How can you tell? Is a New Baby on the Way?

New styles make it difficult to distinguish expecting mothers
OK, I will be the first to admit that my powers of observation maybe lacking but I am finding it more and more difficult to determine when someone is expecting and when they are just over weight. With the new blouse styles emphasizing empire bust lines it is often hard to tell. I eat lunch at brew pub near our offices frequently. The same waitress serves me most of the time. She looks very pregnant but I am afraid to mention anything for fear that she is just very over weight. Subconsciously I find myself looking to see if she rubs her belly or holds her tummy as she walks like expecting mothers do. I am also on the look-out for the pregnant waddle as I call it. Sometimes I think I have spotted the telling behavior of an expectant mother, then other times I am just not sure. Since I starting noticing my waitress it seems that every where I look I see someone else who looks pregnant. I am tempted to suggest that expectant mothers start wearing a necklace with an arrow saying baby or something else equally disgusting but just as functional. As cute as the new tops look on the very thin, I have to say that they certainly create confusion for observers when the wearer is anything but stick thin.

Gift ideas for the new baby and their parents
I am going to risk embarrassing myself and buy my waitress/friend a new baby gift. Maybe I'll ask someone else in the restaurant first just to make certain. Fortunately, at we offer a complete selection of unique baby gifts. I can select from new baby gifts sets such as our Baby Bountiful Gift Basket which includes all of the essentials for a new baby or our New Baby Shower Gift called Bundles of Joy for a Boy or Girl. This new arrival gift includes a wicker bassinet loaded with outstanding gifts for both baby and mom making it a perfect choice for a baby shower.

Remember new dads too
Don't forget those new dads. At we keep the new fathers in the loop with gifts like our New Dad's Gift Basket. While new baby gift baskets make perfect gifts we also offer several personalized baby gifts to provide a lasting gift that marks the importance of the occasion. My favorites are our Personalized Pewter Train Bank and an Alphabet Cube Silver Bank. Remember when you need last minute gifts for any occasion.
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