October 2011
Stadium Photos Featuring Major League Baseball Teams Preserve Memories of Dad and Baseball
I have many great memories growing up. The memory that stands out most in my mind is baseball and my dad. My dad loved baseball. He could watch it all day. As far back as I could remember I was right there sitting next to him watching and imitating his reactions. Safe to say I was punished more than once for repeating words he uttered under his breath Personalized MLB Stadium Printafter his team lost. I came to love baseball. As I grew older my dad started taking me to our local stadium to watch minor league baseball. He said watching baseball in person was the only real way to experience the sport. I knew that while he loved watching our local team, Dad really wished we could go to Boston Fenway Park to see the Green Monster in person, or visit New York and walk around historic Yankee Stadium. That’s when I made it my goal to take him to all 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums.

Visiting Wrigley Field

Our first trip came a few years later. We were set to go to Chicago and watch a game at the “Friendly Confines” of Wrigley Field. This was my first opportunity to see a big league game. We lived in a small town seven hours away by car from Chicago. My dad found a way to get a couple days off from work and we were on our way. We finally arrived in Chicago after our long car trip with dad telling me what I should expect. His description of the stadium made my anticipation build even more. I’ll never forget walking up to Wrigley and seeing the giant red sign for the first time that said, “Wrigley Field Home of Chicago Cubs.” We just stood there for a moment.

Looking back I don’t know who was more excited my Father or me. It felt like Christmas as we waited in line at the front gate. When we made it to the front gate turnstiles, I handed a lady outfitted in Cubs gear and covered in Cubs pins my ticket and she said, “Enjoy the game.” Then I entered a whole new world full of excitement. My predetermined notions of what the atmosphere of a big league game would be like we're not even remotely close to reality. Every one of my senses was inundated with new sights, smells, sounds and crowd energy. There was a tall skinny man in a straw hat selling programs. At another stand they were selling MLB Memorabilia. We looked over the various Major League Baseball gear and purchased fresh roasted peanuts and a couple of sodas and started making our way to our seats.

It was a beautiful sunny summer afternoon in Chicago, and I could barely contain myself as I was about to watch the matinee game against the Dodgers. We headed towards our seats in the lower mezzanine area. I nearly dropped my soda the first time I saw the field. I remember wondering, where do they get grass so green? We made it to our seats and enjoyed the greatest baseball game I’ve ever seen inside the ivy-covered walls of Wrigley Field. That’s when I realized my dad was right. Watching baseball live was the only real way to understand the true thrill of baseball!

Visiting MLB Stadiums and Collecting Fan Prints with My Dad

MLB Stadium Print

Over the years, my father and I would visit at least one stadium each year. We went to Dodgers stadium in LA, Yankees Stadium in New York, and every other Stadium in between. I wanted something more than memories to remember our trips, so I began looking for fan gear that would remind me of these wonderful times with my dad at these great MLB stadiums. What I found was personalized MLB Framed Stadium Prints These high-quality prints show a picture of your favorite stadium and are personalized with your name, the date, and a crowd message. The first one I bought was the Chicago Cub MLB Stadium Print featuring Wrigley Field. This framed sports picture honored my father and my first trip to an MLB stadium. At my urging Arttowngifts.com now features these personalized Sports Team Pictures for a variety of sports and featuring different photo subjects such as MLB Clubhouse Locker Room Prints and other sports including the NFL, NHL and Collegiate. I have purchased one of these stadium prints for each trip we have taken. Many times I have bought two stadium pictures, one personalized for me and one personalized for my dad. These personalized sports photographs also make memorable gifts for friends and colleagues. Just pick their favorite sports team whether that is baseball, football or hockey.

... and Now My Son
Now I’m working on getting a second collection of personalized stadium prints. This time I’m the father, who is taking his son to see all the great MLB baseball stadiums.
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