UGG Classic Boots - A Must for Winter Wear
Living and working in Sandpoint you learn the absolute must for a winter wardrobe. UGG boots the true Classics boot is on everyone’s list. They’ve been around too long to be a trend and are winter footwear must-haves. I did a little investigating to find out the difference between the UGG Classic boots, UGG Ultimate boots and UGG Ultra boots.

How did UGG Australia know 30 years ago that naming their first boot the UGG Classic boots was prescient? Yes, this ubiquitous boot has been around that long and has indeed become a classic in the true sense of the word. Love it or hate it (personally I love it), it’s not a fad and it’s proved that it’s here to stay. The UGG Classic Short boots and UGG Classic Tall boots basic colors are chestnut, chocolate brown, black and sand color. This year some optional colors are two go-with-everything metallics in gold and graphite and a gorgeous chocolate paisley design with patent highlights.

These boots are on every woman’s winter must have list which makes them the perfect, no-brainer Christmas gift. For best selection you have to buy them early in the season because they sell out nationwide.

If you are looking for UGG boots that offer more luxury and comfort then step up to the UGG Ultimate boots or UGG Ultra boots. They are similar looking but with a few differences between them.

First the similarities: they both have sheepskin outer with sheepskin lining, sturdy sole, removable and/or replaceable footbed and pretty decorative braid up the back of the UGG Ultimate Tall Braid boots and the UGG Ultra Tall boots.

Looking at the side profiles, the Ultimate has a slimmer look than the UGG Ultra boots. When trying them on, the Ultimate has a slimmer fit than the Ultra, making the UGG Ultimate boots a better choice if your foot is on the narrow side. Tuck a pair of skinny jeans in them and these are super cute for casual weekend wear. So if you are planning a ski trip this year make certain you come equipped with your favorite UGG boots.

Gold Roses for Your Anniversary!
Are you looking for the idea anniversary gift? Stop looking because we have the perfect anniversary gift for you regardless of the number of years you have been married. Real Gold Roses are actually gold roses that have been dipped in 24 K gold to preserve the rose. The result is a beautiful gift your wife will cherish forever. What's more, you can select different gold rose styles depending on the anniversary or occasion. For example, you would want to give a Silver Rose for your 25th Anniversary. These real roses are also dipped but in silver instead of gold. Then for the 50th Wedding Anniversary give a Platinum Rose. You guessed these stunning roses are dipped in platinum.

Gold Roses Come in Colors Too
For the anniversaries in between give her a gold trimmed rose in her favorite color. In this case the roses are dipped in a lacquer and trimmed in gold so the original color of the rose actually shows through. They are available in a variety of colors such a red and gold trimmed rose or pink and gold trimmed roses. There are even two toned roses trimmed in gold.

Send Her A Dozen Gold Roses
Gold roses make a great gift alternative to fresh flowers which are here today and gone tomorrow. Consider giving your wife or girl friend a bouquet of gold roses for her birthday or Valentine’s Day. You can order 2 gold roses, 3 gold roses, a half dozen gold roses or even a dozen gold roses. And trust me they are stunning. --- Happy Anniversary
Impress Family and Friends with Personalized Christmas Gifts
Christmas is coming faster than you think. In fact, it will soon be here and there's not a huge amount of time left to find great gifts for those you love. Of course with the current economic situation, you're probably looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts to give those you love. After all, it is the thought, not the money spent, that matters the most. Well, one top option for pleasing everyone on your list is personalized Christmas gifts.

The Case for Personalized Gifts
You'll quickly find that custom holiday gifts are more popular than ever before for many reasons. Here's a look at the case for personalized holiday gifts.

  1. Make Your Friends and Family Feel Special - Going with a special gift that is personalized, such as monogrammed Christmas gifts, is a wonderful way that you can make all your friends and family feel special. It's often difficult to find that "perfect" gift. However, people love something that is personalized. It makes them feel that the gift was made just for them, showing them how much you really care.
  2. Easy to Order on the Web - You'll also find that gifts that are personalized are extremely easy to order here at Arttowngifts.com. Simply find the gift you love, make the order, and you'll have it delivered quickly to you or even direct to the person on your Christmas list. Shipping direct to out of town friends and family means there is no need to run to the post office to deal with shipping. Engraving is free at Arttowngifts.com and your gift will ship within two to three days after you place your order.
  3. Personalized Holiday Gifts are Affordable - If you looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts, you'll find that personalized holiday gifts are very affordable, no matter your budget limitations. You'll usually find that engraving on personalized holiday gifts is free online. So, you won't break the bank on these beautiful gifts.
  4. Great Selection of Custom Christmas Gifts Available - There is a huge selection of custom holiday gifts available today. From beautiful monogrammed jewelry to personalized putter sets there are so many affordable options from which to choose that you'll be sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year.
  5. Personalized Gifts make great Stocking Stuffers - There are lots of small items such as jewelery and hand tools that can be personalized to make great Christmas stocking stuffers.

Finding Something for Everyone on Your ListWith personalized of monogrammed holiday gifts, you'll find that there is something for each person you have on your Christmas list. So, check that list twice and consider some of these great ideas for those you're buying for this holiday season.

  • Gifts for Women - If you are looking for the perfect gift for a woman, you'll find many personalized options that are excellent choices. Consider giving a monogrammed locket that is personalized with her name. No doubt she'll be thrilled when she unwraps that gift. Other excellent choices include personalized Christmas gifts, such as a personalized heart mirror or a personalized compact.
  • Gifts for Men - Purchasing a gift for a man is not always so easy. However, when you go personalized, there are several great ideas. A black leather or silver koozie is a wonderful idea, or perhaps a putter set. Various tools are available for personalization or you can have cufflinks monogrammed as well. We just introduced a new line of wood signs including custom signs. Dad would love a gone fishing sign.
  • Gifts for Teen Girls - Have a teen girl on your list? Well, there are custom Christmas gifts available that she'll love too. Perhaps choose a personalized leather bracelet or a personalized distressed pendant and she'll be thrilled.
  • Gifts for Teen Boys - They can stump you when purchasing a Christmas gift. Well, not this year. Great ideas include a personalized dog tag or some monogrammed tools.
  • Gifts for Babies - Parents will love a wood sign customized with their baby's name. Check out our new wood sign collection and our made to order signs.
  • Gifts for Couples - Buying for a couple this holiday season? Well, you'll once again find great engraved holiday gift options. Consider giving a classy gift to a special couple on your list, such as a nice wine gift set that is personalized with their names on it. Or what about a custom wooden sign for the front door.

It's easy to see that it's not the price of the gift that is important. In reality, the thought really does count. Show your friends and family members how much they mean to you with personalized Christmas gifts they are sure to enjoy all year long.
Send Thanksgiving Gift Baskets
When You Can't Make the Trip Back Home

That chill in the morning air reminds me of Thanksgiving and those fantastic Thanksgiving dinners my mother used to prepare. It makes my mouth water to think about those meals. This year we are spending the day with my wife's family so I will miss my mom's great Thanksgiving spread. At Arttowngifts.com we have Gift Baskets for every occasion you can imagine including Thanksgiving. So I will be sending my mom and dad and extended family a Thanksgiving Gift Basket to make up for my absence. There are so many to choose from I had a hard time making a choice. Who knows they might like the baskets better than my visits.

My brother and his family will be making a 5 hour drive to my parents house. I am sending them our Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket because it is perfect to put in the Thanksgiving Gift Basket
car for the drive. There is something for everyone including sparkling apple cider and gourmet coffee. My sister in law will love the chocolates while my brother and his son will enjoy the real food so to speak. The contents include cocktail rye bread and mustard so they can make cheese and summer sausage sandwiches to keep their appetites at bay. There is cheddar cheese popcorn and lots of other snacks for them to munch as they make the drive.

For my parents I finally settled on our Harvest Bowl with Gourmet Treats Thanksgiving Gift. I know that my mom will love the hand painted ceramic bowl used to hold the gourmet foods and treats instead of the traditional gift basket. There are Alaska Smoked Salmon Fillets for my dad and Walnut Fudge for my mom. If I know my dad he will hide this gift from all of the company so that he and mom can have a picnic on their own once the guests all leave. By that time he will be tired of turkey and will enjoy the alternatives.

As an added treat I am sending my mom a gold rose to add to her collection of these real roses dipped in gold. There are also other varieties available including silver dipped roses, platinum dipped roses and a variety of colors dipped in lacquer and trimmed in gold. My mother loves them. She uses these gold roses as a table arrangement instead of fresh flowers or a dried arrangement.

Just think by Thanksgiving the election will finally be over and hopefully the country will be settled down and ready for a delightful holiday season. I can almost smell the fresh snow that is sure to cover my small town of Sandpoint soon. There is already snow falling in the mountains. Snow boarding is just around the corner and before you know it, we will be Christmas shopping.
Trick or Treat – Time to Pick Halloween Gifts
It is time to think about pranks and trick or treat. Halloween is Friday October 31, 2008. Get those fall and Halloween decorations out and start thinking about Halloween gift ideas. Remember a lot of families are encouraging Halloween Gifts instead of trick or treating. Kids are attending Halloween parties or engaging in fun activities at home instead of the old fashion door to door visits. Even if they do venture out it is with parents or another adult.

Halloween Becoming A Major Gifting Occcasion
As a result of various changes, Halloween has become a major gifting occasion over the past few years and the trend is growing. So who sends Halloween gifts? Everyone from parents, to aunts and uncles, to grandparents, and even corporate businesses are sending Halloween gifts these days.

Arttowngifts.com Offers A Variety of Halloween Gifts
Here at Arttowngifts.com we have a complete offering of Halloween gifts for children of all ages including both affordable Halloween gifts and healthy Halloween gift alternatives. And hey remember most adults I know enjoy celebrating Halloween so we have even come up with some neat suggestions for adult Halloween gifts.

Halloween Gift Baskets - The Perfect Halloween Gift
OK so you want the traditional Halloween Gift Basket except let’s pack the candies, treats and small toys along with a plush toy inside plastic pumpkin jack-o-lantern or neat Halloween Bag. For those who want the jack o lantern our Bewitched Halloween Trick or Treats Gift is sure to please. It starts with a Halloween Teddy Bear dressed as a witch and a Trick or Treats Halloween CD, a variety of candies, popcorn and even a Halloween glow stick for safety if they do venture out. Our Jack O Lantern Halloween Pail Gift includes a Pumpkin Carving Set, Plush Cat Witch and a Pumpkin Flashlight in addition to the expected Halloween candy treats. If you prefer something more traditional our Trick or Treaters Halloween Bag of Treats features a large fabric bag that can be used year after. Add to that a Teddy Bear and lots of candies and treats and everyone is sure to be happy.

There are Healthy Halloween Gift Alternatives
For those who are looking for a healthy alternative consider our Plush Spooky Halloween Ghost Singing Cat Gift or Singing Little Black Singing Cat Gift. You can also send a Halloween Balloon Bouquet with a Teddy from our last minute gift selection. Another healthy alternative is our Childrens Activity Gift Basket.

Consider a Family Halloween Gift
If you want to buy something for the whole family why not send one of our Movie Night Gift Baskets. There is a complete selection in our Theme and Specialty Gift Basket department. What about a truly unique gift, we actually have black and gold trimmed roses. These are from our gold dipped rose collection which preserves the roses for a life time. We also have orange and gold sold and orange two tone color roses. Finally we have a complete selection of fall desert ideas in our Cheesecake and Specialty Dessert Line. Whatever you decide you are sure to find the perfect Halloween Gift at Arttowngifts.com.
Bosses Day is Thursday October 16th, 2008
Hey guys, Boss's Day is on the horizon so it is time to place your orders for the October 16th holiday which falls on a Thursday this year. Some might suggest that it is a way to get in the boss’s good graces but at Arttowngifts.com we like to encourage you to recognize that your boss does have a lot on his or her shoulders. Maybe you can get together as group and send an outstanding Boss's Day Gift Basket such as our Premier Wine and Gourmet Collection. It starts with three bottles of notable wine and is topped off by the best in gourmet foods including mixed nuts, cheese, crackers, truffles, smoked seafood, imported delicacies, specialty dips, wine biscuits, pretzels, cookies, fine teas, coffee and more.

Buy Your Boss A Gift As A Group
If you would prefer something without wine due to office policies consider our Huge Gourmet Snack Lovers Gift Basket. For those of you who would prefer to give a something on your own, male bosses will enjoy an Executive Antique Truck Gift Basket which is also filled with delectable gourmet treats. For female bosses consider a Book Lovers Gift Basket or Spa Gift Basket.

Make it More Personal with A Personalized Gift for Bosses Day
If you want to give your boss or supervisor something more personal a Personalized Gift is the perfect solution. Personalized Jewelry, Personalized Tools and Gadgets, Personalize Golf Accessories are just a few of the gifts that can be personalized with a monogram, personal message or important date.

Appreciate Your Boss for Boss's Day
Regardless of what you decide to buy your boss this is the time of the year to consider just how much stress they face particularly this year with the current economic challenges. Often bosses are caught between conflicting interests leaving them to make difficult decisions. Give your boss the appreciation that he or she truly deserves this Bosses Day!
Find a great last minute birthday gift online 

With today’s face pace birthdays have a way of slipping up on us before we know it. The last thing you want is to forget a birthday for a special person in your life. The good news is that with online shopping today there is still an opportunity to find a great last minute birthday gift.

Limit the Google search results with keywords
For people who need quick help finding a birthday gift, shopping online presents the ideal solution. There is no need to step out of your home or office. Gift shopping online is both fast and convenient. Some even find it relaxing to look for that perfect birthday present online. And even though there is a wide selection of possible gift items it is very easy to drill down to just what you want by entering a very detailed keyword search phrase into Google search bar. Better yet just shop here at Arttowngifts.com. Without the stress of traveling to retail stores, browsing through gift ideas can become an enjoyable activity. So here are some last minute birthday gift suggestions you can find here at Arttowngifts.com.

Select birthday gift baskets around themes
Of course the birthday gift basket is the classic example of an attractive present that can purchased online. It features not just one, but a whole bunch of items that a recipient might enjoy. It is easy to find gift baskets online that follow certain themes. For example we have birthday gift baskets that incorporate the birthday theme and some even offer everything the recipient needs for their own birthday party. For adults I often recommend shopping around their hobbies, favorite treats or similar idea. For example send a coffee or tea gift basket if that is something they love. For chocolate lovers, send a chocolate gift basket. For the overworked, send a spa gift basket to suggest that they relax for few moments. There are movie lover’s baskets, book lover’s baskets, poker players’ baskets and different baskets for a variety of sports as well as wine and gourmet baskets. We even have several over the hill birthday baskets. For children, there are gift baskets filled with different kinds of activity sets including small toys, coloring materials and delicious treats.

Birthday balloons set the mood for a birthday party
Another last-minute gift idea that is sure to brighten up a celebrant's day is a birthday balloon bouquet. Send an arrangement of birthday balloons and teddy. You can add cookies, chocolates, roses, wine or champagne if you want. Does your birthday guy or gal love sweets? If so send them a gourmet cheesecake or specialty dessert cake that are beyond yummy. They will think they are in heaven when they bite into one of these!

Personalized birthday gifts of all sortsIf you really want to shine by giving a gift just for them, then personalized gifts are the way to go. There are a number of items that can be personalized including jewelry, money clips, boxes, tools, flasks and glassware. Engraving, in particular, makes an item look more luxurious and special. The most popular items that are engraved and can be ordered online are accessories like charms, pendants, lockets and even cufflinks. All sorts of glassware are also personalized and engraved. Allow a few days for engraving to avoid rush charges and overnight shipping expenses.

Gold roses trump fresh flowers
Fresh flowers are a sweet and simple birthday gift idea, but even better are gold roses that last a forever and look much fancier. These roses are actually flowers that have been dipped in 24kt gold, and are the perfect birthday gift for wives, girlfriends and mothers. Other varieties are available including silver roses, platinum roses and colored roses with gold trim. Mix and match or start a collection.

Same day birthday gift delivery
Aside from the wide range of choices for gifts, another convenience offered by shopping for presents online is the availability of delivery service. On time delivery of the birthday present is especially important for those sending the gifts out of town. While it is ideal that shopping for a gift should be taken care of at least a few days in advance, shopping on the day itself is still feasible with our last minute gifts. Just order before noon in the recipient’s time zone for same day delivery to most addresses. So even though there is just too much to do and too little time to shop for that perfect birthday gift, shopping online can save the day.
An alternative to traditional roses
Young girls and women love beautiful roses. They are a lovely way to celebrate a romantic holiday, congratulate an accomplishment or celebrate a birthday. But roses also fade and die pretty quickly and soon. The only thing that remains is a memory. An alternative to traditional roses is preserved, gold roses. Preserved roses are dipped in 24 K gold as well as platinum and silver. They are absolutely gorgeous and are guaranteed to last for years.

Gold roses - chosen at the peak of the blooming season
Each rose is chosen at the peak of its’ bloom and is dipped into precious metal of your choice. The process ensures that the rose is strong, so that it will not crumble or break. The dipped roses go through a 40 step process which ensures that the beauty of the rose is preserved. If you prefer color instead of dipping the entire rose in precious metal the rose can be dipped rose in lacquer to ensure that the color stays vibrant and so that the rose does not decay. Then the leaves and the stem of the rose are trimmed in either platinum or gold. These special types of roses are fantastic for celebrating anniversaries, romantic events, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because.

Gold Roses available in a variety of stylesYou can find gold dipped roses here at Arttowngifts.com. We also currently offer platinum roses, silver roses, colored roses trimmed in gold or platinum. You can purchase single stems or rose bouquets such as a dozen gold roses or bouquet of 3 pink and gold trimmed roses. Preserved roses also come in a variety of colors. You can purchase two-toned, colored roses with 24 K trim as well as colored, lacquer roses with platinum trim. For example, consider a single red rose trimmed in gold.

Gold Roses stunning beyond the photos
Traditional roses are beautiful, but compared to gold roses, they are well, ordinary. Even the highest quality of roses has a short-shelf life, and while you can enjoy their vibrancy for a short time, they die in a week’s time. What better way to ensure that the celebration of a special moment or occasion lasts far longer then a week. Preserved roses provide a keepsake that will last for a life time of memories.

Order a Gold Rose gift for your next special occasion
This sure to please gift also makes a great collection item. Start with one today and add a new rose for every special occasion. Before long your loved one will have a wonderful arrangement of roses that will last a life time.

Personalized Gifts Take the Stress out of Shopping for Gifts

Some people find shopping for gifts a little stressful while others love to shop. Those that approach gift shopping with trepidation often fear that their gifts will lack creativity. In some cases, we are just too busy with family and work to take a lot of extra time to select gifts. And now with the tight economy spending money for gifts is even harder. Affordable personalized gifts are the answer! Personalized gifts take the stress out of gift shopping for all occasions including weddings, new babies, graduations and corporate gifts. Personalized gifts make it easy to select gifts for those people for whom it is hard to shop. Even better these outstanding personalized gifts are sure to make a BIG impression!

Personalized Gifts Become Treasured Possessions

Personalized Barware
Personalized gifts tell your recipient that you took the time to select something special just for them and made the extra effort to get the item engraved or monogrammed. Because it is personalized your gift will become a treasured possession for years to come. So let’s talk about some specific examples of personalized gifts for different occasions. For wedding gifts, consider personalizing a set of toasting glasses for the couple’s first toast. Or monogram a wine bottle stopper. To mark the special occasion give the new couple a fine bottle of wine in a personalized wine box with their names and wedding date. These are just a few examples of personalized wedding gifts you can find at Arttowngifts.

Personalized Gifts are Ideal for Wedding Attendants

Now that we have taken care of the bride and groom, let’s talk about bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts and wedding party gifts. Wedding attendant gifts and wedding favors can be personalized and engraved with the information about the wedding like the couples' names and date of the wedding or it can be personalized with the attendants' personal information.

It all depends on your budget and your preferences. For example, consider giving a candy-striped tote bag or a custom pink leather koozie as your bridesmaid’s gifts and personalized tools or gadgets for the groomsmen. Guys also love to decorate their mancaves with our selection of personalized humidors and matching pub signs. Don't forget the value of flasks and barware. And every guy appreciates a new wallet or money clip.

Gals enjoy decorating their homes with wrapped canvas wall art and inspirational signs. And what woman doesn't carry a water bottle these days. Why not make sure the one she carries is personalized!

Personalized Gifts make Keepsake New Baby Gifts

So next on the list of gift recipients is to find an idea for a memorable new baby gift. What about a personalized bank? There are several styles from which to choose including a block, trains, and tractors. For the older kids, there are even personalized sterling silver yo-yos and harmonicas. Or give them a children's height chart with a design to match the nursery. You can buy frames and prayer crosses to match.

Personalized Gifts are Perfect for Anniversaries and Business Situations

Fast forward and before long it will be time for giving an anniversary gift. Send a wine accessory gift set which includes both an elegant wine opener and wine bottle stopper gift set packaged inside a cherry wood box with a personalized silver plate. An anniversary cross makes a perfect way to acknowledge an important wedding anniversary year. A family name sign for their foyer will make any couple smile.
Wallets and Money Clips

Personalized Gifts to Say Job Well Done!

Finally when you need to tell someone such as a coworker who is retiring or who has done an outstanding job, "well done", consider a writing instrument such as a monogrammed leather wrapped pen. Depending on their tastes a personalized golf gift is always a nice alternative for the golf lover. And in this case gifts including someone's interests such as their hobby adds another custom dimension to consider for gift selection. And if they are retiring they will finally have time to spend enjoying their hobby.

Personalized Gifts Turn Birthdays into Special Occasions

Don't forget the importance of birthdays to your friends and family. Personalized birthday gifts will always impress. This is another opportunity to select a gift relating to their hobbies, interest or even collections. So consider giving a pub sign featuring a hunting theme for a hunter or a fishing sign for a fishing lover. Birthday roses with petal text such as names and birthstone gems are a popular birthday gift for moms.

Shopping for Personalized Gifts Online is Easy

While personalized gifts can be found in your local mall we like shopping online because it is faster, less expensive and more convenient. There is no need to make one trip to select the gifts and then another trip to come back to pick them up after the engraving has been completed. Also online you actually type in the text that you want to be engraved so there is no room for error. Here at Arttowngifts, our custom gifts are shipped within three business days. If you are in a real rush you can pay a small overtime rush fee with your order and your custom gifts will ship within 24 business hours when ordered before 3 pm Eastern Time.

And all monogrammed gifts are boxed in their own gift boxes making them perfect for bridesmaid’s gifts, groomsmen gifts, and corporate gifts. Plus you can add a gift message to the packing slip or a handwritten greeting card. You will find the prices are actually very low but don’t let the price fool you. Our personalized and engraved gift line offers an extremely high-quality value for the price. Some of the items are even sterling silver.

Personalized Gifts Make Recipients Feel Special

When you are in need of special ideas for gift giving for any occasion, consider selecting personalized gifts. This effort will add a special touch to any gift you select. Your recipient will know that you put thought and effort into their gift selection. It will make the recipient feel special and that they are an important person in your life. It's hard to accomplish so many things with one gift. Personalizing a gift can certainly help you to seal the deal.
Working behind the scenes adding Father’s Day Gifts
Here at Arttowngifts.com we work from one holiday and important occasion to the next trying to make certain that we have everything in place to serve our customers well and offer them an outstanding selection of gifts. Our main goal is to make it easy for customers to shop on the site. That sounds easy but it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make that happen. I often look at the calendar and think I have plenty of time to prepare for a holiday. Then before I know it I am in a scramble to get everything done in time on both our site and personally. For each holiday we usually feature both new products from our artists and design new gift baskets with themes for the specific holiday, in this case, Fathers Day Gift Baskets. You can learn more about what we have in store for Father’s Day Gift Ideas by checking our Fathers Day Gifts selection.

Our Father’s Day Gift plan is in place so it is time for me to shop for my dad!
Once I finish my work for a holiday on the Arttowngifts.com site I turn my focus to my own shopping needs. So now it is time for me to think about my own Father’s Day plans. Because of the high cost of gas and the cost of an airline tickets I will not be with my dad this year. Being away from my father for Fathers Day is a first for me. I am in the process of remodeling my house and I need to watch my budget more than usual. I am trying to make the best of the situation by sending him an extra nice gift that is perfect for him.

My dad seems OK with the fact that I can not come home this year – but I am the one having a hard time. I was one of the fortunate kids who grew up with a great dad... the Father Knows Best kind. He made me feel special… like I could accomplish anything. He tells me how proud he is of everything I do whether it is receiving a high work honor or refinishing the kitchen cabinets. I really want to make him feel special this Dad’s Day. I considered several gifts before I made my final decision.

Wine Gifts are great for any occasion!First I thought about sending my father our Premier Wine Collection from the Arttowngifts.com Last Minute Gift collection. This top of the line wine gift includes 3 notable bottles of wine & a collection of the finest gourmet foods available such as mixed nuts, cheese, crackers, truffles, smoked seafood, imported delicacies, specialty sauces or dips, wine biscuits, pretzels, cookies, fine teas, coffee, and more.

Personalized Gifts -- give Dad something just for him!
Then I decided that I wanted to send him some thing more personal so I decided on a Personalized Fathers Day Gift and selected the Executive Putter Personalized Golf Set from the Arttowngifts.com Golf Gift Collection. It has a wood case, augmented with brass a handle. It features an engraved brass plate that includes two lines of personalization. And that is just the case! The gift includes a putter that disassembles for easy storage, 2 balls and a wood practice cup. My dad loves to play golf so he will be thrilled with this golf gift.

Order your Father's Day Gifts now for delivery right before Father's Day!
I hope you are lucky and get to see your dad for this Father’s Day but if not, you are sure to find the perfect Father’s Day Gift for your dad here at Arttowngifts.com. You can always order early and request delivery right before Father’s day. I hope all of the dads out there have a wonderful Father's Day!
Remember those Graduation Gifts
Honor the hard work and effort of those in your circle of friends and family members who are graduating this month with a graduation gift. You can find lots of affordable graduation ideas here at Arttowngifts.com. With the high cost of gas we have heard from some of our customers that they will not be able to attend the graduation ceremonies this year. As a result they really want to make sure to send a great gift to acknowledge the accomplishment of their graduates.

Graduation Gift Ideas for All Ages and Graduates
You may need a graduation gift for every age from a preschooler graduating to kindergarten to a medical student graduating from medical school. Here at Arttowngifts.com we have a perfect gift for any age or graduation type. For example the youngster might enjoy Graduation Balloons and Teddy while a law school graduate is sure to love a Wine Basket. For the high school or college graduate we even have a Graduation Gift Basket. This graduate even has cute hair and cap and gown. The gift includes a tower of boxes dressed up like a graduate with a square-shaped mortarboard and tassel. You have to see it to appreciate the full significance (it is really cute) of this gift loaded with snacks for those hungry graduates. For those of you who want a traditional gift basket our Gourmet Gift Basket lineup is sure to fill the bill.

Lasting Graduation Gifts
If you want to send a more lasting gift consider something from our Personalized Gift Selection such as a Personalized Tool or Personalized Tote. We also have Personalized Beer Mugs in several styles and the old stand by of Personalized Cuff Links. This is just a small sample of the ideas available in our Personalized Gift Store. Hopefully, these suggestions will give you a head start on your graduation gift shopping.

Great Quotes for Graduates
Here are some quotes about graduation that I just had to pass on. Maybe you can use a portion of one in your gift message or even a toast:
  • Graduation day is tough for adults. They go to the ceremony as parents. They come home as contemporaries. After twenty-two years of child-raising, they are unemployed. ~Erma Bombeck

  • You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world. ~Tom Brokaw

  • Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you'll make a difference. ~Arie Pencovici

  • Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues. ~Author Unknown

  • Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius

  • If at first you don't succeed, do it like your mother told you. ~Author Unknown

  • A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. ~Henry Ford
Memorial Day is here which brings up the long lazy days of summer and those fun road trips and family vacations. While everyone else is dreaming of the beach, sun and family outings we have been creating gift baskets that make great von voyage gifts, family vacation gifts and family movie night gifts. You can see the complete line up in our Summer Vacation Gift Lineup.
New styles make it difficult to distinguish expecting mothers
OK, I will be the first to admit that my powers of observation maybe lacking but I am finding it more and more difficult to determine when someone is expecting and when they are just over weight. With the new blouse styles emphasizing empire bust lines it is often hard to tell. I eat lunch at brew pub near our offices frequently. The same waitress serves me most of the time. She looks very pregnant but I am afraid to mention anything for fear that she is just very over weight. Subconsciously I find myself looking to see if she rubs her belly or holds her tummy as she walks like expecting mothers do. I am also on the look-out for the pregnant waddle as I call it. Sometimes I think I have spotted the telling behavior of an expectant mother, then other times I am just not sure. Since I starting noticing my waitress it seems that every where I look I see someone else who looks pregnant. I am tempted to suggest that expectant mothers start wearing a necklace with an arrow saying baby or something else equally disgusting but just as functional. As cute as the new tops look on the very thin, I have to say that they certainly create confusion for observers when the wearer is anything but stick thin.

Gift ideas for the new baby and their parents
I am going to risk embarrassing myself and buy my waitress/friend a new baby gift. Maybe I'll ask someone else in the restaurant first just to make certain. Fortunately, at Arttowngifts.com we offer a complete selection of unique baby gifts. I can select from new baby gifts sets such as our Baby Bountiful Gift Basket which includes all of the essentials for a new baby or our New Baby Shower Gift called Bundles of Joy for a Boy or Girl. This new arrival gift includes a wicker bassinet loaded with outstanding gifts for both baby and mom making it a perfect choice for a baby shower.

Remember new dads too
Don't forget those new dads. At Arttowngifts.com we keep the new fathers in the loop with gifts like our New Dad's Gift Basket. While new baby gift baskets make perfect gifts we also offer several personalized baby gifts to provide a lasting gift that marks the importance of the occasion. My favorites are our Personalized Pewter Train Bank and an Alphabet Cube Silver Bank. Remember Arttowngifts.com when you need last minute gifts for any occasion.
Online Shopping is Perfect Place for Last Minute Gifts
Let’s face it, life can be distracting. Between busy jobs, shuttling kids back and forth and attempting to take care of all of the things that need to get done, some things get lost in the shuffle. One of those things can be important occasions that require a gift. How many times have you completely forgotten to purchase a gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary? For individuals who need to purchase high quality, last minute gifts, Arttowngifts.com is the perfect online destination. You will find last minute birthday gifts, last minute wine gifts, last minute wedding gifts, last minute anniversary gifts and even last minute personalized gifts.

Same Day Delivery Available for Special Selection of Gifts
Arttowngifts.com offers same day delivery for a special selection of wine gifts, gourmet gift baskets, fruit baskets and balloon bouquets. Just order before 2:00 p.m. in the recipient's time zone for same day delivery as long as you select from the Same Day Gift Collection.

Have an Extra Day? Choices for Last Minute Gifts are Fantastic
At Arttowngifts.com we also offer a variety of other gifts and trinkets that can be shipped to you overnight for next day delivery. You will find themed gift baskets, personalized gifts, gold dipped roses, jewelry, home décor and much more. Most regular orders such as gift baskets or gold roses are delivered much more quickly than you might think using just regular shipping. Most ship the same the day they are ordered. And expedited shipping is always available including next day delivery, two day delivery and three day delivery for those last minute ut ohs. If you opt to pay a rush fee, personalized gifts can even ship within 1 business day. And now we even ship cheesecakes and specialty dessert cakes for next day delivery from a nationally known bakery.

Make Sure Last Minute Gifts Look Well Planned
The only proper way to handle last minute gifting is to ensure that your gift looks anything butlast minute. Instead, it should look like it was well thought out and planned plenty of time in advance. The challenge... there are very few places that will allow you to do place high quality gift orders on short notice. When you find a place, keep their contact information nearby, in case you need it often in your increasingly busy world. If you are unsure what types of gifts work well on even on short notice, keep reading; we have listed some good last minute gift ideas for various occasions. Here are just a few of the ideas available:

  • Sympathy Gifts: You can find affordable and gorgeous sympathy baskets with an assortment of tea, coffee and gourmet foods. Some offer a sympathy theme done in a very tasteful manner.

  • New Baby Gifts: Purchase a unique and adorable gift basket for the new baby in someone’s life. There are special baskets made for mom or even the proud papa, complete with cigars, or cute t-shirts and necessities for the baby. Several new arrival gift baskets offer everything a new mom needs for to get her baby off to a good start.

  • Personalized Gifts: Engraved, monogrammed and custom gifts convey the message that you went the extra mile to select an extra special gift meant just for the recipient. Personalized gifts are fantastic for bridegrooms, bridesmaids, graduation gifts, anniversaries and weddings. These engraved gifts are both high quality and very affordable.

  • House Warming Gifts: New home themed gifts are the perfect way to congratulate the major milestone of home ownership. Arttowngifts.com offers beautiful, house-shaped baskets, full of various kinds of goodies. You can even send delicious nut and fruit trays, wine, champagne gift and snack sets.
Visit Arttowngifts.com when You Need Last Minute GiftsEven when we have the best intentions, life sometimes gets in the way. Special occasions and celebratory moments come up often when we are unprepared... a new baby is born, a friend elopes, a family member is hospitalized or someone passes away. In these cases, we need a go-to place to find the perfect gift at the last minute. Here at Arttowngifts.com you will find last minute gifts for all occasions; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals and housewarmings. You will also find jewelry, gold dipped roses and art for the special people in your life.
Time to Think About Your Mom - Mother's Day is Early May
We are ready here at Arttowngifts.com to make shopping for Mother's Day simple and affordable with a host of unique gift ideas for Mother's Day. Whether your mom is still young or just young at heart you are sure to find an ideal Mother's Day Gift at Arttowngifts.com.
Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Give Your Time... Plan to Make Mom's Day Special
If your budget is a little tight this year, consider making the day special by spending less on the gifts and giving Mom more of your time. You could offer to complete some small simple "honey do's" around her house. Husbands can give their wife's a day off from the kitchen and other household responsibilities starting with the traditional breakfast in bed. Get the kids to pitch in and help you make dinner. You can make it a special day for everyone. The kids will enjoy helping you while mom will enjoy all of the attention. Plus your children will remember the holiday fondly for years to come. You will be starting your own family traditions!

Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts make Shopping Convenient
So what are some ways to send a gift without running up your credit card? The traditional Mother's Day Basket is an inexpensive way to tell your mom she is special. For example, our Mother’s Day Breakfast Gift Basket is a great way to get Mother’s Day off to a perfect start! Themed Gift Baskets such as Garden Lover's Baskets and Spa Gift Baskets are an ideal choice when your mom is in another city. There is no hassle to find a shipping box, wrapping, or going to the postal service only to wait in line to ship your gift. Just go online, place you order and you have a great gift for Mom on its way. And you can select a theme and contents she will enjoy. For example, if she likes chocolate, she is sure to love our Chocolate Decadence Gift Basket.

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom
If you are looking for something more lasting flowers, consider ordering a rose from our Gold Roses Collection. Choose from solid covered roses in two metals, gold and silver or let the color show through with our Lacquered Colored Roses with gold trim. Another popular practice is to select an item to engrave such as Wine Accessory Gift Set from our Personalized Gift Store. You can personalized any number of items including bottle stoppers, a silver heart box, elegant key chains, business card holders, charm bracelets, pendants and even all in one tools for Mom's glove box or purse.

Regardless of the gift you select, the important thing is to just make your Mom feel special. And remember to give you grandmothers a call and even say or do something nice for your mother in law. Considering sending them inexpensive Mother's Day Baskets too.
Secretary's Day or the politically correct and more appropriate designation, Administrative Professionals Day falls on Wednesday, April 23, 2008!

What gifts do you have in mind for your administrative assistants and other staff members? If I have one tip for bosses in companies no matter who big or small, please do not let Secretary's Day pass you by without acknowledging your staff. Contrary to what you may think, it is a BIG deal for those professional staff members that keep your company and office running on a day in and day out basis. Why not jump at the chance to tell them how much you appreciate them?

Acknowledge Your Administrative StaffForgetting Administrative Professionals Day is the equivalent of missing Valentine's Day for your wife or girl friend. The difference is that your administrative assistant will not complain. Their feelings will be hurt so their performance is likely to suffer or worse the next time they see another employment ad, they will be tempted to look. Here at Arttowngifts.com we make it easy for you to acknowledge the contribution of your administrative assistants, professional staff and secretaries.

Gift Baskets Make Selecting a Secretary's Gift Easy
For example, consider sending them a simple Gourmet Gift Basket. Or suggest that they take a break to pamper themselves with a Spa Gift Basket. Our top of the line Pamper Me Basket will make a great impression with a bath caddy packed with slippers, a towel, and a variety of soaps, lotions and creams. If you know that they like to read, our Book Lovers Gift Basket is a perfect choice. Alternatively if they like to work in their garden then our Weekend Garden Gift Basket is ideal. We even have a Bird House Gift Basket for nature lovers and a Keepsake Kitchen Gift Basket for the cook! You are sure to find the perfect gift basket for everyone and every occasion here at Arttowngifts.com.

Make Them Feel Special with a Personalized Gift
Nothing says that you gave a lot of thought and time selecting a gift more than a personalized gift. Here at Arttowngifts.com you can select something special from our Personalized Gift Selection. Engraving is free and only takes a day or two. Some ideas for custom gifts include, personalized jewelry, personalized boxes, personalized glassware and personalized tools. There are gifts for both men and women and even ideas for awards.

Don't Panic - Last Minute Gifts are Available
Finally, if you let the time slip up on you, our Last Minute Gifts are here to save the day. Choose from hand delivered fruit baskets, gourmet and wine baskets and balloon bouquets.

Let Us Know Your Ideas About Ways to Celebrate Admin Professional's Day.
How to Stay in Touch with Grand Children and Friends with Easter Gifts
We just finished getting all of our new Easter Basket designs posted for Easter. Believe it or not, Easter Shopping has already started. I am sure everyone is really looking forward to spring this year after the long snowy winter. We are shipping Easter Baskets now and are also taking orders for delivery right before Easter. This year we are offering Easter Baskets that are activity-centered. While still, Easter themed the baskets contain both candies, games, and items such as the following:
Easter Gift Baskets
  • Plush Easter Toys such as Bunnies, Ducks, Chicks, and Teddy Bears
  • Bubbles
  • Mini Easter Puzzle
  • Silly Putty
  • Play Dough
  • Coloring and Activity Books
  • Crayola Crayons in 24 Colors
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Puzzles
  • Other Games and Toys
  • Traditional Chocolate Bunny
  • Candy Eggs
  • Jelly Beans
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Marshmello Chick Peeps
  • Easter Basket or Functional Container
What are Easter Gift Ideas for the Entire Family?
For families, we have Easter Baskets that include great gifts and treats that are sure to please every member of the family. For example our Extravaganza Easter Basket includes bunnies and candies for the kids and gourmet chocolates for the adults. For just adults we offer a more sophisticated version of the Easter Basket called, Ultimate Easter Basket. Older kids will enjoy it too. I sent this gift to a friend attending college as her Easter Care Package. She and her roommates loved the treats.

What are Alternative Food Gift Ideas for Easter?
Giant Easter Fortune Cookie
So you want to send something besides a traditional Easter Basket. Consider sending a Giant Easter Fortune Cookie or other bakery gifts such as decorated Chocolate Dipped Oreos or Rice Crispy Treats. Encourage a child to understand the meaning of Easter with a Children's Prayer Cross. We have you covered if you would like to send Cross Necklaces, Easter Bunny Charms or Bunny Earrings. If you want to send a healthy snack for your office staff or out of town family members consider sending a Fruit Gift Basket for them to share during an Easter Celebration. It is full of fruit and healthy snacks.

Use a Tote Bag as a Functional Easter Basket
Teens enjoy receiving functional gifts such as tote bags. They have a lot of practical uses after the occasion. For Easter stuff it with Easter Treats and then it can be used for their choice of activities later. I know I would love this!

Check our website for more Easter Gift Ideas. You are sure to find the perfect Easter gift for everyone on your list, even you!
Is everyone really Irish?
Does it ever seem to you that everyone claims to be Irish when it is time for the Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations. Since I really am half Irish I am always looking forward to the upcoming holiday. The Luck of Irish Date is fast approaching. Saint Patrick's Day 2008 is Monday, March 17, 2008. So the big question is who has good ideas for ways to celebrate and more importantly where to find Saint Patrick's Day Gifts. Of course we are loaded with unique St Patrick Gift Ideas here at Arttowngifts.com.

Order Saint Patrick's Day Gift Baskets now for St Patrick's Day Delivery.
Take care of your Saint Patrick Day Gift List today and we will schedule your order for delivery on Saint Patricks Day. Our Shamrock's Treasure Chest Gift Basket and Singing Leprachan Bear
is the ideal gift for your child or grand kids or even the adult kids on your list. The singing leprechaun bear is sure to be a big office hit. If you want something a little less juvenile for your Corporate Saint Patrick's Day Gifts try our St Patricks Luck of Irish Gourmet Treats basket which features traditional Irish fare including munchies and candies. Or give the gift of green with a St Patties Snacks Gift Basket which is packed with mint candies and a variety of treats and snacks.

Shamrocks and Clover Jewelry -- Order Saint Patrick's Day!
Deck yourself and your friends out in French Wire Shamrock Earrings or Claddagh and Shamrock Link Bracelets. There are lots of other styles from which to choose. You are sure to find an Irish bracelet, pendant or earrings you will love. And we also have some neat charms.

Want something a little different but Sweet? Send your Irish Friends a Green Dessert!
Last year I wanted to celebrate St Paddy's Day with a different twist. I skipped the traditional and sent my friends White Chocolate Mint Truffle Tortes. They were a big hit! I got more comments on the dessert cake gifts than anything else I had done in previous years for Saint Patrick's Day Gifts.

Personalized Saint Patrick's Day Gifts - Engrave a Mug for the Toast!
I love the idea of sending personalized gifts for any holiday. It tells the recipient you took a little to think about their gift. Our Pewter Medallion Glass Mug is ideal for Saint Patrick's Day. We also have all kinds of glassware and mugs that can be personalized. It only takes a few days to get them personalized and the prices are dirt cheap. Plus engraving is Free!

Gold Trimmed Green Roses - Yes you read it right!We even have preserved Green Roses in a variety of styles. Our dark green and platinum trimmed rose is in the traditional Irish green shade. We also have a Deep Green Preserved and Gold Rose. Both the Platinum Trimmed Roses and Gold Trimmed Roses are available in a lighter mint green and two tone varieties. I love these preserved roses because they last forever where fresh flowers just fade away. Place your order early. These roses won't last long.

Visit the site for more ideas and have a great Saint Patrick's Day Celebration and lift one for me!
We Sell More Valentine Gifts to Women than Men
While the guys are shaking in their boots about the upcoming Valentine's Day Holiday most of the woman I know are excited. They enjoy thinking about what to buy their husbands and boy friends for this romantic holiday. Believe it or not, we actually sell more Valentine's Day Gifts to women than to men. At Arttowngifts.com we have searched for the best Valentine Gift ideas for your men. So tell the guys out there they better get busy because you are going to be sending them stand out gifts this year. Because for you gals we have a complete selection of Valentine Gifts for your boy friends, sons, husbands, platonic friends, colleagues and bosses.

Personalized Gifts Make Great Valentine Gifts for Men
To start off, my favorites are from our Personalized Gift line. We offer free engraving and can ship these custom gifts within two days of your order. We even offer a rush service to get your order in front of the line for same day engraving. You can't beat that for last minute gift service! Here is something that every guy needs and will appreciate, an Engraved Leather Toiletry Bag. He is sure to think of you every time he takes a trip. Another travel related gift for that great guy who travels too much or goes to the gym is our, Personalized Duffel Travel Bag.

Our Favorite Men's Personalized Valentine Gifts
Here is a favorite gift for men, our monogrammed Leather Manicure/Shoe Shine Kit. We have received rave reviews from our customers who purchased this combination Personalized Show Shine and Manicure Kit for Birthdays, Father's Day Groomsmen Gifts and Anniversary Gifts. Another popular Valentine gift for guys is this Personalized Leather Wallet and Money Clip.

Jewelry for Men - A Special Gift Idea for Any Occasion
We also offer a complete line both Men's Jewelry including the standby of Personalized Cufflinks. Here are my favorites, Personalized Silver Round Beaded Cufflinks. Another popular item is our Rugged Sterling Silver Man Ring handcrafted by an outstanding jewelry artist. We offer the same ring in Gold.

Gift Baskets with a Male Theme Are Always in Stock
Now for some old stand byes. We have several gift baskets in our Gift Basket line with a male appeal. Check out our Gift Baskets for Men where you will find golf gift baskets, fishing gift baskets, sports gift baskets and even Men's Spa Gift Baskets such as our Men's Spa Gift Caddy. It includes a manicure set along with soaps and other pampering products.

Valentine Gift Baskets for Men Now Available
If you are feeling a little naughty or would like to send your guy a traditional chocolate Valentine Gift Basket you will love our collection of Valentine Themed Gift Baskets. One thing is for sure you will find all kinds of ideas for Valentine Gifts for guys here at Arttowngifts.com. Your gift is sure to be a standout! Place your order today. If you are short on time remember we offer a complete line Same Day Delivered Last Minute Gifts.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I am sure most of the guys out there are already dreading having to come up with that perfect gift idea for their girl friends, wives and daughters. At least the guys I know always worry a lot about picking appropriate Valentine's Day Gifts for the women in their lives. It is the opposite for the gals. They love Valentine's Day. You might be surprised to learn that we sell more Valentine Gifts to women for guys than to men. So never fear guys, Arttowngifts.com has come to your rescue with some great ideas to keep you in your gal's good graces.

You can not go wrong with a Personalized Valentine's Day Gift. First it says that you gave some thought to your gift selection and that you ordered it early enough to get it engraved. Here at Arttowngifts.com we have you covered with Free Engraving on everything in our Personalized Gift Store.

Your new girl friend or even your wife is sure to love our Tiffany Styled Silver Plated Engraved Key Chain. Women like to feel pampered and elegant. Every time they use this key chain they will remember that you gave it to them.

Rugged and distressed jewelry is all the rage now particularly with young women. Girl friends and daughters will love our Personalized Distressed Pendant or our Silver Initial Charm Pendant. Both of these custom necklaces are handcrafted by one of our best jewelry designers. Be sure to order early to get your gift by Valentine's Day.

For a more sophisticated look consider our Romantic Victorian Style Silver Initial Locket or our Personalized Round Pendant Necklace with a velvet cord chain. You can include a photo in the Locket. Take this Valentine Gift idea over the top with a Personalized Silver Heart Box as a gift box for your purchase.

Here is another cute idea for a Valentine Gift with a feminine touch: Personalized Koozies in Pink! What a perfect Valentine Gift idea for a colleague! Business associates and career women will also enjoy our Personalized Silver Plated Business Card Holder. Mom, any wine lover or a frequent hostess is sure to appreciate our Wine Accessory Gift Set which includes a cork screw and wine bottle stopper in a cherry wood box with a personalized plate.

This is just a few of the great gift ideas for Valentine's Day that you will find at Arttowngifts.com.
Have you started thinking about Valentine's Day yet? You would be wise to put Ordering Valentine Gifts to the top of the list. Many of the retailers are reporting that they are reducing their inventory this year because of concerns regarding the economy. This means that we will be experiencing shortages on the more popular items such as our Gold Roses and our Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry.

Our Silver Dipped Roses are already in short supply and I am sure that Red Trimmed Roses will go fast. Fortunately have a good inventory of 24 K Gold Dipped Roses our most popular preserved rose. Most people think there is an unlimited supply of these Forever Roses but that is just not the case. These unique roses are very time consuming to create. They require a lot of labor to complete. Most of the Everlasting Roses are created by small family owned cottage businesses with small staffs so supplies are always subject to limitations.

The reason for ordering handcrafted jewelry early should be obvious. The artists only have so much time available to make each piece. As the Valentine holiday gets closer they get totally swamped with orders for heart jewelry such as this Personalized Heart Locket or the
Love Sterling Silver Necklace. If you want something handcrafted or engraved, it pays to order early. Then you not only get the gift you want, you can save on expedited shipping costs.

What ever you decide you want to send your Valentine, you are sure to find it here at Arttowngifts.com. Select from a traditional Valentine Gift Basket with a Bear, Spa Gift Basket or a more Romantic Couple's Gift Basket. Don't forget the old stand by -- Valentine Candy or Valentine Balloons. We have something for everyone on your Valentine's Day Gift List.