Are Gold Roses Better Than Fresh Flowers?

What Are Alternative Gifts to Flowers?

Now we are offering a unique gift alternative to fresh flowers. I have always been reluctant to give or send fresh flowers when I need to send a gift to my mom, grandmother or friend. I felt that it was sort of a waste of money since the flowers only lasted a few days and for the price I wanted more. Well we have found the perfect solution... Gold Roses - real roses dipped in 24 karat gold. We searched across the United States to find a company that makes this high quality gift. And we hit jackpot!

Now we are offering a complete selection of Gold Roses. The solid gold rose selection comes in three varieties, a single Gold Dipped Rose, a single Platinum Dipped Rose, and a single Silver Dipped Rose. The silver and platinum rose offering is perfect for weddings and anniversaries. There are also groupings to create bouquets including the traditional Dozen Gold Roses and Half Dozen Gold Roses selections.

If you like colors better, we also offer original colored roses dipped in lacquer and trimmed in gold so that the natural colors show through. The rose stem and leaves are dipped in gold to make a stunning display. The lacquer and gold trimmed collection includes an extensive selection of colors including red gold trimmed rose, 24 carat pink gold tipped rose and 24kt burgundy gold dipped rose. We also offer a two toned styles such as this light blue two toned gold plated rose.

So the next time you think about sending flowers, remember there is a better alternative. Gold roses are ideal for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Birthdays. I even send them for Get Well Gifts and Anniversary Gifts. One customer gave a gold dipped rose to each of her wedding attendants. Stay tuned for even more unique gift ideas to make gift shopping easy.
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