36th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: No traditional 36th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Bone China
Flower: No 36th anniversary flower

The term china typically refers to quality porcelain dishes or dishware. Bone china was developed during the 1700’s in England. It became a popular alternative form of china due to the imposition of heavy import duties on Chinese porcelain during this time. Bone china is made by mixing bone ash into porcelain clay, resulting in china that is lighter, stronger and whiter than normal porcelain.

Bone China
Bone China (Photo credit: ex.libris)
Bone china appears almost translucent, and is quite beautiful. Dishes and kitchenware made from bone china make elegant anniversary gifts that can be put on display or shown off at fancy dinner parties. If you already have enough dishware, consider a trip to England, the birthplace of bone china. Vacations are always expensive, but getting away just may be worth it this year!

Congratulations on 36 years together. May your celebration be both meaningful and enjoyable. Join me next time for year 37.
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