Personalized Get Well Gifts for Sick Children

Gifts for a sick child
What better way can there be to perk up a little boy or girl than presenting them with a personalized gift selected especially for them? Being sick is a bummer for anyone but when this tragedy inflicts a child it is even more difficult to face. So is a child you care about in the hospital, facing a scary surgery, or going through a difficult treatment? Studies show that children with encouraging family
Bakery Get Well Gifts
and friends heal faster and have overall better results. Even so, it can be so difficult to cheer up a child who’s recovering from an operation or a lengthy illness. Parents, relatives, and friends are faced with the dilemma of what should they do to help a child get through the long days they may face.

So send the little one a surprise personalized gift selected just for them! We all know that children love to receive items that have their name written on them. Combine their name with a favorite character, theme, birthstone gem, or colors and you will be rewarded with a smile. Anything you can do to make a sick child feel more comfortable and secure in the hospital or at home the better their outcome will be. So, if you are a grandparent with a grandchild who is facing surgery, a teacher with a pupil who has to stay at home to recover for a long period, or worse a friend of a child facing cancer or other life-threatening illness consider sending them one the top personalized gifts for children we have listed below:

1.  Order Personalized Bakery Gifts for Children.

There’s something about good food when you’re sick that instantly makes you feel better. And if you are hospitalized a sweet gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of a sick child. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered to make even the worst boo-boo better. Send your sick friend a freshly baked gift such as a giant fortune cookie or a personalized get well cookie bouquet complete with a thoughtful personalized message on the center cookie. You can make the fortune cookie extra special by including a fun get well gift message as the fortune inside the cookie. A giant fortune cookie will provide several days of enjoyment. Some people think they are too cute to eat! And if you like you can send a fortune cookie and a plush teddy bear for even more comfort.

Or you can send a bakery personalized cookie basket which includes fortune cookies, dipped Oreos and more. The center iced cookie can be personalized with their name or your get well message. Every sick kid deserves to enjoy some treats to aid their recovery. And they are sure to enjoy tasty treats that feature their name and other favorites!

2.  Give a Child Encouragement with a Personalized Prayer Cross.

An unwell child may feel a little down and in need of comfort particularly if they are facing a scary surgery or painful procedure. Instead of avoiding talking about their fears or parking them in front of the TV may be the best way to help them is to talk about their concerns. Once they have shared their feelings, give them a personalized children's prayer cross so that they can speak to God about their concerns. There are many prayers and themes from which to choose and a variety of styles such as Twinkling Star Cross, Paisley Praise, Gardens of Grace, Starburst, Faith and Flower, Irish Blessing and more. You can say the prayers with them and then leave the cross on their nightstand to provide comfort throughout the night.

3.  Children's Activity Gift Basket with Personalized Greeting Card.

Children's gift baskets are the go-to gift when the child is in a hospital in another city from you. And the available choices are great. Children are sure to enjoy an activity gift basket or a game gift box collection. One of the goals of sending your gift is to make a sick child feel better by taking their mind off of their illness with entertaining items.
Children's Activity Gift Basket

Most of the children's activity gift baskets feature a combination of puzzles and games such as Yahtzee, Uno or checkers. Depending on the age there maybe coloring books, crayons, stickers, toys, bubbles and play dough included. Some of the gifts are topped with a plush stuffed toy too. So encourage your sick youngster to have their own party blowing bubbles and making things out of play dough. Then they can settle down by coloring or play simple board games. What a great way to pass the hours away!

Since we can't make the medicine taste any better we can give them some tasty snacks. For some variety away from the bland hospital foods, delicious snacks include favorite goodies such as pretzels, snack mix, nuts, potato chips, cracker jacks, cookies, and candies. What is great about gift baskets is that the child can enjoy the snacks while passing the time playing the board and card games with their visitors and coloring when no one is around. So if you are the aunt or uncle of a child who is going to be in bed for some time think about sending them a children's gift basket to really make their day. You can't take the pain away but you can be sure to add your custom message of comfort and encouragement to the greeting card included with all gift baskets. One great idea is to arrange a Skype visit after the sick kiddo receives their gift. This will provide you a great opportunity to share some wisdom and encouragement.

4.  Reassure a Sick Child with the Gift of a Personalized Bible.

Books are great gifts to present to a child laid up in bed as it gives them something peaceful and calming to do, either on their own or with their parents. And what could be better than giving them a personalized Bible of their very own? For young children consider a picture Bible with verses illustrated so that they can understand. For school-age children who can read, a personalized Bible will become a favorite gift they are sure to cherish for many years after they recover. Be sure to put an uplifting inscription in the front of the Bible. Then share your favorite verses with your child. If your child's illness is extended make reading a Bible story part of your daily routine.

5.  Spend Time Drawing and Reading with Your Sick Child.

As every parent knows there is nothing a child enjoys more than listening to their mom or dad or other close adult read them a bedtime story. This is particularly true when your child is sick. They enjoy spending time with you. Plus doing something familiar such as reading about fun adventures, animals or even cartoon characters makes them feel secure. Books are great gifts to present to a child laid up in bed as it gives them something peaceful and calming to do, either on their own or with their parents. There are great personalized book options available, including ones which allow you to feature a child as a character in the story. And, you could make the book even more special by including hand-drawn designs and images with a personalized message on the reverse and placing them between the pages of the story for them to discover. Or download one of the many ebooks such as Learn to Draw Animals and practice drawing with your child. Just imagine how many hours you can fill entertaining while your child grows stronger. Next, take turns making up stories and telling each other. The more entertaining and funny the better!

6.  Send Balloon Bouquets to Avoid Transit Time for Short Hospital Stays.

If your order is being shipped to a child while they are in the hospital, please be certain that they will still be a patient at the hospital by the time any gift you plan to send will arrive. Keep in mind that not only will you need to allow for shipping transit time and the gift personalization, most hospitals will take a day or so to move the gift through their own receiving system to the child's room. When possible it is usually best to send the package to their home and then have their parent bring it to the child. If this is not possible consider sending Mylar balloons with a teddy bear or other treats such as chocolates, candies, and cookies. Balloon bouquets are hand delivered by a local florist so you can avoid any transit time issues. Be sure to check with the hospital before placing your order. Most hospitals restrict latex balloons. And often no gifts are allowed if the child is in intensive care.

7.  Cheer Up a Bedridden Child with a Personalized Pillow Case.
Personalized Childrens Pillow Cases

OK! We know it really sucks to be stuck in bed all day particularly if you are a child. All they want to do is to be outside playing with the other kiddos in the neighborhood. So make their long days in bed just a little bit better with a child's personalized pillowcase. Choose from a variety of designs featuring religious prayer and other uplifting themes. Adding their name to the pillowcase makes this soft and functional gift an even more special surprise. Give them several different cases and make changing the case each day a special ritual or add an extra pillow for their doll, teddy or even you to share! They can even make their very own fort with their special pillow, blanket, and teddy inside.

8.  Every Sick Child Needs a Special Plush Buddy to Keep Them Company.

Sick children regardless of age are sure to be lonely as they stay isolated in a hospital or at home. So an unwell child may feel a little down and in need of comfort. Handcrafted care packages loaded with small toys such as a personalized yo-yo are great for youngsters on the road to recovery.

A younger child will appreciate a plush toy, hand stitched with their name, to cuddle when then personalized blanket or quilt in cheerful colors also makes an ideal gift for a youngster who’s expected to be sick for some time. It will likely be their go-to comforter for many snuggles for happier years to come.
Childrens Picture Frames
they’re tucked up in bed. Small is better so that their new friend will fit in their bed to watch over them as they sleep. A cozy and comfy

9.  Surround a Sick Child with Photos of Family and Friends.

Speaking of company, if the child is in the hospital or away from home, what could be better than photos of the family displayed in a children's personalized picture frame? You can even get a matching picture frame, cross, water bottle and pillowcase set. Choose from bright colors or favorite Disney themes and action characters. So capture the heartwarming moments from happier times and put all of those adorable family photos to good use with unique a kids' picture frame. The goal is to add a familiar and warm touch to your child's hospital room or bedroom and spaces with picture frames and wall art custom-made especially for them. Photos are so great because your child will see a constant reminder of your love even after visiting hours are over.

10.  Pass the Time with a Personalized Musical Instrument.
Personalized Harmonica

Nurses report that one the biggest challenges faced by sick children in the hospital are boredom. Just think how boring it is for adults and consider the attention span of a young child. So let's use this downtime productively and give them a musical instrument personalized just for them. A personalized harmonica or guitar will provide hours of fun. It is easy to learn simple songs. There are loads of videos on Howcast and Youtube that teach the basics of playing the harmonica. Both are not too disruptive for others. And for fun invite some others who know how to play to come in for a jam session. Who knows they may even organize a hospital band!

11.  Dress Up a Sick Child with a Personalized Jewelry Piece.

Boys and girls both love to know that they are wearing something special. Personalized jewelry is the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and beauty. Be sure that your youngster feels that they are still looking nice with a personalized jewelry piece. For boys, dog tags are a great choice while girls might like an initial necklace. Bracelets are also nice. The best-personalized jewelry is that which touches the recipient with its special meaning such as their birthstone or a favorite charm. By simply customizing a piece of jewelry that can be kept close to the heart you are sure to give a sick child a moment of joy each time they touch the piece. If the child is hospitalized make sure to clear it with the staff and keep your selection simple and inexpensive. Regardless of your choice, your child is sure to sparkle.

Personalized Jewelry
There are many options to choose from when you’re looking for the perfect personalized gift for a sick child. Before making your selection, be sure to consider their illness, expected recovery period and their age, likes, and dislikes. Try to stay away from giving anything that is too complicated for younger children or even old kids that are heavily medicated. Their concentration or even vision may be adversely impacted. If the child is hospitalized keep in mind space limitations. This is not the time for a large train set or giant teddy bear.

As every mom know when their kid is under the weather whether they are stuck at home in bed or in the hospital for an extended stay boredom can become a major challenge. And this is a time to remember that the family of a sick child needs your support too. Often we don't reach out because we simply do not know what to say particularly when a child is seriously ill. These parents are living a parent's worst nightmare and they really need help. So offer to give them a break by visiting the child and keeping them entertained for a few hours.

Remember the sick child may have siblings that feel neglected and pets that need to be walked. If you don't feel comfortable calling or you are afraid of disturbing them, send a text with a specific and genuine offer of help. If you are in town offer to keep their pets or make meals for the family still left at home. Even simply picking up their mail will be a help. If you do not live near their location offer financial support to help cover the family's extra costs. Any amount is certain to be appreciated. And it is easy to send a VISA or MasterCard Gift Card.

Above all else your main job is to stay positive and strong for the child and their family!

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