just added a new spa gift line that in addition to featuring outstanding lotions and potions comes packaged in interesting functional containers such as Spa Giftsplanters,medicine cabinets, magazine racks, tote bags, train cases and art deco boxes. So while the recipient can enjoy the luxury of fancy lotions and scrubs, scented candles and other aromatherapy products, they will also continue to enjoy the gift containers for years to come. Check out the Green Tea Spa Gift for yourself. This popular gift is sure to please. Another example is this Healing Spa Basket. Once these high end scented bath products are used, the high quality wicker basket will continue service in the bathroom, bedroom or even home office.

This new bed and bath spa product collection emphasizes that these days a gift basket is anything but a basket. Today the term "gift basket" is utilized to describe a broad range of products grouped together into a themed collection of related and useful gifts. In many cases the container used to temporally house the gift collection serves a practical purpose such as reusable planters, trays, bowls and collectible boxes.

For example in the case of baby gift baskets such as the Babies Essential Blue Gift Basket the set includes everything a need mom needs for a new baby all packaged in a functional diaper bag. The Newborn Baby Blue Bassinet features a real bassinet as the container for a variety of baby products.

Wine GiftsShipped fine wines are often grouped with high end gourmet foods and packaged in interesting containers. For example an antique replica leather chest is used to package a VIP Corporate Wine Line. A replica of an antique travel trunk is used to hold an International Wine & Gourmet Gift. Another favorite container of course is the traditional picnic basket. Collapsible coolers are also popular.

With the buying power of companies such as that specialize in gift baskets the customer received much greater value when buying a gift basket than they could derive if the items were purchase individually. The examples are numerous but the theme is the same. Gift baskets today include high end consumables with practical purposeful containers for a gift that keeps on giving.
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