Anniversary Gifts for Year 2
Two years and going strong! Congratulations on making it through the very difficult readjustment years. Perhaps you bought a house, or maybe you planted a garden. Whatever plans you made and activities you took part in together during your second year, celebrate its end with a bang! Be sure to go somewhere special and spend meaningful time together remembering all the fun things that have happened since your first anniversary. To make your anniversary evening extra memorable, here are a few gift ideas to melt your sweetheart…

Organic Cotton Tote BagTraditional Gift Ideas… Rockin’ the Cotton
The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. Guys, cotton gifts for your girl are super easy to come by! Every lady loves to nestle into Egyptian cotton sheets, or how about a super comfy cotton nightgown? For a less obvious alternative, try a Custom Tote Bag for her to take to the beach, the gym or out shopping. The Eco Hollywood Backpack from is made from 100% organic cotton material perfect for the eco conscious spouse. The backpack can be personalized with her initial for an extra thoughtful touch. Stylish and practical, this cotton gift is great for your gal on the go!

Keep Order and Harmony in the Home with Cosmos
The traditional 2nd anniversary flower is the Cosmo. This vibrant and colorful bloom is available in a multitude of colors and sizes. The name Cosmo comes from the Greek word Cosmos, meaning harmony and order. As a romantic gift, the flower represents an expression of joy and contentment in love and life. A freshly cut Cosmo bouquet typically lasts 7-10 days and will look fabulous on the dining room table. I would recommend planting them in your garden, however. No garden? Plant Cosmos to kick one off! This flower likes plenty of sunshine and is considered one of the best annuals for poor, dry soils. Be sure to research this lovely blossom to find out if the conditions in your area are right for planting. What a fun way to begin another year together!!

Contemporary Gift Ideas… His and Hers China
The modern 2nd anniversary gift is china. A set of china dishes for the wife is always a safe bet. Flowers in a porcelain vase would work wonders in the romance department as well. It may seem that china would be more of a feminine gift, but I Custom Golf Beer Steinhave come up with some great ways for ladies to surprise their hubbies with china that they’re sure to love! offers a huge line of ceramic Mugs and Steins that any guy will love. Whatever his hobby or interest, from sports to poker to surfing, Art Town Gifts has it covered! From traditionally styled steins to contemporary beer mugs, find something for your man. Most feature personalization, so add a name or special anniversary message for a wonderful keepsake.

Looking Back… and Forward
Whether celebrating with delicate china or luxurious cotton gifts, it is the togetherness that will make this second anniversary count. Commemorate another year with memories that will last for a lifetime. Look back and remember your second year, and look forward to the next with anticipation and optimism. Happy second anniversary to you!! Join me next time for year 3.
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