Pat your Boss on the back with a gift this Boss's Day.This last year has certainly been a difficult one for anyone involved in running a business. What with the economy rolling off a cliff as some have described the recent financial challenges, bosses have faced more than their share of difficult decisions. While many of us have taken on more work due to lay offs, our bosses have struggled to make ends meet and keep our businesses, large and small, afloat. This is the one time of the year that we acknowledge their dedication instead of resenting their demands.

Boss's Day is Friday October 16th.
So have a pow wow and decide on a great boss's day gift to tell your boss you understand their hard work. Whether you prefer to purchase a gift as a group or buy separate gifts, there is a plethora of great gift ideas most of which you can order online. So let's Executive Gift Basketstart with the obvious. Get the boss a gift basket. You can go for something with an executive theme such as the Executive's Gourmet Desk Caddy. The great thing about this gift is that the gourmet goodies such as pastry cookies, brownies, crackers, cheese, truffles and popcorn fudge all come packed in a keepsake solid wood caddy with antique brass latch. So your boss will have the chest for years to come long after all the treats have been consumed.

In honor of a job well done give a Wine Basket.
If your company is still alive after the last year then your boss has done a good job. So give him or her a round of applause and the opportunity to enjoy a nice toast with a high end yet affordable wine basket. Consider the Extravagant Wine Lovers & Gourmet Basket. This gift includes two acclaimed red wines paired with high end gourmet delights such as smoked salmon, Italian biscotti, signature caviar, truffles and more all arranged in a top stitched black leather tray ...perfect for later use as a desk top out box or in box depending on your boss's workflow.

Prefer something more personal ...
A personalized gift is always a good idea for occasions such as Bosses Day. For a female boss you might want to consider a Heart Shaped Silver Paper Weight which can be engraved with two lines leaving room for your boss's name and either the company name or the current year. For the guys a Personalized Multi-Purpose Tool for their pocket or glove compartment is a a good idea. Gadgets likes these are truly functional so they are sure to be appreciated for many years to come.

What about handmade desk accessories and writing instruments?
What is better than a fancy writing instrument? The answer is a handmade fancy pen with name brand insides. That is exactly the description of our Wall Street II Style Ballpoint Pen. It is a hand turned pen with Montblanc mechanisms on the inside. You can choose to have your pen crafted from a variety of materials such as Ebony woods, fine acrylics and wood burls. In addition you can order matching desk accessories such as a triple magnifying glass or letter opener for a complete set. These hand crafted desk sets look like they cost thousand of dollars when in reality they are truly affordable. You can purchase a pen for only $59.95.

What ever you decide, be sure to let your boss know that you do appreciate the hard work and stress they face to keep people on the payroll and businesses functioning.
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