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Congratulations on 28 years together. For hubbies with wives that love flowers, this is going to be a great year!

Traditional: No traditional 27th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Orchids
Flower: Orchids

Orchids are one of the most stunning floral gifts that a man can give a woman. These exotic blooms have long symbolized luxury due to their rare appeal. The orchid also symbolizes love, beauty, strength, and wealth. During the Victorian Era in England, orchids were prized by members of the upper class for their exotic and rare qualities. Today, an orchid gift is still considered a high-class floral gift.

Different orchid colors can symbolize different special qualities.

•    Blue orchids represent rarity, meditation and spirituality
•    Yellow orchids represent friendship and new beginnings
•    Lavender orchids represent grace, elegance and feminine beauty
•    Pink orchids represent joy, happiness, and innocence
•    Purple orchids represent royalty, admiration and respect

At 24K Gold Dipped Orchid - Lilac and Blue DendrobiumArttowngifts.com, we have a dazzling lineup of Gold Dipped Orchids in various colors! Real 11 inch orchids are preserved in lacquer to retain their natural colors and are finished with 24 Kt gold trim. These eye catching orchids will never fade and their everlasting blooms make fantastic accent pieces to finish off a room. You can also find Dendrobium Orchid Pins at arttowngifts.com. Pick the color of your choice to represent the qualities that you love about her!

Fresh orchids also make wonderful gifts for the home. Surprise her with a potted orchid that can be kept and repotted for continual enjoyment! My experience with orchids is that they need tender loving care and more attention than some other house plants. Be sure to research how to provide the best care for this beautiful flower so that it can grow to become a natural part of your home d├ęcor!

Enjoy your 28th anniversary! Join me next time for year 29.

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