Gold Roses from Put a Fresh Spin on the Traditional Valentine's Day Bouquet

Two Loving Gold Roses in Personalized Heart Vase

I wonder how many of the ladies reading this receives a bouquet of roses each year from your valentine. It’s pretty standard to get teddy bears, chocolates, and roses. Romantic clich├ęs are a dime a dozen and the Valentine’s Day market is flooded every year with pink and red hearts, stuffed bears and boxes of chocolates. And of course, fresh rose sales soar right up to the 14th as guys seek out simple and classic ways to impress. There’s nothing wrong with traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, most of us really enjoy receiving them, but this year, guys and gals alike can really standout by giving a very different kind of flower.

Our line-up of Gold Dipped Roses at is truly stunning. You can find roses that have been totally immersed in platinum, gold or silver as well as colorful lacquer roses with leaves and petal tips that have been trimmed in precious metal. These colored trimmed roses are available in many hues and metal trims including the traditional Valentine’s Day red, gold trimmed rose. Some people collect colored roses and buy a new color each year!

We also have Personalized Roses, with your choice of messages inscribed on the petals. You can even add birthstones to the petals or include a personalized heart charm. This assortment of unique preserved roses also includes floral jewelry. Mini rose buds and orchids are preserved to create earrings and pins that are both eye-catching and affordable. With so many color and style choices, you can end up with a very personalized, unique gift, tailor-made for your honey!

Be My Valentine Rose
All of the roses in this collection are real roses that have been picked at the peak of their bloom, preserved in lacquer and dipped in gold, silver or platinum. Gold dipped roses require 40 steps performed by hand to complete the process. Our most popular colors sell out quickly so order early to be sure of getting your favorite color. Ordering early also ensures the timely delivery of gifts and keeps shipping prices low. Don’t wait to the last minute; shippers are overwhelmed during this time of year! Avoid the hassle of a botched delivery and get it done well ahead of time.

At, we seek to provide you with a whole new brand of Valentine gift to help impress your sweetheart. These rare roses make a special treat for a valentine expecting the same-old, same-old. Surprise your special someone with something totally unexpected and completely unique with a rose from our Gold Rose Collection for Valentine’s Day 2013!

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