National Stepfamily Day Celebrated September 16th, 2012

Stepfamily Gifts
Families come together in all types of ways. National Stepfamily Day is a time to honor those parents and children who became family, even when they didn’t have to! This holiday is fairly new, having been founded in 1997, and the staff at are working to bring some recognition to the holiday and its heartwarming cause. Many of us have families that are diverse and sometimes unrelated, but as we all know, ancestry is not always what defines a family! If you are a member of a stepfamily, take time out this year to let your step dad, mom or child know just how much they mean. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started…

A Rose for a Very Special Lady
Personalized Silver Trimmed RoseFor all those lucky kids out there with a wonderful stepmom, nothing will make her feel as special or express more gratitude and love than a fabulous Gold Dipped Rose. Available in a multitude of color and precious metal combinations, these roses make a stunning gift that will never fade! Choose from pure gold, silver or platinum roses, or browse a large selection of colored roses each dipped in gold, silver or platinum. Pair this Silver-Trimmed Color Rose with a vase and add personalization for a keepsake that she can set out on display for years to come in remembrance of this very special occasion.

Gifts for a Sports Nut
If you have a dad who stepped in, and when given the choice, stepped up to being a father, be sure to thank him in a really big way. For the dad who loves sports, visit the Sports Shop to browse tons of sports themed gifts. NFL, MLB and NHL Sports Shops feature tons of gifts for fans of a particular professional sports team! Is Dad not really into sports? At, find hundreds of gifts related to just about any hobby or interest for the perfect gift for any father!

Spend Time with Children on Stepfamily Day
For the stepparent wishing to honor a wonderful child, visit the Children’s Gift Shop for tons of gifts for children of any age. From toyboxes to kids name signs, find everything you will need to delight your special stepchild. For grown stepchildren, consider spending quality time celebrating the bonds that made you a family. We all enjoy a sense of belonging, and Stepfamily Day is perfect for spending time reconnecting family ties that seem to gather dust when children grow up. This year, brush them off and pay homage to the bonds of family!
Home Is Where Your Story Begins Sign
A Gift for the Whole Family
Display those bonds for all to see with this Family Name Sign. The sign will remind you and all your visitors of the special family that makes this house a home. The sign reads Home is Where Your Story Begins and features your last name and individual names to include each family member in this precious addition to your home d├ęcor. Hang it in your living room as a constant reminder of the meaning of family and the name that each of you shares.

Celebrate Your Special Connection
The special connections shared by members of a loving stepfamily should never be forgotten or left unappreciated. Celebrate the important ties that make you a family with gifts and time spent in recognition of those people that made, and continue to make you the person you are! Happy National Stepfamily Day! May this time be full of warm memories, gifts and activities shared by those lucky enough to partake in this unique holiday.
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