What Are 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas?

Gladiolus Imbricatus
Gladiolus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Traditional: Ruby
Contemporary: Ruby
Flower: Nasturtium and Gladiolus

The 40th anniversary is the ruby anniversary. In legend and lore, rubies are thought to possess an internal, eternal flame. Forty years in the making, the glow in your relationship is apparent. Passionate ties bind many couples together in the beginning and flames often turn to a warm steady glow as years go by. Gifts of ruby are meant to symbolize the glowing fire, in its many forms, shared between you during your many years together. Jewelry is the most common gift exchanged, though you may choose to simply exchange gifts that are ruby red in color to expand the available selection of gifts.

Nasturtiums are all about the flower power. This simple and lovely bloom represents victory in battle, and forty years of marriage can certainly be considered a victory! On the more sentimental side of symbolism, the gladiolus represents generosity, sincerity, remembrance, infatuation, beauty and admiration. Both the gladiolus and the nasturtium are available in ruby red, so mix your anniversary symbols for an extra special way to say I love you.

Congratulations on forty years together. This year, celebrate the steady flame of your love with ruby red expressions of sentiment. Join me next time for year 41.
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