32nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Congratulations on 32 years. This year, anniversary gifts revolve around modes of transportation. This could be an expensive year! Fear not. I have come up with plenty of ideas for budgets of all sizes, so you can relax.

Traditional: No traditional 32nd anniversary gift
Contemporary: Conveyances (e.g. automobiles)
Flower: No 32nd anniversary flower

The planes, trains and automobiles have it this year! Conveyances can include a wide range of fun toys including cars, boats, jet skis, motorcycles and ATV’s. For couples with a larger budget, this may be the year to purchase that recreational vehicle you have been wanting. For smaller budgets, gifts such as skis, surfboards or running shoes make excellent gifts for an active spouse. If your anniversary falls in winter, take the day to go snowshoeing, skiing or snowmobiling. For summer anniversaries, try sailing or hiking. This is the year to do something fun and active. Participate in a brand new activity together for an unforgettable experience!

Here’s hoping your 32nd anniversary is a memory that you can treasure for the rest of your lives. Join me next time for year 33.
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