Family Name Signs Compliment Your Home
We have just added a new line of Family Name Signs that start with family names in the background. Then we add a second layer of content such as a favorite quote, important date, couple’s or children’s first names or similar text in a contrasting lettering style.

These Family Signs are part of our new Double Text Sign Collection which features double layers of content. This trendy sign style is fast becoming one of our most popular sellers. With many varieties from which to choose, you are sure to find the perfect sign for your home or that important gift for most any occasion.

For example you can commemorate the year your family was "established" by adding your wedding date to the top layer over your family’s last name. One example is our double layer Established Family Sign. You can change it up a bit with our Couples Family Name Established Date Sign where we have added the couples’ first names on top of the family name plus another line with the wedding date below the main lines. These examples are from our Wedding Sign collection.

The beauty of these signs is that you can choose your own sign and text colors, lettering styles, format and content. You can also create your own double layer sign with our Create Your Own Two Layer Custom Sign.
Turn around is just two to four days and the prices are very reasonable. Order now for Christmas or that upcoming wedding.
Custom Signs – Order our best selling product todayWe frequently get calls and emails asking for suggestions for gift ideas. We like to suggest that they create a custom sign from our Sign Shop. These customized signs are ideal for both home and office. Personalized signs are our top selling category here at Arttowngifts.com.

And even more interesting as it turns our most popular gift is actually created by our customers using our very affordable create your own custom sign page. Here we offer customers the opportunity to customize their own sign by selecting the following:
  • base sign color
  • text color
  • typestyle
  • layout
  • content
The last step, adding the content is always everyone’s favorite part of the process. Shoppers add their favorite inspirational quote, family quips and light hearted funny saying to signs which come in a variety of styles and signs. Shoppers make signs for their cabins, lake houses, gardens and childrens' room. They customize signs for anniversaries, weddings and special occasions. They order signs for their home, friends, and family and yes even the family pets.

You can find some great ideas among our Funny Signs, Inspirational Signs, Pet Signs and many others. In fact we often add great signs to our collection from ideas we get from our customers. Stay tuned as add our new ideas and yours every day. And keep a look out for our new Family Name Sign line featuring Signs with last names.
Groomsmen Gifts You Can Afford
OK, guys. Come on. Be honest. Admit that you had NO idea what was to follow once you got up off that one knee. The date, the dress, the flowers ....THE WEDDING! Now that the thrill and excitement of the proposal is wearing off and you have started working down your long list of “to do’s” it is time to think about your Groomsmen Gifts.

Reward Your Groomsmen with A Gift of Appreciation
You will find that your Wedding Attendants deserve way more than just a gift. By the time your wedding is over they will have rented a tux, traveled to the wedding destination, helped set up for the wedding and participated in your rehearsal dinner. Then to top off the fun, your groomsmen also plan and host that fabulous bastion of tradition, the bachelor’s party. And finally they are there to ward off a last minute attack of nerves. Surely you want to reward both each Groomsman and your Best Man with a great gift of appreciation.

Consider Hobbies When Selecting Your Groomsmen’s Gifts
No one knows your groomsmen better than you. Let them know that you are thinking about their interests by selecting a gift that celebrates their hobby. For example, you can select from a variety of sports themes when purchasing bar gifts and accessories. For the billiard player our three piece Pub Collection pictured above right is an ideal gift. This bar set includes a matching Vintage Personalized Billiard Sign, a Billiard Coaster Set and a Billiard Beer Stein. Each of the items is personalized with the recipient’s name and a date. You can also purchase these sets or the individual items in a variety of other themes and even other items such as the Bait and Tackle Personalized Humidor or the Irish Whisky Personalized Poker Set.

Nothing Says You Care More Than A Personalized Groomsmen Gift
Our top selling Groomsmen Gift includes a Heavy Glass Pewter Medallion Beer Mug. You can select medallion’s with different headings such as Groomsman, Bestman, Usher and Groom. A similar version is available in black. Engraving on the medallion is free. Most grooms add the recipient’s name and the wedding date. Many of our customers give the pewter mug to their groomsmen and best man and then purchased our similar high quality Pewter Medallion Shot Glass for their ushers and other wedding attendants. Don’t forget to include your dad and future father in law in your gift list.

Groomsmen Gifts for the Sports Lover
If your groomsmen love sports then they are sure to value our selection of Sports Team Prints. There are a variety of styles from which to choose. Each version allows you to feature your groomsmen as a part of the team. Of course for the golfer there is always the Personalized Executive Putter Set which just one of the outstanding choices in our Golf Gifts department.

Order Personalized Wedding Gifts Early
While Personalized gifts can be turned around quickly to save money it is best to order the gifts no later than a month before your wedding. By starting early you avoid rush shipping fees and if there are any problems there is still plenty of time to rectify the issue. Arttowngifts.com offers free engraving on items offered in our Personalized Gift line. Remember to check each gift when the package arrives. At Arttowngifts.com we are happy to help you select gifts you can afford for your wedding attendants.
Let’s face it moms are hard to shop for. Every year Mothers Day comes around and you are left with the same question, “What would Mom like?” You can’t just ask her, because you already know exactly what she’d say. It’s always the same answer,” Oh, you don’t have to get me anything.”
This would be nice, but we all know we can’t just stiff our moms on Mother’s Day. Luckily for all of you that have the same problem as me, there is a website to help out. Arttowngifts.com has hundreds of gifts any mom would love.

None of us were perfect angels growing up, and if you have kids of your own you know what we put our mothers through. After all the stress I’ve put my Mom through I know she could use and deserves and a nice bottle of wine. Arttowngifts.com specializes in many different wine gifts and wine baskets. My personal favorite is The Vintner wine basket. This gift basket contains three premium wines, two reds, and one white. On top of the great wine in this basket, it is filled with tasty snacks and gourmet foods. There is something in this wine gift basket that will please the pickiest of mothers. The other reason why I love this wine basket is that Arttowngifts.com can deliver this gift the same day it was ordered.

Looking for something a little different? Does your mother have a sweet tooth? Why not impress her with a Mother’s Day Heart Shaped Cheesecake. These cheesecakes are available in three different flavors New York Style, Chocolate Fudge, and Raspberry Swirl. The best thing about these cheesecakes it that they can be personalized to say anything you want as long as it fits in the character limit.

Are you just looking to pamper your mother a little this year? There is no better way to help your Mom relax then the Spa Perfect Relax and Rejuvenate Gift Basket. This basket comes filled with an assortment of spa and aromatherapy gifts and is topped off with a reusable leather carrying case. Along with this gift basket Arttowngifts.com also carries a whole line of unique spa gifts.

These are just my three favorite gifts. Arttowngifts.com has too many gifts to list out. Arttowngifts.com sells classic Mother’s Day gifts like chocolate and flowers to personalized gifts such as custom made wood signs and an assortment of engraved gifts and jewelry. Take a look and I guarantee you’ll find a gift mom would love.
I crept slowly, watching each step making sure I walked on a solid foundation. There was barley any room to maneuver, I had no choice but to stay the course. There was a distinguished smell in the air, a smell that only a war zone could have. Then it happened, I stepped right on the jagged booby trap. Howling in pain I knew what needed to be done, I knew I had to end the madness. I wasn’t in Cambodia, I wasn’t in Afghanistan, or Iraq. I was in my own home, and the war zone was located in my son’s bedroom.

Anyone who has kids knows how hard it is to make them put away their toys. More and more keep appearing until the floor has disappeared. This is a battle I fight everyday, but I believe I have found an answer. Arttowngifts.com now sells some of the best Handcrafted Toy Boxes and Toy Chests that I have seen. These Toy boxes are available in Oak, Cherry, and Espresso wood finishes. There are also a number of different options available to customize your new toy box.
Do you have a young child, just starting to learn their ABC’s? There is no better way to teach them then with a Toy box with the ABC’s laser engraved in “gold leaf” lettering. This box will not only serve as a storage container for all of juniors belongings, but will also help in his development as he learns to read.

Does your kid sometimes act like they do not know where to put their belongings away? Arttowngifts.com has fixed this problem by offering a wide array of toy chest that are personalized with the child name. These toy boxes come in oak, cherry, and espresso wood finishes. The name can be laser etched in a variety of different fonts, or you can choose to have raised wood lettering.

Your child’s room no longer looks like a war zone. There are no more booby traps lying on the floor, but there is still that lingering smell. Arttowngifts.com can help that too with the cedar base option for the toy boxes. For a small fee add an aromatic eastern tongue and groove cedar base to your toy box and freshen up that room.

There is no guarantee that your child’s room will be gracing the cover of “Better Homes and Gardens” any time soon, but buying a handcrafted toy box or Toy Chest from Arttowngifts.com will certainly be a step in the right direction.
There is no better accessory to complete an outfit than a great looking bracelet. The right bracelet lets you add your own personal style and flair to your look. Arttowngifts.com has some of the best looking handmade bracelets that will get you the attention you deserve.

Make sure to check out Arttowngifts.com Line of crystal bracelets. Arttowngifts.com carries a full line of silver bracelets adorned with crystals, beads, and other precious gems. One of my absolute favorite pieces is the Rose Quartz and Bali Bracelet. This great looking bracelet is handmade from rose quartz, Garnet, Bali beads, and Gold filled beads. Arttowngifts.com carries a whole line of similar bracelets that will make you noticed in any situation.

Are crystal bracelets not exactly your thing? Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Mother or a Grandmother? Arttowngifts.com has you covered too with their line of Personalized Precious Photos Charm Bracelets. These unique charm bracelets made of solid sterling silver bracelet includes tiny locket photo frames that hold mini versions of favorite photos. Three small photo frames hold 1/4 inch pictures of the kids, grandkids or other family members. With this bracelet you’ll never be far from your loved one’s smiling face. This bracelet also comes with a fourth circular charm that can be personalized. Add a name or date to this charm bracelet and make this jewelry piece an instant heirloom.

Maybe you just want to wear a bracelet that’s a real head turner. In this case Arttowngifts.com has the perfect handmade bracelet for you. Take a look at their opal bracelet line. Arttowngifts.com currently carries four different styles, but my favorite one is the Tanzanite and Opal Twist Bracelet. This bracelet is a Sterling silver 7" alternating tension set synthetic tanzanite oval & synthetic blue opal twist bracelet that looks more amazing on your wrist then in the picture. This line of handmade opal bracelets are all made of similar products, with different layouts, so you are sure to find one that you’ll love.

Remember, you don’t need to shop a big name overpriced jewelry stores to get what you want. In fact more times then not these stores only carry generic or overpriced mass purchased jewelry that just can’t represent our individuality like a handmade piece can. Arttowngifts.com can also custom make certain bracelets just for you. Remember, the next time your looking for that perfect finishing touch to complete your motif, check out Arttowngifts.com line of handmade bracelets.
Arttowngifts.com just added a new spa gift line that in addition to featuring outstanding lotions and potions comes packaged in interesting functional containers such as Spa Giftsplanters,medicine cabinets, magazine racks, tote bags, train cases and art deco boxes. So while the recipient can enjoy the luxury of fancy lotions and scrubs, scented candles and other aromatherapy products, they will also continue to enjoy the gift containers for years to come. Check out the Green Tea Spa Gift for yourself. This popular gift is sure to please. Another example is this Healing Spa Basket. Once these high end scented bath products are used, the high quality wicker basket will continue service in the bathroom, bedroom or even home office.

This new bed and bath spa product collection emphasizes that these days a gift basket is anything but a basket. Today the term "gift basket" is utilized to describe a broad range of products grouped together into a themed collection of related and useful gifts. In many cases the container used to temporally house the gift collection serves a practical purpose such as reusable planters, trays, bowls and collectible boxes.

For example in the case of baby gift baskets such as the Babies Essential Blue Gift Basket the set includes everything a need mom needs for a new baby all packaged in a functional diaper bag. The Newborn Baby Blue Bassinet features a real bassinet as the container for a variety of baby products.

Wine GiftsShipped fine wines are often grouped with high end gourmet foods and packaged in interesting containers. For example an antique replica leather chest is used to package a VIP Corporate Wine Line. A replica of an antique travel trunk is used to hold an International Wine & Gourmet Gift. Another favorite container of course is the traditional picnic basket. Collapsible coolers are also popular.

With the buying power of companies such as Arttowngifts.com that specialize in gift baskets the customer received much greater value when buying a gift basket than they could derive if the items were purchase individually. The examples are numerous but the theme is the same. Gift baskets today include high end consumables with practical purposeful containers for a gift that keeps on giving.
Bodega ChocolatesBODEGA The Chocolatier to the Stars and Now Arttowngifts.com!
The staff at Arttowngifts.com just finished a month long sacrifice of their waist lines by taste testing boxed chocolates from leading candy manufactuers across the nation. We are in the process of expanding our candy line. Bodega Chocolates earned the title of Arttowngifts.com staff favorite.

The goal was to determine the best tasting chocolate and candies to feature and sell at Arttowngits.com. Bodega chocolates and candies are now the featured supplier of boxed candies here at Arttowngifts.com.

Known for their signature Truffles and Confections the BODEGA CHOCOLATES collection is extensive and includes high quality yet affordable candies. I am known as the staff chocoholic so I consumed more than my share of candy Chocolate Samplerduring the test. (No sacrifice is too great for our customers.) My favorite recommendation is the Assorted Confections & More Deluxe Sampler Gift Box. This large sampler includes a 56 ounce mouth watering assortment of Truffles, Soft Centers, Caramels, Brittle, Toffee, Cookies, and Assorted Confections. A smaller 32 ounce version is also available, Sampler Gift Shipper Box.

If you like the boxed Tower format which is the ideal gift for groups, then you are certain to appreciate this Signature Tower with Truffles, English Toffee, Soft Centers, Brittle & More! It contains 56 ounces of a variety of chocolates and truffles in Bodega signature red boxes.

Bodega also offers candy in the traditional heart shape boxes such as the Truffles & Assorted Chocolates Signature Red Velvet Heart Box. It includes 25 assorted pieces and is a perfect gift for any romantic occasion. For those watching their sugar consumption, hope is not lost, Bodega actually offers incredibly tasty sugar free products including a sugar free version of Assorted Truffles in BODEGA Red Signature Heart SUGAR FREE.

Bodega products are made by hand, using the old fashioned European style small batch method with the strictest adherence to quality. Bodega candies are kosher. Generations old family recipes are still used to create their magical blends of chocolat. The company was founded by Nena Castaneda, the great grandmother, of today’s owners. Her dark chocolate delicacies brought both common people and high society to a tree lined cozy storefront where an espresso, always accompanied the purchase. Her philosophy was simple:

Nothing but the finest, nothing but the best, 'this' they will remember.

Once you bite into a Bodega Truffle you will know that this statement is still the company’s mission. We are not the only ones who loved these delectable chocolates. Throughout the years, the company has been the recipient of many national and international confectionery awards. National Geographic honored the company by naming Bodega as the

#2 Chocolatier in The World!

Bodega Chocolates also holds of the honor of serving as Chocolatier of the Grammy and Emmy Award Ceremonies. Here are just a few of the other organizations that agree on the quality of Bodega chocolates:
  • The Academy Awards
  • The Cannes Film Festival...American Pavilion
  • The Latin Grammys
  • The Country Music Awards
  • TV Land The Golden Globes
  • The Image Awards
  • Dancing with the Stars!
  • The Lily Claire Foundation
  • The Orangewood Children’s Foundation
  • Children’s Hospital of Orange County
  • Roar Foundation
  • The Henry Mancini Institute
  • KOCE / Public Television
Here are some comments by the press:
"Around the World...International... Chocolate Supreme!" Bon Appetit
"Bars of Gold" Woman's Day
"Serious Chocolate Heritage" Los Angeles Times"Rich Indulgence!" Chicago Tribune"Decadent, Rich, Sexy & Wonderful" Costa D'Oro"Something Special!" Houston Chronicle
"BODEGA, rocks with Dessert Toppings & Drink Mixes!" Chocolatier Magazine
"Search for the Best...Bar None...They're #1 ! " Bon Appetit
Our collection of Bodega confections is sure to please even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.