24th Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s time to celebrate 24 years of making beautiful music together. In the beginning, the music probably sounded like magic, but after a while, the same old song gets boring. On this anniversary, spend some time appreciating the beauty in your song, because it is the only one of its kind! Here are a few gift ideas to help you celebrate one another

Traditional: No traditional 24th anniversary gifts
Contemporary: Musical Instruments
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Perhaps one of you is musical? Musical instruments don’t typically come cheap, so a quality instrument may be something you have to save up for. For a spouse who plays the piano, a new piano would make a very exciting gift. Perhaps you have an older piano that could use tuning or restoring?

A guitar is a fairly easy instrument to pick up, and for a spouse wanting to try their hand at music, would make a great instrument to start out on. There are also plenty of musical accessories for a spouse who already has an instrument. Personalized guitar picks, sheet music, fresh strings, a tune up, a new case, a tuner, capo, whatever your musician may be in need of. This is a good year to get creative because music is a wonderful gift and can fill your home with many happy sounds!

As you go about the daily routines that make your song seem repetitive and old, think about the intricacy behind it. If you were both just notes on a page, you somehow managed to meet each other, and miraculously, produce a piece of music in harmony. Not just any two notes can do that! Congratulations on making it 24 years, hope its music to your ears. Join me next time for year 25.
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