Architectural Letters and Signs Add Unique Yet Affordable Designer Touch
Spiff up your walls with our new line of affordable Architectural Signs. If you have been looking for the perfect designer touch for your walls then you have come to right place. We have just added three new Architectural designer pieces to our Personalized Sign Collection in the Sign Shop at Arttowngifts.com.

Featured on the Oprah Show in O Magazine each piece in this collection is unique and incorporates a different feel. Select an Architectural Framed Sign for your home or office or give one to someone special as a one-of-a-kind and memorable gift. The good news is that these true works of art are finally available for a reasonable price. They add a touch of class to any wall and are suitable for home or office use.

Architectural Personalized Name Frame
Our Architectural Personalized Letters Frame features 4 to 9 single letters styled from old fashioned and modern architectural elements in a narrow matted high quality black frame to set off the letters. You choose the letters. For example select your business name for the office or your family name for the family room, home office or study. Another popular version is to design an inspirational sign by decorating with a word like dream, love, peace, hope or faith.

Architectural Name Frame II
An alternative version is our Architectural Three Character Frame which includes three letters or symbols of your choice in a 10 inch x 17 inch frame with a large charcoal grey mat surrounded by a black frame. This affordable piece combines art, architecture and nature into an exceptional piece of art for a true designer look. Similar pieces sell for over $150 while our piece is regularly only $ 50.99 and is on sale for a limited time for $44.99. This piece has been featured in many designer magazines including Oprah's O Magazine among others. It is an ideal solution when you need to add an interesting wall element for punch in a small space.

Architectural Letter Frame Singles
Our Architectural Personalized Single Letters Frames originate from architectural pieces. Each letter or symbol is individually framed, allowing you the freedom to display each piece in a variety of creative ways as you hang them on your wall. Each frame measures 4 inches x 6 inches. Order as many as you would like to create the look you desire. These single letter frames are my favorite of the three both for my house and office but also as gifts for my friends and co-workers. I actually ordered a single letter for every member of my bridge group. These single letters normally sell for only $9 but are on sale for even less at $6.99. They make great gifts when you need a little something for a group of people but need to watch the budget. Not only are they affordable they are personal. Single letters are an outstanding addition to an office or home study wall.

Regardless of the application choose for your room, you are sure to love to your our new Architectural Art. Unlike their more expensive counter parts all three of these affordable designs can be ordered and shipped in just a few days. You can even add a hand written gift card.

We also offer the traditional Create Your Own Sign if you need more a traditional look or longer personalization. You can select the size, type, color and contents of this custom wood sign. Remember to visit Arttowngifts.com when you need gifts for any occasion.
Over 1000 New Personalized Gifts Now Available at Arttowngifts.com
Everyone here at Arttowngifts.com is all abuzz about our new Personalized Gift Line we are adding to our site just in time for your holiday gift shopping. The total of new gifts exceeds a 1,000 in a variety of departments including our new Bar and Party Shop. Custom gifts selected to reflect a recipient's hobby, profession or interests and then personalized with their name make lasting holiday gifts that are sure to be appreciated for many years to come.

A few of my favorite items we now have available on the site include his and hers camouflage flasks. Of course the Guy's Camouflage Flask is decked out in the traditional military green while the Woman's Camouflage Flask is decorated in a feminine pink. You can't beat these flasks as a couple's gift for friends or a husband and wife who enjoy hiking, hunting or camping together. If you would prefer something a little more sophisticated you might like our classy yet very modern Spectrum Personalized Flask which is available in a variety of colors also including pink. Check out our complete selection of traditional and personalized flasks to see even more flask gifts.

The Famous Quote Coffee Mug which can also personalized is an ideal gift for a co-worker, teacher or boss. The mug is a great inexpensive gift and also comes in a Famous Quote Beer Stein version. For the females on your gift list you are sure to like our Bouquet Personalized Coffee Mugs. This truly unique gift has a flower bouquet in the middle of the mug with the title of your choosing in large type at the top and the name of the recipient at the bottom. So you can order mother's version for mom, a sister's version for your sister and so on. The personalized bouquet mug is fantastic gift idea for or members of your book club, bible study group or similar organization. You can see more mugs in our Personalized Mug department.

Regardless of which gift you select or the amount you spend, your recipient is sure to be pleased for years to come with their personalized gift.
Foster business relationships with corporate gifts.
Fostering positive relationships with clients and employees is essential for every business. It can lay the foundation for corporate expansion and supports a high level of morale for business teams, which can then spill over into greater customer satisfaction.

Create positive relationships with clients with Top of the Line Corporate Gift Basketclient appreciation gifts.
A simple, easy and most thoughtful way to create positive relationships with clients and employees is through corporate gift giving.

Choose your corporate gifts from a diverse collection of gifts for clients.
Arttowngifts.com, an online retailer of unique gift baskets, personalized gifts, artisan jewelry, wood signs and luxury gifts, offers a diverse collection of corporate gifts for business associates, clients and workplace events.

Personalized gifts add a custom touch to corporate gifts
Present engraved business card holders inside custom gourmet gift baskets in hotel rooms for out of town clients and guests. Offer a convenient, first class leather manicure and shoe shine kit, or wine accessory gift set, complete with engraving as a token of appreciation for loyal and hardworking employees.

Remember important events such as a new baby or graduation.
If an employee or business associate is welcoming a new baby, show the company’s support and well wishes with a luxury baby gift such as the Silver Plated Train Bank or Mother Goose Baby Tower.

Celebrate special days such as weddings with sophisticated gifts
For colleagues who are looking forward to a wedding, give the gift of style and sophistication with the Top of the Line Wine Gift Basket or engraved Gold Rimmed Toasting Glasses, perfect to celebrate their special day.

Logo gifts are ideal for new product campaigns.
Corporate gifts with logos can also be introduced during the unveiling of a new product or campaign. Silver “Tiffany Style” Key Chains and Personalized Pens are some of the frequently used items to commemorate a promotion or launch. Don't forget that morning cup of coffee. Every office cubicle and its owner deserves a Personalized Coffee Mug.

Create your own custom corporate gift for your next company function.
Although these innovative corporate gift ideas can cover many other functions, as many as you can imagine, at times, custom designed corporate gifts are necessary. Arttowngifts.com has a design team to assist you in customizing your corporate gifts and making your ideas a reality. Their team is in place now to ensure product quality and timely deliveries. Your imagination is the only limit. We can create an affordable gift solution for any business purpose. Browse the entire collection of corporate gifts at Arttowngifts.com now or call 1.877.278.8696 to speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative.
Pat your Boss on the back with a gift this Boss's Day.This last year has certainly been a difficult one for anyone involved in running a business. What with the economy rolling off a cliff as some have described the recent financial challenges, bosses have faced more than their share of difficult decisions. While many of us have taken on more work due to lay offs, our bosses have struggled to make ends meet and keep our businesses, large and small, afloat. This is the one time of the year that we acknowledge their dedication instead of resenting their demands.

Boss's Day is Friday October 16th.
So have a pow wow and decide on a great boss's day gift to tell your boss you understand their hard work. Whether you prefer to purchase a gift as a group or buy separate gifts, there is a plethora of great gift ideas most of which you can order online. So let's Executive Gift Basketstart with the obvious. Get the boss a gift basket. You can go for something with an executive theme such as the Executive's Gourmet Desk Caddy. The great thing about this gift is that the gourmet goodies such as pastry cookies, brownies, crackers, cheese, truffles and popcorn fudge all come packed in a keepsake solid wood caddy with antique brass latch. So your boss will have the chest for years to come long after all the treats have been consumed.

In honor of a job well done give a Wine Basket.
If your company is still alive after the last year then your boss has done a good job. So give him or her a round of applause and the opportunity to enjoy a nice toast with a high end yet affordable wine basket. Consider the Extravagant Wine Lovers & Gourmet Basket. This gift includes two acclaimed red wines paired with high end gourmet delights such as smoked salmon, Italian biscotti, signature caviar, truffles and more all arranged in a top stitched black leather tray ...perfect for later use as a desk top out box or in box depending on your boss's workflow.

Prefer something more personal ...
A personalized gift is always a good idea for occasions such as Bosses Day. For a female boss you might want to consider a Heart Shaped Silver Paper Weight which can be engraved with two lines leaving room for your boss's name and either the company name or the current year. For the guys a Personalized Multi-Purpose Tool for their pocket or glove compartment is a a good idea. Gadgets likes these are truly functional so they are sure to be appreciated for many years to come.

What about handmade desk accessories and writing instruments?
What is better than a fancy writing instrument? The answer is a handmade fancy pen with name brand insides. That is exactly the description of our Wall Street II Style Ballpoint Pen. It is a hand turned pen with Montblanc mechanisms on the inside. You can choose to have your pen crafted from a variety of materials such as Ebony woods, fine acrylics and wood burls. In addition you can order matching desk accessories such as a triple magnifying glass or letter opener for a complete set. These hand crafted desk sets look like they cost thousand of dollars when in reality they are truly affordable. You can purchase a pen for only $59.95.

What ever you decide, be sure to let your boss know that you do appreciate the hard work and stress they face to keep people on the payroll and businesses functioning.
wine basket for grandparent's day giftGrandparents Day is the Sunday after Labor Day
Have you made arrangements for a Grandparent's Day Gift? If you haven't already sent a gift now is the time to decide how you will honor your grandparents for their special day. I know that sometimes it seems there is an over abundance of holidays but trust me your grandparents appreciate when they are remembered. So even if you do not send a gift or a card, remember to give them a call or visit on Grandparent's Day.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Grandparents' Day
You can always send your grandmother or grandfather a gift basket. Most companies such as Arttowngifts.com can arrange to have gifts delivered up until the last minute before a holiday. At Arttowngifts.com we even offer a complete selection of same day gifts which can be delivered on the same day you place your order. Of course the sooner you place your order the better. Last minute gift choices include wine gifts, fruit baskets, balloon bouquets and florist arranged flowers. Both the wine and fruit gifts come with a nice selection of gourmet foods. You can also add chocolates to the balloons and balloons to the various baskets. Just keep in mind that Sundays can be problematic in terms of delivery particularly in smaller towns so please try to place your order in time for Friday or Saturday delivery.

Gifts Available for Next Day Delivery
Most of our gifts are available for immediate shipping for next day delivery (using expedited shipping methods) including our flowers delivered direct from the grower. These flower bouquets provide great value. You receive significantly more flowers for the price and the arrangements normally last much longer than florist arranged flowers. This is because they are cut just before being shipped to the final recipient. If you prefer a more lasting gift than fresh flowers, consider our gold roses which come in a variety of styles and colors. These "dipped roses" are real roses that are dipped in gold, silver, platinum or lacquer in order preserve them. They should ultimately become family heirlooms and keepsakes. Our complete line of gift baskets including gift collections that encompass all kinds of hobby themes can be shipped the same day you place your order. I like the fact that you can make your selection personal. For example if your grand dad likes to play golf then send him a golf gift basket. If your grandmom likes to garden send her a garden gift basket.
As you can see there are lots of choices for ways to remember your papa and granny. There is still time to place an order or send a card. What ever you decide to do for Grandparent's day just be sure to let your grandma and grandpa know how much they mean to you.
Red Gold Trimmed Rose Gold Roses - All Varieties 10 % OFF*
Enter GOLDROSE during checkout
Our Promotion Department is offering 10 % Off on our Popular Gold Roses. The sale includes all varieties including Gold Dipped Roses and Gold Trimmed Roses. Silver Roses and Platinum Roses are also on sale. The sale applies to all of the Gold Rose Bouquets including the most popular Half Dozen Gold Trimmed Forever Roses and Half Dozen Gold Roses.

Real Roses Dipped in Gold
In the case of the solid gold dipped variety, the entire rose is dipped in a vat of real liquid gold over and over again over several days. For colored roses trimmed in gold, the bloom portion of the rose is dipped in Lacquer. Then the stem is dipped in the liquid gold. It is finished off by dipping just the edges of the bloom in gold leaving a delicately trimmed gold edge. The result is that the original colors of the rose including veins are still visible. You can see the difference in the photo of the Red Gold Dipped Rose (at the top left) and the Dozen Gold Roses (below and right). The gold trimmed roses come in a variety of colors including solid colors such as the Purple Gold Rose or in two-tones such as a Yellow and Red Gold Rose.
Dozen Gold Roses
Other Varieties Include Platinum and Silver Roses
The process is similar for both our platinum roses and silver roses. We also offer the Platinum Trimmed Roses in a variety of colors. For example the Blue Platinum Trimmed Rose is popular. Two Toned Roses Trimmed in Platinum are also available.

Golf Golf Balls Come in Two Styles
The sale includes our popular Gold Golf Balls and Gold Tees. There are two styles. The Gold Dipped Golf Balls and Tees are for Display purposes only while our Gold Toned Golf Balls and Tees can be played. The gold display golf balls make great tournament gifts or are ideal for the golf lover.

Don't Forget the Floral Jewelry
If you like floral jewelry you are sure to love this collection of Real Rose Jewelry and Real Orchid Jewelry which is also on sale.

Arttowngifts.com rarely offers a sale on these gold dipped products so now is the time to stock up for your next Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day. Just enter GOLDROSE during checkout. Offer expires 09 30 09 and requires a $50 purchase. Shipping is not discounted.

*Expires 09 30 09
$50 Purchase or More Required
Discount does not apply to shipping
Artist Jewelry Sale 20% Off
Take advantage of this rare sale on the works of our most popular jewelry artist, Barbara Otterson. We rarely discount the works of our artists; however, the summer doldrums set in. We wanted to spice things up a bit so we worked with Barbara to create this fantastic sale. Just enter OTTERSON during check out for 20% Off any of Barbara's Jewelry.
Calla Lily Earrings
Popular Earrings for Women
Just a few examples of her work include the pictured Calla Lily Earrings. Our customers report that these earrings are great to wear. The Calla Lilies dangle just right swaying as you walk perking up your mood throughout the day. They are available in the sterling silver on sterling ear wires and in clip-on style, with silver-tone clips for the same price.

Another popular style includes Otterson's Lily Bell Earrings. These solid sterling silver earrings are fashioned after Lily-of-the-Valley blossom.

Hematite Heart Earrings
Wear These Heart Earrings with Everything!
If you want something with a little more heart try these Hematite Heart Earrings. These lovely steel gray heart shaped hematite stone earrings are wrapped in sterling silver wire and tipped with sterling beads. Pierced and clipped on styles are available. What is so great about these unique stone, silver and beaded heart earrings is that they can dress up a casual pair of jeans, add a touch of style to a tailored corporate suit or dress up a soft romantic dress for an evening out.

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon EarringsBreast Cancer Pink Ribbon Earrings
Another favorite piece we just have to mention is Otterson's Sterling Silver Pink Ribbon Earrings. Unlike most Breast Cancer ribbon earrings these are very light and comfortable. A small pink fresh water pearl is attached to the ends of the silver ribbon. The final look is soft, female and stunning.

Crystal Earrings, Gemstone Necklaces and more!
Barbara creates more than just earrings. Her necklaces make a statement and at a reasonable price. She makes fantastic crystal jewelry and gemstone pendants. Just enter OTTERSON in the coupon box during check out and take advantage of this rare sale!
Baseball Hat Racks Available in Two Sizes
Your dad is sure to love the latest addition to our Father’s Day Gift line up. Our woodturning artist, Robert Smith makes these fantastic baseball hat racks in two sizes. Handcrafted from high quality wood the Single Baseball Cap Rack holds 8 ball caps. The Double Baseball Hat Rack organizes 16 ball caps for those of you with large baseball hat collections.
Handcrafted Cap Racks

Display Your Baseball Cap Collection
You can even order two of the larger size and hang them side by side if you have a big collection of hats of meaning to you. My brother’s wife ordered two. His hat collection looked fantastic on the wall in his study. My uncle has the single version hanging in the mud room just inside the entrance to his log home. Both hat organizers are available in walnut, cherry or oak finishes. The price is right with the Single starting at only $29.95 and the Double going for $59.95

Place Orders Fathers Day Gifts Today!
Place your Father's Day Order a month in advance to make sure your gift arrives in plenty of time for Fathers Day. The Baseball Cap Rack is also a great gift for Dad’s Birthday and Christmas.

Strong Father's Day Line Up at Arttowngifts.com
Arttowngifts.com also offers a large collection of Father’s Day Baskets that include ones with themes. We also have an extensive Golf Gift lineup including Personalized Gifts.

Gifts for Mothers Who Have Everything

With Mothers Day 2009 fast approaching it is time to get those orders for Mother's Day Gifts placed. When you order your gifts for mom early our staff will be glad to time your gift to arrive immediately before Mother's Day. That way you get the benefit of inexpensive ground or free shipping and your gift arrives just in time for Mothers Day.
Mother's Day Gift Guide

Whether you want to send your mom a gourmet gift basket or a pamper me spa basket you will find great Mothers Day Gift ideas here at Arttowngifts.com. In addition to the traditional themed Mothers Day Gift Baskets, here are some other great gift ideas for mom this Mothers Day:

Gold Roses - Our Most Popular Gift for Moms

Personalized Roses
Our gold roses line is the overwhelming favorite gift for moms. These are real roses that have been dipped over and over in gold or other metals to preserve them for a lifetime. Just a sample of the styles available includes the traditional gold dipped rose, our gorgeous gold trimmed colored roses and of course our silver roses and platinum roses. Order early we often stock out on these because there are only limited quantities made every year.

Mom's Love Our Wood Signs

Since we introduced our wood signs in December they have been flying on the shelves. Of course, the most popular signs are our custom signs where you can create your own sign by adding the text you like such as a favorite quote or your mom's name. You can also select the type style, sign color, and size. For Mother's Day, we have several signs that are sure to be loved by moms everywhere. For example the Leaning on Mother Sign is available in a variety of colors . Another favorite is sure to be the The Best Thing About Calling You Mom Sign. The added benefit of giving a wooden sign as a gift is that it keeps on giving. Every time your mom walks by and sees the sign it will remind her of you.

Custom Wood Crafted Products Are A Hit

We recently introduced a new wood turned artist whose products are quickly becoming a big hit. For example, mothers are sure to love his necklace magnifying glass. You can select the wood handle style from a long list of woods. He also makes a beautiful wood jewelry box along with a great selection of handcrafted pens and other desk accessories. His elegant beauty style ballpoint pen would look great on any mom's desk or in her purse. And even better she will think of you every time she takes her fine writing instrument out to write. You can select the wood and trim styles to customize the gift even more. These wood pens become family heirlooms.

The Mother's Day Gift selections mentioned here just touch on a fewideas. You will find all kinds of great gift ideas for Mom's Day at Arttowngifts.com. When you visit us, be sure to remember to send your mother in law a Mother's Day Gift too. Regardless of your selection mom is sure to be pleased that you took the time to tell her you care.

Place Orders for Mother's Day Early

Finally, please order early. Every holiday it breaks our hearts to see people who wait until the last minute and either has to settle for a limited and more expensive same day gift selection or who pay high overnight shipping. With Mother's Day falling on Sunday, you will want your gifts to arrive on Friday because UPS and FedEx charge extra for Saturday delivery. Even though they advertise Saturday delivery, there are areas where it is not available. Most florists book up early for Mother's Day and they do not deliver on Sunday at all so please do not count on giving the local florist a call on Saturday afternoon before Mother's Day. We work with florists all of the time and they often even stop answering the phone during holidays.
High Quality Easter Gifts for Children and Others Available Online
Do you find that the Easter Basket collections in the local supermarket and gift store fall far short of what you really want? Don’t despair. Fortunately, there are plenty of very high quality Easter gift baskets available for children and adults alike. You can find these impressive gift baskets online now. In addition to the great contents you will find that the prices are very affordable even with shipping if you order in time for ground delivery.

Stay In Touch This Easter
If you don't live with your children, or you're a grandparent, godparent, other relative or friend who wants to remind the kids how much you care, having Easter gifts delivered by ordering online is obviously a perfect choice. You'll be able to stay in touch and give a meaningful gift without too much expense. Ordering is easy - you can do it via the Internet or call us toll free at 877 278.8696.

Large Selection of Easter Baskets for Children Online
Of course Easter Baskets for children are the most commonly ordered so there are the traditional gift baskets with candy, plush toys like bunnies and chicks. For example our Somebunny Special Easter Treats Gift Basket includes a plush chenille Easter bunny, Cadbury creamed filled eggs, a chocolate bunny and other Easter candy favorites. Our most popular Easter Fun Gift Basket includes a bunny, lots of candies and fun activity items like silly putty and coloring books.

Consider Sending Easter Gifts to Adults
Kids aren't the only ones who appreciate Easter gifts. If you want to give a family member or that special someone a great gift this Easter, visit us here at Arttowngifts.com. We offer fresh flowers shipped overnight at lower prices. Several of our Easter gift boxes called towers offer treats for grownups such as our Deluxe Easter Gift Basket. Send a friend a long-lasting preserved rose in their favorite pastel color and trimmed in gold. There are even Easter Balloon bouquets. Just add chocolates for a great gift. You're sure to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life, whether they're adults or children. And don't forget to pamper yourself! Easter is the perfect opportunity to buy yourself a cross necklace or a nice pair of handcrafted earrings.

Affordable Easter Gifts Offered Online
If you're worried about the costs of ordering Easter gifts, you shouldn't be. That's because many companies are aware of the economic trends and are making an effort to offer merchandise that is high in quality, but lower in price. For example our Singing Daisy Duck is priced at only $25.99. If you want a collection of gifts, consider our Easter Bunny Gift Tote which is on sale at $29.99. This Fabric Easter Bunny Carrier contains a collection of candies, gum, bubbles and a puzzle. It is available in two colors. Children love to play with the tote long after they have consumed the candies and blown the bubbles.

Order Early and Save on Shipping
Just shop carefully and order early to avoid expedited charges and you'll have no trouble finding the great Easter gifts at the right price. Start looking now to see the incredible selection of Easter gifts available and you will be sure to choose the right ones for everyone special in your life.
Time to Order Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts from Arttowngifts.com
The clock is ticking down to Valentine's Day. Get those Valentine’s Day Gifts ordered so you can make certain to get the gift you want and avoid expedited shipping charges. Guys, PLEASE do not wait until the last minute assuming that your local florist will be able to handle your order for Valentine Flowers. We work with florists every day for delivery of balloons, gift baskets and flowers. You should know that:

Florists routinely stop taking orders several days before and after Valentine's Day
To complicate things even more, Valentines Day is on Saturday this year. So please get those orders placed with us or where ever else you plan to make your purchase.

Flowers Added to Arttowngifts.com
You asked for flowers online and we listened. We are thrilled to announce that Arttowngifts now offers flowers including roses, mixed bouquets and plants. We offer two ways buy. You can select from our shipped flowers that are cut fresh from the fields for next day delivery direct from our own growers or choose our same day flower delivery arranged through local florists in the recipient’s delivery area. Each online flower ordering method offers great advantages and some disadvantages. We outline these in depth further on our site. In the meantime here is a quick synopsis:

Farm Fresh Flowers - Cost Less and Last Longer
The farm fresh flowers routinely feature significantly lower prices and greater quality because the flowers are fresher. They are grown locally instead of being shipped in from other countries. The flowers are cut one day and delivered to you the next. The only way to get fresher flowers is to grow them yourself!

Grower Direct Flowers - Shipped for Next Day Delivery - Arrive In A Gift Box
The disadvantage to some buyers is that while the flowers arrive in a nice gift box, the bouquets are not already professionally styled in a vase due to shipping issues. As a result, arranging the flowers is up to the recipient. However, if you take a quick glance at most florist websites you will see that a large portion of the arrangements feature very little design effort. There are usually a few seasonally advertised great FTD or Teleflora designs. Otherwise, it is just flowers in a vase for the most part. We offer our customers those cute designs through our florist arranged deliveries. Each of the Grower Direct Flower Gifts come with a floral preservative and flower care information.

Women Enjoy Arranging Flowers
Most women I know really enjoy arranging the flowers they receive. To my dismay I have seen friends take a nicely designed florist bouquet and tear it apart just to put the flowers in several vases so they could enjoy the flowers in more than one location. If I am sending a floral gift to a woman in most cases I would opt for the grower fresh overnight flowers. That way she can enjoy designing her own arrangement and also have a gift that will last the longest. And I will save a little bit on the purchase of the gift or buy more flowers than I could have from a florist.

Direct from the Fields Flowers Fully Bloom After They ArriveThe direct from the fields to you flowers are selected and cut before the blooms totally open. This is so that the flowers will reach their maximum beauty after they arrive and to insure longevity. Florists delivered bouquets are better if you prefer that the flowers be at their peak when they arrive. Finally there is a minor risk of the flowers being damaged in shipping but this is covered in the guarantee and the same risk applies to floral delivery drivers.

Florist Delivered Flowers - Delivered Same Day - Professionally Arranged
There are two main advantages offered by florist delivered flowers. We can schedule same day flower delivery if you call early enough in the day. Plus the flowers arrive professionally arranged in a vase. The main disadvantage we find with florist delivery is that we deal with florists from across the country so the arrangements do not always closely resemble the photos. Ninety-nine percent of the time florists make a herculean effort to do a good job and deliver an outstanding product but sometimes they take a little poetic license. If you want same day flower delivery, the deadline is noon in the recipient's time zone. Our site says 11:30 am to give us time to get the orders to the florist.

Florist Delivered Flowers - Better for Hospitals, Funerals & Grand Openings
If you want a really cute design from the get-go, you should select the florist arranged and delivered flowers. This is particularly true in the case of sympathy flowers or get well flowers delivered to hospitals. We find that it is much better to use florist arranged delivery for hospitals and funerals because the delivery driver can actually walk the flowers to the correct location. And the arrangment is ready to go. I would also select our florist same day delivery when you need to send a bouquet to a group such as a business grand opening or a staff thank you. If you have questions about the best delivery method for your situation give us a call toll free at 1 877 278-8696.

Red Roses - The Traditional Valentines Day Flower
So now that we have discussed the ways to order, lets look at some ideas for Valentines Day Flowers. Of course we offer the traditional Dozen Red Valentine Roses decked out for Valentine’s Day. My favorite is the Dozen Red & White Long Stem Roses. And don't forget we always have our delightful Gold Roses. These are real roses dipped in 24 K gold. There are other varieties available. Regardless of what you decide, I am sure you will love our new flower collection.
Valentines Gift Ideas for Men
Ladies your favorite day, Valentine's Day 2009 is fast approaching. It is time to order those Valentines Day gifts for hm. Whether your significant other is your husband, fiancé, or boy friend you are sure to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your guy here at Arttowngifts.com. You can also make sure you remember dad and sons while you are at it. So let’s get started with some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Romantic Gifts Set the Tone
If you want to send him a gift to set a romantic tone consider one of our Romantic Gift Baskets. My favorite is called A Night to Remember Romance Gift Basket. This slightly naughty gift basket comes in two sizes and contains among other things a romantic music CD, chocolate board game, exotic lotion and body frosting. If you have a bigger budget we have a deluxe Valentine's Love & Romance Gift Basket that also comes in two sizes. It includes a variety of body paints, CD, lotions, a strip board game, chocolates of all kinds and much more. Of course we have the old standby, A Kamasutra Gift Collection.

Valentine Themed Gifts Can Be Fun
One of my favorites is our Bad to the Bone Singing Bear and Ghiradelli Chocolates. Your guy is sure to get a kick out of this motorcycle clad bear. If you like to play board games, consider our Shut the Box Pub Game & Merlot Wine Gift. In additional to Valentine Gift Baskets of all kinds with chocolates, snacks, teddy bears and other gourmet foods, we also offer a complete line of Wine and Champagne Gifts.

Personalized Gifts Ideal for Valentine’s Day
Selecting a gift and having it engraved or monogrammed is also a great Valentine’s Day Gift solution. It tells them you took a little time selecting their gift. At Arttowngifts we offer a robust selection of Personalized Gifts that appeal to men including Personalized Jewelry, Personalized All-In-One Tools and Personalized Golf Gifts. Engraving is always free for personalized gift line. We recently added Wood Signs to our product line up. You can select wood signs with quotes of all kinds or create a made to order Custom Sign.

Order Early for Valentine’s Day 2009
Just a reminder: Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday this year so be sure to order your gifts in time to receive them on Friday to avoid Saturday delivery charges. Also our hand delivery team is usually totally booked several days before and after Valentine’s Day so please do not wait until last minute to call. The local florists also stop taking new orders several days before this important holiday. If your budget is tight this year check out our Valentines Gifts Under $50.
Hand Crafted Wooden Signs A Big Hit
Shortly before the holiday rush we added a new artist to our site. She makes wooden signs in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. These hand crafted wood signs with quotes of all kinds have been a big hit! I have always loved inspirational signs in both my office and home. For years I have I had the signs celebrating messy houses and women's causes. What I like about wood signs is that they lift my spirits every time I pass by. It doesn't seem to matter how often I see the same the sign, I still chuckle to myself.

Wooden Signs with Quotes in A Variety of Styles
If you are like me and enjoy wooden signs with quotes you are sure to be delighted with our new collection. We divided the sign collection into the following categories:

  • Cabin + Lake + Vacation
  • Coffee + Bar + Chocolate
  • Country Signs
  • Dog + Cats + Pet + Animal
  • Friends + Kids + Baby Signs
  • Funny + Wizard of Oz Signs
  • Hunting + Fishing + Golf
  • Inspirational Signs
  • Kitchen + Bath + Household
  • Romantic + Love Signs
  • Spiritual + Religious + Faith

    • Custom Wood Sign is Most Popular!
      We are adding new signs daily as fast as we can post them to the site. So far our most popular sign is our Create Your Own Sign which allows customers to add their own text, select their favorite typestyle and pick their favorite color combination for the sign. You can check our list of quotes for ideas or make up your own.

      Make Your Gift Shopping Easy with Wood Signs
      The wood signs I sent as Christmas gifts were well received by friends and family. Make your gift shopping easy this year, send Cabin Signs for birthday gifts, Romantic Signs for Valentine's Day, Kitchen Signs for Mother's Day and a Fishing Sign or Golf Sign for Father's Day. While your at it be sure to buy one for yourself so you can laugh out loud every time you walk buy your own Funny Wood Sign.