5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas
I have heard it said that the first five years of marriage can be the most difficult. This milestone anniversary is a testament to the strength of your bond and the commitment behind your vows. Honor the solidarity of your connection with 5th anniversary gifts and activities that symbolize your lasting love. Here are a few gift ideas to help make this anniversary unforgettable…

Traditional Gift Ideas… Plant a Family Tree
Love Story SignThe traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood. Wood gifts symbolize the enduring quality of your relationship. Consider planting a tree together for a terrific anniversary activity that is not only symbolic but tons of fun, too! Just imagine the joy of watching your tree grow throughout the years of your marriage. If you have children, let them take part in this activity, too. Kids enjoy feeling included and will love watching your family tree grow and flourish. For a special gift that you can both enjoy, consider a Wooden Sign from Arttowngifts.com. This Love Story Sign will stand as a gorgeous testament to the love and joy you share together. Check out their Wooden Sign Shop to find more romantic signs and custom name plaques for the perfect complement to your home d├ęcor.

Contemporary Gift Ideas… Dinner for Two?
The modern 5th anniversary gift is silverware. I know, forks and spoons aren’t particularly considered romantic in my book either, but there is some cool symbolism behind this. The silverware is meant to signify the connection of sharing meals together or with your children. A box of fancy utensils might not exactly set your spouse’s heart to throbbing, but putting a romantic twist on this gift is simple! Dress up your box of fine silverware with a nice ribbon and pair it with a homemade, candlelit dinner that will melt taste buds and their heart in no time. The Taste of Italy Dinner Basket from Art Town Gifts is an all-included Italian dinner in a basket perfect for two hungry diners. Complete with pasta, sauce, sides and dessert, you can have it all without the hassle of the grocery store! Sharing this special meal together can be a truly romantic experience, and the symbolism behind the dinnerware will make it extra unique!

Daisy Cuff BraceletPut a Twist on Her Daisies!

The traditional 5th anniversary flower is the Daisy. The Daisy represents innocence, purity and loyal love. Loving and loyal husbands everywhere, please take note: we ladies love flowers, we truly do! However, bouquets can lose their shine if overdone. I suggest something different this year. This Wild Daisy Cuff Bracelet makes a gorgeous gift for any girl, and is a terrific twist on the traditional Daisy. For an absolutely stunning gift, pair this bracelet with a bouquet of daisies, and explain the significance of the Daisy on your bouquet card. A woman loves to see thoughtfulness in her partner, and it doesn’t get much more thoughtful than this!

Slow Down to Experience the View
Now that you are full of 5th anniversary gift ideas, cash them in for a truly memorable anniversary. Five years is an important landmark on your road map, so be sure to pull off and enjoy the view! Strength, determination and love have gotten you this far, so on your special day take some time off from all that hard work to just celebrate love. Congratulations on this momentous achievement! Join me next time for year 6.
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