March 2012
When to Send Easter Gifts for Military Addresses - Start Early
Most of us know at least one person in the military, and chances are they have been deployed to some far off country with the mission of protecting our freedoms. It is always a good time to send these heroes a gift, but with Easter fast approaching, there is no better time to let your loved ones in the military know you are thinking about them. Just remember to send them gifts that can be sent to APO and FPO military addresses. has a great selection of military gifts that can be sent for Easter. This year I sent The Bunny Hop Easter Basket to a family member in Afghanistan. This colorful basket is loaded with cookies, candies, chocolate, and a plush Easter bunny. These delightful items are arranged in a festive Easter pail. This is a great gift to send this time of year because the temperatures are still low enough that you do not have to worry as much about chocolate melting. If the person you are buying for is not the plush bunny kind of person, then you might be more interested in one of military care packages. I have bought the Troopers Snack Pack and Games Gift multiple times and have never been let down. These care packages are filled with snacks and activities, and since they are not specifically geared toward any occasion they still make great Easter baskets for soldiers. Instead of focusing on keepsakes, they are filled with snacks and games someone who is deployed will enjoy.

I also wanted to help out those deployed with picking out Easter gifts for their family. If you are stationed overseas, then you know, finding time to go shopping is not so easy. That’s why I wanted to throw out a couple ideas for gifts that active military personnel can send to their kids. My two favorite children gifts this year are Little Princess Disney Easter Fun Basket for girls and the Disney Fun and Activity Easter Basket for boys. These Disney themed baskets are sure to be a hit this Easter. They come stuffed with candies, snacks, and activities like Cars coloring books for the boys and princess coloring books for the girls. These baskets are so much fun your children might forget you’re gone, even if it's just for a moment.

If you do decide to send gifts to military addresses remember a few things. First, be sure to give yourself plenty of time. Once the gift reaches the military post office it is in their hands so the shipper no longer has any control over the actual delivery. Also, try to limit items like chocolate that can melt. Finally, remember that because of the extra time it takes to reach the recipient you cannot send fresh and perishable items like flowers or fresh baked goods.

When you are tending your garden this spring, or are having Easter breakfast with your family don’t forget the people who made it all possible for you to continue enjoying your way of life. Show them you care this Easter with a care package, and if you overseas remember to send your loved ones an Easter basket from
Gift Towers - Idea for a Crowd
Can’t seem to find the perfect gift? Maybe that’s your problem - You’re looking for a gift, not gifts. When giving or receiving a gift more is always better. gift towers definitely give you the most bang for your gift buying buck. These beautiful gifts arrive in multiple boxes that are stack one on top of the other and tied together with a ribbon. Each box is filled to the brim with all kinds of delectable treats that are sure to satisfy all cravings, sweet and savory alike. carries a full line gift towers for any occasion, so no matter if it’s a birthday, holiday, or just trying to say “I care.” You will be able to find that perfect gift. These are a few of my favorites.

One of the most common gift giving scenarios we face is giving corporate gifts. It is always a good idea to send clients, bosses, or employees gifts to show your appreciation of them, or to mark a personal or business milestone. Although, finding a gift that is appropriate and can be enjoyed by the whole office is a little harder. My go to corporate gift is the Golden Fruit and Snack Tower. This classic gift tower consists of seven keepsake boxes, and is filled with an assortment of snacks ranging from fresh fruit and nuts to chocolates and cookies. If you are looking for a gift that you can literally give for any occasion, this gift is for you.

Are you looking for a gift with a little more kick? Check out the Coffee and Treats Gift Tower. This tower consists of 5 boxes. This gift is loaded with different coffee samples, and matched with treats such as Biscotti and chocolate covered espresso beans. The recipient of this gift tower is sure to get a kick out of this caffeinated gift.

My favorite gift tower is The Traveling Gourmet Tower. I give this gift whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have giving this gift to friends that are taking long trips. I have giving this gift as a going away present, and sometimes I give this tower just to let certain people know I am thinking of them and I still care. This tower includes 3 faux-leather mini suitcases that are filled with chocolates, coffee, crackers, cheeses, salami, and other assorted snacks that the wanderlust traveler will love.

The gift towers offered by are sure not to disappoint. Not only are these gifts of significant size, the quality of items inside and packaging is second to none. Next time you’re looking for a gift for any occasion, make sure to check out line of gift towers.