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Our Promotion Department is offering 10 % Off on our Popular Gold Roses. The sale includes all varieties including Gold Dipped Roses and Gold Trimmed Roses. Silver Roses and Platinum Roses are also on sale. The sale applies to all of the Gold Rose Bouquets including the most popular Half Dozen Gold Trimmed Forever Roses and Half Dozen Gold Roses.

Real Roses Dipped in Gold
In the case of the solid gold dipped variety, the entire rose is dipped in a vat of real liquid gold over and over again over several days. For colored roses trimmed in gold, the bloom portion of the rose is dipped in Lacquer. Then the stem is dipped in the liquid gold. It is finished off by dipping just the edges of the bloom in gold leaving a delicately trimmed gold edge. The result is that the original colors of the rose including veins are still visible. You can see the difference in the photo of the Red Gold Dipped Rose (at the top left) and the Dozen Gold Roses (below and right). The gold trimmed roses come in a variety of colors including solid colors such as the Purple Gold Rose or in two-tones such as a Yellow and Red Gold Rose.
Dozen Gold Roses
Other Varieties Include Platinum and Silver Roses
The process is similar for both our platinum roses and silver roses. We also offer the Platinum Trimmed Roses in a variety of colors. For example the Blue Platinum Trimmed Rose is popular. Two Toned Roses Trimmed in Platinum are also available.

Golf Golf Balls Come in Two Styles
The sale includes our popular Gold Golf Balls and Gold Tees. There are two styles. The Gold Dipped Golf Balls and Tees are for Display purposes only while our Gold Toned Golf Balls and Tees can be played. The gold display golf balls make great tournament gifts or are ideal for the golf lover.

Don't Forget the Floral Jewelry
If you like floral jewelry you are sure to love this collection of Real Rose Jewelry and Real Orchid Jewelry which is also on sale. rarely offers a sale on these gold dipped products so now is the time to stock up for your next Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day. Just enter GOLDROSE during checkout. Offer expires 09 30 09 and requires a $50 purchase. Shipping is not discounted.

*Expires 09 30 09
$50 Purchase or More Required
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