Anniversary Gifts for Year 11
It’s your 11th wedding anniversary, and hopefully it has been a pleasant start on your second decade together. This year, break open a bottle of wine and raise a toast to companionship. Hopefully the journey has been one of peaceful contentment, though rocky spells happen to everybody. One way or the other, it looks like you made it here, so congratulate one another on the strength it takes to travel as partners!! Here are a few gift ideas to kick off the celebration…

Steel Wine RackTraditional Gift Ideas… Toast the Strength of Your Relationship
Traditional 11th anniversary gifts are made from steel. A huge variety of things are made from steel, so the possibilities are endless. Get creative and buy your honey something unique. Maybe your hubby is wishing for a weight set, or perhaps a new set of stainless steel kitchen appliances will fit into your budget. For a more romantic option, this steel wine rack will add some charm to your home and keep your favorite vintage close at hand for sipping with dinner. Break open your favorite bottle during a romantic candle-lit supper for two to add some extra romance to your celebration. Browse the selection of Wine Gifts at to find a variety of wines and champagnes for just the thing to tickle your fancy!

Passionate Tulips and Affectionate Morning Glories
The traditional 11th anniversary flowers are the tulip and the morning glory. The tulip is considered to be one of the most romantic of all flowers, representing a declaration of love. The black center of this blossom signifies a lover’s heart darkened by passionate desire. The morning glory is an eye-catching bloom that looks stunning in bouquet arrangements. This bloom symbolizes affection and love, and makes a sweet gift for your sweetheart.

Wise Old Owl EarringsContemporary Gift Ideas… Bling Bling
The modern 11th anniversary gift is fashion jewelry. Take a look at the Jewelry Store at to find a huge selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms and pendants. With a collection this huge, you are sure to find something that will light up her eyes and bling up her outfit!

Share Some Memories

Pull the cork out of that bottle of wine and share a drink and some memories as your eleventh year comes to a close. Gifts of steel represent the strength of your marriage and gifts of jewelry signify the beauty that comes from eleven years of companionship. Raise a toast to your mastery of these qualities while you meander down memory lane. Hope it’s a truly terrific night! Join me next time for year 12.
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