October 2008
Send Thanksgiving Gift Baskets
When You Can't Make the Trip Back Home

That chill in the morning air reminds me of Thanksgiving and those fantastic Thanksgiving dinners my mother used to prepare. It makes my mouth water to think about those meals. This year we are spending the day with my wife's family so I will miss my mom's great Thanksgiving spread. At Arttowngifts.com we have Gift Baskets for every occasion you can imagine including Thanksgiving. So I will be sending my mom and dad and extended family a Thanksgiving Gift Basket to make up for my absence. There are so many to choose from I had a hard time making a choice. Who knows they might like the baskets better than my visits.

My brother and his family will be making a 5 hour drive to my parents house. I am sending them our Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket because it is perfect to put in the Thanksgiving Gift Basket
car for the drive. There is something for everyone including sparkling apple cider and gourmet coffee. My sister in law will love the chocolates while my brother and his son will enjoy the real food so to speak. The contents include cocktail rye bread and mustard so they can make cheese and summer sausage sandwiches to keep their appetites at bay. There is cheddar cheese popcorn and lots of other snacks for them to munch as they make the drive.

For my parents I finally settled on our Harvest Bowl with Gourmet Treats Thanksgiving Gift. I know that my mom will love the hand painted ceramic bowl used to hold the gourmet foods and treats instead of the traditional gift basket. There are Alaska Smoked Salmon Fillets for my dad and Walnut Fudge for my mom. If I know my dad he will hide this gift from all of the company so that he and mom can have a picnic on their own once the guests all leave. By that time he will be tired of turkey and will enjoy the alternatives.

As an added treat I am sending my mom a gold rose to add to her collection of these real roses dipped in gold. There are also other varieties available including silver dipped roses, platinum dipped roses and a variety of colors dipped in lacquer and trimmed in gold. My mother loves them. She uses these gold roses as a table arrangement instead of fresh flowers or a dried arrangement.

Just think by Thanksgiving the election will finally be over and hopefully the country will be settled down and ready for a delightful holiday season. I can almost smell the fresh snow that is sure to cover my small town of Sandpoint soon. There is already snow falling in the mountains. Snow boarding is just around the corner and before you know it, we will be Christmas shopping.