Holiday Party Favor Ideas - Putting Together the Perfect Gift Bag

I am thinking about throwing a holiday party. Nothing lavish, but I want to invite plenty of guests to make the house feel merry! I am also thinking about putting together some cute party favor gift bags for my guests and am brainstorming ideas. Perhaps you are looking for some ideas yourself? I have organized my thoughts and come up with a list of checkpoints for great gift bags full of fun favors that are both unique and inexpensive. My check list includes:

-The Bag Itself
-Gift List
-Personalize Something!
-Sweets and Treats

Glad Tidings Cookie Trio
The Bag Itself
The bag or container that the gifts are presented in can actually be a gift in itself! Use adorable decorative baggies or reusable bags. You can even get crafty and decorate them yourself. An idea that I really like is using a box instead of a bag. There are some truly terrific gift boxes out there that add so much fun to the gift. These Cookie Gift Boxes would make really cute favors and are fairly inexpensive. I just love the boxes!

I have also seen people use mugs as containers. I am thinking about doing this myself. Take cute holiday mugs, or even personalize a mug for your guests with a nice holiday greeting, and fill the mug with a package of cocoa or small bag of coffee, a baggie full of marshmallows, and a chocolate dipped stirring spoon. Another idea I picked up is the cinnamon stick. Tie together a bundle of cinnamon sticks with festive holiday ribbon to add to their mug!

Try taking a mason jar or other pretty jar and decorate it with puffy paint or whatever you choose, and then stick an appropriately sized candle inside. This is a fun idea because you can decorate each favor uniquely for a fun way to light up your party!

Personalized Beveled Glass Bell OrnamentThe Gift List
Now to consider filling your adorable container. Small, fun items applicable to everyone’s interests are perfect. Christmas ornaments, homemade or bought, are always fun. Also consider adding coaster sets, money clips, cufflinks, inexpensive jewelry, small candles, etc. If you are throwing a New Year’s party, add wine bottle stoppers, openers or aerators for a fun addition to their gift bag.

Personalize Something!
Add something personal from your party to the gift bag. Personalize an ornament, picture frame, coaster set, key chain even a wine bottle stopper! Add the details of your party like a location and date for something that can be kept as a memento of your fun night. Arttowngifts has tons of personalized holiday items perfect for a gift bag. Adding one or two personalized keepsakes creates a unique favor.

Now for What We’ve All Been Waiting for…. The Goodies
I have been itching to get to the best part of my article. Finally, I get to talk about food, and not just any food, holiday sweets and treats! Be sure to supply your gift bags with plenty of candies and goodies. You may be like my mom and spend hours making holiday candies, fudge, roca etc. Or perhaps your candy making skills are not so sharp. You can always buy candies and treats with which to supply your guests.

Lady Fortunes© Merry StampsA holiday favorite of mine is the homemade preserve. If you made any preserves this year, decorate jars full of yummy jams and jellies for your guests!  Get creative and add festive ribbons and decorations for an eye-catching addition to your party.

Baked goods are more than welcome, whether you make them or buy them. Everybody loves a brownie! These Holiday Stamps from Arttowngifts are so cute. They consist of delicious white Belgian chocolate covered graham crackers with edible Merry Stamps completely absorbed into the chocolate... Yum! The vintage Christmas imagery on the stamps makes them even better. Order a set and split them up between your gift bags for a very lovely and tasty holiday gift for guests.

Candy canes are a standard which can’t be ignored, though they are often left untasted. On a side note, is there anyone who actually likes candy canes? I think they are just disgusting. My mom must have too, because every year, we would pull candy canes out of our Christmas storage boxes that must have come from 1970. I think some people are simply afraid to wastefully throw them away, so they are kept, slowly decaying. Anyway, candy canes do make a pretty addition, though if I was you, I would go with the fruit flavored canes, they just taste better!

Cinnamon Sticks
Other delicious additions to your goodies bag may include packets of coffee, cocoa, cinnamon sticks, cheeses, salamis, etc. Popcorn balls are really tasty. Create multi-colored popcorn balls to surprise your guests with! The list goes on and on, with holiday treats never failing to be varied and numerous! Just be sure to try and cover sweet and savory for taste buds of every sort.

Well that about covers it! Now that you are loaded down with holiday party favor ideas, start planning a holiday party that they’ll remember from now til their uneaten candy canes finally disintegrate into dust! Best of luck surviving the holiday season, see you next time.
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