35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Coral
Contemporary: Jade
Flower: No 35th anniversary flower

This sounds like the perfect anniversary for an exotic getaway! Coral and jade are both associated with faraway places, so if it’s in the budget, visit a tropical island. Go scuba diving on a reef to get close-up and personal with coral. Not interested in an island paradise? Jade has strong historical ties to China, so take a visit to the Orient to enjoy something new and exciting together.

Bali Jade Bracelet by Gail de Luca If a trip doesn’t fit into your budget or schedule, there are plenty of unique gift ideas that stem from coral and jade. Choose a hobby, interest or item your spouse loves and search for coral or jade inlaid gifts. For instance, I have an uncle who is a musician. For their 35th anniversary, my aunt found a gorgeous guitar inlaid with coral. I’m not sure whether the coral was real or just made to resemble coral, but it was a truly terrific gift idea. Both coral and jade are such unique substances that you are sure to find something lovely for your spouse. Jewelry is always a favorite gift from husband to wife and coral and jade make very interesting and beautiful pieces of jewelry, so get on her good side with something stunning this year!

Good luck on your gift hunting and congratulations on 35 years! Join me next time for year 36.

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