flames on this most comfortable of anniversaries with gifts and activities that will help you remember your reasons for saying I do. Don’t let this year slip by uncelebrated! Capture the spirit of romance on this very special day. Congratulations on another ending and this new beginning. Join me next time for year 5.
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