37th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: No traditional 37th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Alabaster
Flower: No 37th anniversary flower

Alabaster bowls from ancient Egypt
Alabaster bowls from ancient Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Alabaster is a smooth, white or cream colored stone that has long been used to create beautiful ornamental items. The stone is soft and easy to carve, making it a popular medium for artists seeking to make unique and decorative pieces of art. The stone also has ancient ties. Alabaster creations have been discovered which date back as far as 3500 B.C.! For those of you with a spouse that loves to fill your home with stone artwork and other interesting creations, this year is sure to put you on their good side.

Another option, as always, is to travel; and alabaster gives you plenty of options. Alabaster is deposited and quarried throughout the world. England, Belgium, India, Turkey, Egypt the U.S., Italy and Spain each have alabaster deposits, among many others. Egypt has very strong ancient connections to alabaster. The stone was used by the pharaohs for household items, ritual objects, sarcophagi and the canopic jars and chests that were designed to hold their removed internal organs upon mummification! Needless to say, you will have plenty of interesting places to choose from if you decide to plan a trip to a place with connections to alabaster.

Whether staying at home or traveling the world, I hope that you enjoy your 37th anniversary. Congratulations on 37 years of memories! Join me next time for year 38.
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