Let's Talk About Wine! A Blog Series for Beginners

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...
Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is anyone else confused about wine? It seems like there are a million colors, brands, and types with tons of different classifications from vintages to varietals! I have decided to begin a blog series that will attempt to explore and explain wine in its many styles. I hope to start with the major styles, such as reds, whites, sparkling, etc and then move into the more specific types within each style. When discussing specific types of wine, I would like to talk about brands, grapes, pairings, quality and prices, origins and whatever other interesting facts I can come up with.

I am a beginner, so I hope to learn a lot from researching wine and to help you understand as well. For readers with more experience, please feel free to share your knowledge and expertise. Let’s have a conversation about wine! I know that wine is a passion for many people, so I would love to hear from anyone on any experience level from beginners to wine aficionados. Join me next time for some basic information about wine labels that may come in handy as the series kicks off. Here’s to beginnings!
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