30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congratulations on 30 years together. This milestone anniversary is all about the jewels. Prepare to deck your spouse out in some bling this year if you are planning on sticking to traditional guidelines!

Traditional: Pearls
Contemporary: Diamonds
Flower: Lily and Sweet Pea

White Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Earring SetThe traditional anniversary gift is pearls. Pearl necklaces and earrings like these by artist Marie Archuleta are beautiful examples of pearl gifts for a woman. Hubbies aren’t generally too interested in jewelry, especially not pearls, so the ladies will have to get creative. If he enjoys a nice button-up shirt, find him a pearl snap shirt for your night out on the town. If you are interested in thinking outside the box, pearls come from the ocean, so this year is the perfect year to escape to the coast if you can. Spend some time reacquainting yourselves with nature and romance on the beaches of someplace exotic.

The contemporary 30th anniversary gift is the diamond. Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend, though not necessarily the wallet’s best friend. If it fits in the budget, definitely get her a stunning diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings or watch. If not, there are tons of synthetic gems out there that can still dress up date night without breaking the bank. Check out the selection of Jewelry at Arttowngifts.com. We have a variety of different types of jewelry for both men and women.

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Traditional 30th anniversary flowers include the Lily and the Sweet Pea. Each have their own symbolic meaning, so you can choose the perfect flower based on the message that you are hoping to send to your wife. The lily represents devotion, beauty, majesty, honor, purity, pride and innocence. Sweet Peas represent lasting pleasure, “thinking of you”, “thank you for the lovely time”, or “goodbye”.

Enjoy your day as you celebrate 30 years of marriage and memories. Quite impressive in this day and age! Join me next time for year 31.
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