What Are Creative Gift Ideas for Your 42nd Anniversary?

Traditions Regarding Anniversary Gifts Started in Roman Times
The historic significance of attaching a gift to wedding anniversaries dates back to early Roman times, when men would present their wives with a silver wreath for their 25th anniversary, and a gold Personalized Toasting Glass Setwreath for the 50th anniversary. It's only in modern times that a list evolved to include "traditional" gifts for major years, and a "modern" gift for the year in between.

Give Developed Real Estate
for Your 42nd Wedding Anniversary Gift

42 Anniversary Gift Ideas can present a challenge, as the modern gift for year number 42 is "developed real estate". Unless your family has 'substantial means', a literal interpretation of the gift is probably out of reach. Not everyone wants to purchase a vacation home or a strip mall for their spouse, no matter how deep their feelings are and neither really seems to be that romantic. Of course you could build or buy your dream home or even a smaller home to downside as empty nesters.

Consider A Home Addition Such As A Home Office for A Joint 42nd Anniversary Gift
There are many ways to approach this gift, with gift investment figures ranging from minimal to maximum. On the top end of the spectrum, you might consider 'further development' of your own real estate, with practical or esthetic add-ons to your home. A sunroom might be a great addition to your house, and not only provide you with more space, but access to areas of your home during every season. What about that carport your wife has wanted or a TV room for your husband? Or a home office edition will be a fantastic gift for both parties and add value to your home to boot.

Enjoy A Country Club Membership for Golf or Tennis
Bless this Home Sign with Family Last Name

To please the spouse with a green thumb, a self-built greenhouse might be satisfying and just think of the tasty vegetables and fruit you will get to enjoy. Ladies, to give your husband a break, and provide more time for romance, consider purchasing the services of a professional lawn service for a season. Husbands, why not give your wife the gift of a weekly cleaning service? These gifts while not real estate will certainly facilitate taking care of your real estate and take away the stress of chores and give you more time for the relationship. Another way to enjoy the use of real estate is to enjoy membership at a golf and
tennis country club.

Purchase Stock in A REIT for your 42nd Anniversary
Personalized Man Cave Sign
How about "developed real estate" that might grow in value over the rest of your anniversaries and provide income for your retirement? You could consider purchasing stock shares in real estate development companies or a mall development through a REIT investment. Modest cost gifts are more practical and are always appreciated as well, whether it's a Bless Our Home Last Name Sign for your entryway, or a personalized Man Cave Wall Sign Board for your husband's game room.

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