April 2008
Online Shopping is Perfect Place for Last Minute Gifts
Let’s face it, life can be distracting. Between busy jobs, shuttling kids back and forth and attempting to take care of all of the things that need to get done, some things get lost in the shuffle. One of those things can be important occasions that require a gift. How many times have you completely forgotten to purchase a gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary? For individuals who need to purchase high quality, last minute gifts, Arttowngifts.com is the perfect online destination. You will find last minute birthday gifts, last minute wine gifts, last minute wedding gifts, last minute anniversary gifts and even last minute personalized gifts.

Same Day Delivery Available for Special Selection of Gifts
Arttowngifts.com offers same day delivery for a special selection of wine gifts, gourmet gift baskets, fruit baskets and balloon bouquets. Just order before 2:00 p.m. in the recipient's time zone for same day delivery as long as you select from the Same Day Gift Collection.

Have an Extra Day? Choices for Last Minute Gifts are Fantastic
At Arttowngifts.com we also offer a variety of other gifts and trinkets that can be shipped to you overnight for next day delivery. You will find themed gift baskets, personalized gifts, gold dipped roses, jewelry, home décor and much more. Most regular orders such as gift baskets or gold roses are delivered much more quickly than you might think using just regular shipping. Most ship the same the day they are ordered. And expedited shipping is always available including next day delivery, two day delivery and three day delivery for those last minute ut ohs. If you opt to pay a rush fee, personalized gifts can even ship within 1 business day. And now we even ship cheesecakes and specialty dessert cakes for next day delivery from a nationally known bakery.

Make Sure Last Minute Gifts Look Well Planned
The only proper way to handle last minute gifting is to ensure that your gift looks anything butlast minute. Instead, it should look like it was well thought out and planned plenty of time in advance. The challenge... there are very few places that will allow you to do place high quality gift orders on short notice. When you find a place, keep their contact information nearby, in case you need it often in your increasingly busy world. If you are unsure what types of gifts work well on even on short notice, keep reading; we have listed some good last minute gift ideas for various occasions. Here are just a few of the ideas available:

  • Sympathy Gifts: You can find affordable and gorgeous sympathy baskets with an assortment of tea, coffee and gourmet foods. Some offer a sympathy theme done in a very tasteful manner.

  • New Baby Gifts: Purchase a unique and adorable gift basket for the new baby in someone’s life. There are special baskets made for mom or even the proud papa, complete with cigars, or cute t-shirts and necessities for the baby. Several new arrival gift baskets offer everything a new mom needs for to get her baby off to a good start.

  • Personalized Gifts: Engraved, monogrammed and custom gifts convey the message that you went the extra mile to select an extra special gift meant just for the recipient. Personalized gifts are fantastic for bridegrooms, bridesmaids, graduation gifts, anniversaries and weddings. These engraved gifts are both high quality and very affordable.

  • House Warming Gifts: New home themed gifts are the perfect way to congratulate the major milestone of home ownership. Arttowngifts.com offers beautiful, house-shaped baskets, full of various kinds of goodies. You can even send delicious nut and fruit trays, wine, champagne gift and snack sets.
Visit Arttowngifts.com when You Need Last Minute GiftsEven when we have the best intentions, life sometimes gets in the way. Special occasions and celebratory moments come up often when we are unprepared... a new baby is born, a friend elopes, a family member is hospitalized or someone passes away. In these cases, we need a go-to place to find the perfect gift at the last minute. Here at Arttowngifts.com you will find last minute gifts for all occasions; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals and housewarmings. You will also find jewelry, gold dipped roses and art for the special people in your life.
Time to Think About Your Mom - Mother's Day is Early May
We are ready here at Arttowngifts.com to make shopping for Mother's Day simple and affordable with a host of unique gift ideas for Mother's Day. Whether your mom is still young or just young at heart you are sure to find an ideal Mother's Day Gift at Arttowngifts.com.
Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Give Your Time... Plan to Make Mom's Day Special
If your budget is a little tight this year, consider making the day special by spending less on the gifts and giving Mom more of your time. You could offer to complete some small simple "honey do's" around her house. Husbands can give their wife's a day off from the kitchen and other household responsibilities starting with the traditional breakfast in bed. Get the kids to pitch in and help you make dinner. You can make it a special day for everyone. The kids will enjoy helping you while mom will enjoy all of the attention. Plus your children will remember the holiday fondly for years to come. You will be starting your own family traditions!

Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts make Shopping Convenient
So what are some ways to send a gift without running up your credit card? The traditional Mother's Day Basket is an inexpensive way to tell your mom she is special. For example, our Mother’s Day Breakfast Gift Basket is a great way to get Mother’s Day off to a perfect start! Themed Gift Baskets such as Garden Lover's Baskets and Spa Gift Baskets are an ideal choice when your mom is in another city. There is no hassle to find a shipping box, wrapping, or going to the postal service only to wait in line to ship your gift. Just go online, place you order and you have a great gift for Mom on its way. And you can select a theme and contents she will enjoy. For example, if she likes chocolate, she is sure to love our Chocolate Decadence Gift Basket.

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom
If you are looking for something more lasting flowers, consider ordering a rose from our Gold Roses Collection. Choose from solid covered roses in two metals, gold and silver or let the color show through with our Lacquered Colored Roses with gold trim. Another popular practice is to select an item to engrave such as Wine Accessory Gift Set from our Personalized Gift Store. You can personalized any number of items including bottle stoppers, a silver heart box, elegant key chains, business card holders, charm bracelets, pendants and even all in one tools for Mom's glove box or purse.

Regardless of the gift you select, the important thing is to just make your Mom feel special. And remember to give you grandmothers a call and even say or do something nice for your mother in law. Considering sending them inexpensive Mother's Day Baskets too.
Secretary's Day or the politically correct and more appropriate designation, Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 23, 2008!

What gifts do you have in mind for your administrative assistants and other staff members? If I have one tip for bosses in companies no matter who big or small, please do not let Secretary's Day pass you by without acknowledging your staff. Contrary to what you may think, it is a BIG deal for those professional staff members that keep your company and office running on a day in and day out basis. Why not jump at the chance to tell them how much you appreciate them?

Acknowledge Your Administrative StaffForgetting Administrative Professionals Day is the equivalent of missing Valentine's Day for your wife or girl friend. The difference is that your administrative assistant will not complain. Their feelings will be hurt so their performance is likely to suffer or worse the next time they see another employment ad, they will be tempted to look. Here at Arttowngifts.com we make it easy for you to acknowledge the contribution of your administrative assistants, professional staff and secretaries.

Gift Baskets Make Selecting a Secretary's Gift Easy
For example, consider sending them a simple Gourmet Gift Basket. Or suggest that they take a break to pamper themselves with a Spa Gift Basket. Our top of the line Pamper Me Basket will make a great impression with a bath caddy packed with slippers, a towel, and a variety of soaps, lotions and creams. If you know that they like to read, our Book Lovers Gift Basket is a perfect choice. Alternatively if they like to work in their garden then our Weekend Garden Gift Basket is ideal. We even have a Bird House Gift Basket for nature lovers and a Keepsake Kitchen Gift Basket for the cook! You are sure to find the perfect gift basket for everyone and every occasion here at Arttowngifts.com.

Make Them Feel Special with a Personalized Gift
Nothing says that you gave a lot of thought and time selecting a gift more than a personalized gift. Here at Arttowngifts.com you can select something special from our Personalized Gift Selection. Engraving is free and only takes a day or two. Some ideas for custom gifts include, personalized jewelry, personalized boxes, personalized glassware and personalized tools. There are gifts for both men and women and even ideas for awards.

Don't Panic - Last Minute Gifts are Available
Finally, if you let the time slip up on you, our Last Minute Gifts are here to save the day. Choose from hand delivered fruit baskets, gourmet and wine baskets and balloon bouquets.

Let Us Know Your Ideas About Ways to Celebrate Admin Professional's Day.