What to Give for Your 39th Wedding Anniversary?

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Traditional: No traditional 39th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Lace
Flower: No 39th anniversary flower

This year is all about lace. There are plenty of lace gift ideas to choose from ranging from home d├ęcor items such as curtains or table runners to clothing and lingerie. A lace anniversary quilt would make a lovely addition to your bedroom, or consider items that are inspired by the delicacy of lace such as jewelry, lace patterned stemware, etc.

Lace makes a beautiful and delicate representation of a relationship 39 years in the making with threads of all sorts sewn together in a pattern that is unique to your marriage. Today, celebrate the intricate end product of all your hard work and enjoy some rest and relaxation in the company of your best friend! Join me next time for year 40.

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