March 2019

Non Traditional Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Are you one of those couples who want to get creative with their nuptials and replace the traditional wedding guest books with more creative options? If so, this article is for you. In this blog post, we will have an in-depth look at some personalized wedding guestbook alternatives and will suggest how you can best use them.

Wedding Wishes Signature Frame
Needless to say, a wedding guest book is a great way to look back and think about the guests with whom you shared terrific moments on your wedding day.

Conventionally, what happens is – a station is organized where guests write a sweet note for the couple. However, this method is too mainstream, as once the wedding is over, these guest books rest on the bookshelf for years to come. This is not the best way to remember your memorable day. This is where the concept of personalizing the wedding guestbooks comes into the picture.

Are you a travel junkie? How about asking your guests to write the messages on a world globe? Or, if you are a home decorating enthusiast, you can ask your wedding guests to write their well-wishes on a wood panel which can then be used as a centerpiece and then as a seat for your backyard swing.

Thus, all you need to do is make the best use out of your creativity and have your own guestbook which is exciting, unusual and, at the same time, catchy enough to attract attention.

Here are some amazing guest book ideas for your wedding you should consider:

Wedding Wishes Signature Frame

Get ready to provide a contemporary twist to your traditional wedding guest-book with this Wedding Wishes Signature Frame. This frame allows your guests to sign and write their well-wishes on its edges. What’s more? You can even personalize this frame by getting two lines up to 20 characters engraved on the brushed silver plate with the new couple's first and last name.

What’s more? Once the wedding is over and, your guests have written the well-wishes on this canvas picture wedding guest book, you can use it to decorate your home! Place it on your fire place mantal or a side table and think about all the good memories whenever you pass by.

Heartful Wishes Signature Canvas

Heartful Wishes Signature Canvas Let your guests jot their good wishes on this Heartful Wishes Signature Canvas. What could be a more fascinating way to ask friends and family members to write their heartfelt messages than this canvas?

Beautifully decorated with heart-shaped imprints offer each guest an opportunity to write their congratulatory messages in their own hand. What’s more? You can personalize the wrapped canvas with you and your spouse’s name along with your wedding date imprinted at the bottom.

This hanging canvas will display a lovely reminder of your wedding memories for years to come!

Love Forever Signature Couple Canvas

Love Forever Signature Couple Canvas
Provide a lovely twist to your contemporary wedding guest book with this Love Forever Signature Couples Canvas. Get your name and date of the event printed on the lower right corner and ask the guests to write their messages on the heart motif.

This tone-on-tone canvas guest-book can then be used as a home accent item in your new home. Once you hang your canvas, when you walk by your guest-book it will be inspiring to enjoy remembering your special wedding day?

DIY Bucket List Guest-Book

Do you love to try DIY projects? Then, here are some ideas for you to consider. Do you know the best thing about a DIY bucket list guest book?

DIY Bucket List Guest-Book
You can customize it the way you want! This one is pretty simple. All you need is an old fashion metal galvanized bucket, card stock matching your wedding color scheme, a few marker pens, and a rustic picture frame. Ask your guests to write fun ideas that you (as a couple) should have on your bucket list. Guests can write their thoughts and suggestions on the cards and put them in the decorated bucket.

This guestbook method is a fun and creative idea. You can put these cards in a scrapbook and can try all the exciting ideas your guests have suggested. Then wouldn't it be fun to post your experiences on your Facebook page?

Customized Our Story Theme Couples Canvas Sign

Every wedding has a unique story, and this Customized Our Story Theme Couples Canvas Guestbook will let you artistically depict your experience! How about asking your guests to write their well-wishes on the heart-shaped panel at the center in a variety of ink colors? Or, let’s have more fun, by asking them to write something about you as a couple, and so on?

At the top of the heart outline, add your initials in the old fashioned style of “R+K”. Then under the heart, add your first names along with the specific details such as your wedding city, wedding date, and location to further make the design look more beautiful.

Personalized Blooming Hearts Signature Canvas

Personalized Blooming Hearts Signature Canvas
There could be nothing more thoughtful than this! The well-wishes from your friends and relatives are definitely going to make your life bloom. This blooming tree features single hearts as leaves.

You can ask the guests to write their good wishes on the heart blooms. Additionally, you can customize the canvas further by adding your names and wedding date to it.

What's more? You can hang this personalized blooming hearts signature wedding guestbook canvas in any corner of the house!

Let Them Sign A Postcard

Let Them Sign A Postcard Guestbook
Looking for some fun guest book ideas? How about Sign A Postcard? Do you love traveling places, and have a vast collection of postcards from different places? Or, do you intend to travel a lot after the marriage? Well, whatever the case is – just collect a lot of postcards from different places and ask your guests to sign them. Thus, whenever you think about visiting a new place or reminiscence over the already visited one, you will have something worth remembering from your wedding.

Glass Wishing Jar

We’re sure, you would definitely love this one. How about using a wishing jar as an alternative to conventional guest book? You can arrange a pretty looking mason jar with a decorative lid and a few wooden hearts. The guests can write their good wishes to the bride and groom onto these wooden hearts and put them into the jar.

Newly Wed Tip Jar Guest Book AlternativeSuch an arrangement would help you in cherishing all the warm memories for years to come. And what’s more? This arrangement is convenient to store or display as it would not require a lot of space in your cozy apartment.

A Polaroid Guestbook

This idea involves a bit of advance arrangement but it is worth it. All you need to do is ask your photographer or another friend to click pictures of your guests. Next, allocate the task to one of the wedding attendants or ushers. They will paste the photos in the scrapbook and would ask the guests to write their wishes next to their picture.

Newly Wed Tip Jar

This tip jar alternative idea for a guestbook is perfect for the couple that loves having fun. Similar to glass wishing jar, you can also make a newlywed tip jar wherein you can ask your guests to provide tips for a happy married life! Rest assured, you will have a good time while going through all the tips written by your guests. And who knows you may find they offer some fantastic ideas for your marriage.

Favorite Bible Verse

How about asking your guests to write their favorite bible verse for you, and sign next to it?

Best Practices to Obtain Guest-Book Participation

1. Make your guest-book choice match your needs

We detailed some of the coolest ways through which you can ask your guests to write well-wishes for you. However, it is easy to get confused amid so many options. So, what is the best way out there?

The easiest way to make a choice is to keep your priorities in mind. Do you want something that is compact and can be easily kept in a drawer? Or, do you want something that can become an artistic piece inside your home?
Favorite Bible Verse Guest Book

2. Provide everything that your guests might need to sign the guest-book

There is nothing worse than running out of supplies. Thus, ensure that you have enough pens in different colors, cards, and other supplies.

Further, provide clear instructions so that there is no confusion. After all, writing well wishes should be a smooth and comfortable experience for your guests.

3. Set up a special area for your guest-book

Regardless of the format you choose, you do not want your guests to go without signing your guestbook. Your guests should easily find the guest book. Thus, make sure that you designate a focal location that everyone will see as they enter the wedding location. Then it is also highly recommended that you determine the layout of your reception by keeping the guestbook placement in mind so that your guests do not miss it.

One great idea would be to place it next to your wedding cake to be easily seen. However, if you do not want to set up a special area for this, it is recommended to put someone in charge who would make sure that the wedding guest-book moves smoothly between the guests.

4. Look at your guest-book after the wedding

So now that the wedding is over, review your wedding guest book. Make sure you take enough time with your spouse and have a look at what your guests have said for you. Some comments maybe so meaningful that you would like to thank your wedding guest writer.

We hope that this article highlighted some of the best alternatives to wedding guest-books. If you feel traditional wedding guest books are a bit too mainstream, it is the time to embrace your creativity and make use of some of the artistic guestbook styles we discussed above.

Although, the DIY approach is fun and cost friendly, but can prove to be a big headache at the last moment. You might already be managing a lot of things – from fitting your dress to entertaining out of town guests. So, this is when ready-to-customize wedding books which you can order online can come to your rescue. You will not need to invest a lot of time for these options. Just browse, select and order!

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