34th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: No traditional 34th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Opal
Flower: No 34th anniversary flower

There are many positive associations with opals. The gem is said to soothe emotions and help bring pent up emotions to the surface, enhancing your ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. It is known as the Stone of Hope and the Stone of Great Achievement. It is associated with good dreams and strong healing powers. It is also, most notably in this case, called the Stone of Love. It is said to bring fidelity to love and favors faithful lovers. It will bring bad luck and ill fortune to an unfaithful lover.

Tear Shaped Opal Post EarringsFor all of you faithful fellows out there, this is the year to look for opal jewelry. The opal comes in a variety of colors including blue, white, yellow, black and the reddish-orange gem called the fire opal. Opal jewelry is very unique and beautiful because of the complex colors of this eye-catching gemstone. At Arttowngifts.com we have a variety of opal pieces, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets that make stunning anniversary gifts. We also offer a very colorful Opal Gold Trimmed Rose and a Pink Opal Gold Trimmed Rose if you are looking to put a unique twist on the Opal Anniversary.

Share the Stone of Love with your spouse on your 34th anniversary to soothe emotions and open up lines of communication that may have become stifled over the years. Congratulations on 34 years! Join me next time for year 35.
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