31st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congratulations on year 31. This particular anniversary is all about celebrating the time that you have put into your relationship.

Traditional: No traditional 31st anniversary gift
Contemporary: Timepieces
Flower: No 31st anniversary flower

Brushed Silver Custom Pocket Watch
This year, find a nice watch for your spouse or a beautiful wall clock for your home. The timepiece that you choose is meant to symbolize the time that you have spent building your relationship and enjoying each others' company. A be-jeweled wrist watch for the wife makes a nice gift. A classic wrist watch or pocket watch is a great way to keep the hubby on time during his work day. Personalize his pocket watch with an anniversary message for a unique gift with an extra-special meaning to the two of you.

Take a minute or two to reflect on your 31 years of companionship. Congratulate yourselves on an accomplishment that not many achieve. The time that you have spent together is a testament to the hard work and dedication put into your commitment. Celebrate and have the time of your lives! Join me next time for year 32.
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