Give a Unique Gift of a Gold Dipped Rose to the One You Love

Fresh flowers definitely make a great gift. They are used to celebrate a variety of different occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries or “just because.” While fresh flowers are beautiful and pleasantly scented, the problem is that they only last for so long, and then they just die. If you still want to give flowers to someone you love this Valentine's Day but you don't want them to wilt and fade away, 24 k gold dipped roses are an excellent option.

1. Gold Roses are Real Roses that Last Forever.

Gold dipped roses are just as they as the name describes.
They are actual fresh roses that have been dipped and coated in real 24 karat gold. The actual rose petals and stem will never fade away or wilt over time. When you purchase a gold rose, you'll know that it is going to last forever, thanks to the great tedious and time-consuming process that they go through when they are made. These roses going through a special process that includes carefully picking only the best roses at the peak of their perfection then preserves them carefully by dipping them in 24 k gold. The result is a beautiful gift that is truly unique that lasts forever.

2. Preserved Roses are Available in a Variety of Metal Styles and Petal Colors. 

Along with gold dipped roses, you can also purchase gold trimmed roses as well, that just have the tips of petals and stems dipped in gold. They preserve the roses with a lacquer so the dramatic color of the petal still shows through and stays forever, and then just dip the very tips in the gold. We even offer roses in birthstone colors. These styles provide an exquisite and beautiful rose that will definitely be cherished.

Of course, you have more than just 24 karat gold options from which to choose as well. You'll find that there are precious platinum dipped roses and silver dipped roses as well that are absolutely beautiful. In fact, some people end up liking these alternatives more than the gold roses. Just like the gold roses, you can also choose to order roses with the original petal colors showing through and then have just the tips dipped in the platinum or silver, resulting in beautiful combinations that are breathtaking.

3. Celebrate Important Occasions with a Gift That Will Last. 

No matter what kind of occasion you are buying for, you'll find gold roses, or other precious metal dipped roses, make a much better gift choice than fresh flowers. They are wonderful options for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, graduations, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and they make excellent get well gifts as well. Some families like to add a gold trimmed rose to a sympathy arrangement with a combination of fresh flowers. Brides even add them to their bouquets.

4. Personalize a Petal with a Special Message of Love. 

We even offer a personalized I Love You Rose and a Will You Marry Me Rose. With our personalized gold rose offering you can add a short message to a petal. Birthstone gems can also be added to the petals. Our mom gold rose is one of our most popular gifts for Mother's Day. For Valentine's Day we offer a Happy Valentine's Rose or Be My Valentine Gold Trimmed Roses. They are also roses with I Love You written in the language of your choice. The best feature of preserved roses is that they aren't going to just fade away and die. The person will have a gift that will last for the years to come that will bring them happiness and joy. So, it's the perfect way to give a gift that will continue to give over and over again.

5. Gold Roses – The Perfect Combination of Gold and Flowers!

Women have long loved both gold and roses. A preserved rose is a way to combine both items they love to create a gift that is absolutely unforgettable and will last a lifetime. You can buy a single gold dipped rose or buy a bouquet such as a dozen gold roses.

6. Start a Collection of Preserved Roses for Occasions Throughout the Year.

If you're considering giving the gift of gold roses, you may want to consider giving multiple roses at one time or over a few years. You can arrange an entire bouquet of these roses for a silver wedding anniversary to give your wife an absolutely stunning gift that she will never forget. Roses also come in half dozen bouquets or you can get them in orders of three, or just a single gold rose. If she loves them, consider helping her begin a nice collection, getting her a new rose for each holiday that comes around during the year. Just imagine how much easier your life will be when you already know what you are going to get your wife for her birthday, your anniversary and Valentine's Day.

7. Gold Roses Arrive in a Gift Box with a Gift Message and Certificate of Authenticity. 

Instead of looking at those cut flowers at the flower shop, why not give the special lady in your life something she'll love and be able to cherish for many years in the future. Gold roses, platinum roses, and silver roses all make wonderful gifts that you can be sure will stand the test of time. This is a wonderful way that you can give a totally unique gift that will wow the person receiving it, and when you order them, you'll get a great gift box that includes a card on how these roses are preserved and a Certificate of Authentic. So, you do not even have to worry about wrapping the gift yourself. Whether you want to say "get well" or "I love you" gold roses are definitely the better choice that will win you huge brownie points.

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