Anniversary Gifts for Year 8
It’s the end of your eighth year of marriage. By now, you likely have a house, car payment and some kids. Life moves fast and it probably feels like these eight years flew by! I often feel disoriented by the passing of a week. On Friday, I look back at Monday and think, where did the middle of the week go? Hopefully, you have experienced this phenomenon over the course of your marriage because time flies when you are having fun!! Okay lovebirds, time to take a timeout and celebrate! Sometimes we get so lost in the daily grind that we forget to appreciate the little things like kisses and even the big things like anniversaries! So press the pause button and spend the day appreciating one another and all the little and big ways that your spouse brightens each day. Here are a few gift ideas for a romantic anniversary exchange…

Bronzonite EarringsTraditional Gift Ideas... Share a Ghost Moment
Traditional 8th anniversary gifts are made from bronze or pottery. I know what you’re thinking; let’s get each other a pottery maker, right? Who doesn’t want to experience their own special Ghost moment? Put on that super romantic song and get down to the business of making kitchenware!! On the serious side, hubbies often enjoy knocking a few brewskies back, so consider something from the Stein and Mug Collection at There are all sorts of mugs and steins that will look great in your kitchen or home bar, and help make his end-of-day unwinding super stylish. For the gals, these lovely Bronzonite Earrings are perfect for wearing on date night. Take her somewhere special tonight and give her an excuse to wear them!

Clematis for Intelligence, Lilacs for Beauty
The 8th anniversary flowers are the clematis and the lilac. The clematis symbolizes mental beauty, ingenuity or cleverness. The intellectual spouse might enjoy the meaning behind this particular flower. Lilacs symbolize the emotions of young love, beauty, confidence and youthfulness. The passionate love of your youth has likely blossomed to become mature, companionate love. Honor this lovely transition with lilac inspired jewelry or fragrant fresh flowers sure to stir up some of those youthful emotions.

Grill Up a Modern Anniversary Feast
Quilted Makeup Tote
Modern 8th anniversary gifts are made from linen or lace. Luxurious sheet sets are a great idea, lacey sleepwear for the ladies works wonders, or even some fancy curtains for a new look in your home! Include a fabulous Quilted Makeup Tote on a romantic getaway to help her freshen up for nights spent at fancy restaurants in Paris or exotic tiki bars on the shores of paradise. This pretty tote offers plenty of space for her necessities and zips to keep them secure. For your guy, try on a nice shirt for size! Maybe he likes to kick it casual in tees, or enjoys a nice button up for fancy occasions. Whatever his taste, get him something that will remind him of you with every wear. For the grilling expert, offers a handy Grillmaster Apron featuring plenty of grilling accessories and pockets for storing them. Hold a backyard barbeque and invite some friends over for a fun way to celebrate your anniversary!

The Little Things Add Up
Look forward to your anniversary as a time to stop and breathe a little life into your relationship. Whether you spend it as a couple, as a family, or with friends, be sure to make it a significant day that stands out from the other 364. Each of the little things I have suggested will help you to remember the biggest thing of all… your life together! Billions of tiny details, smiles, hugs and laughs make your relationship and home the most important place in your hearts. So take this one small day and make it into something memorable! Join me next time for year 8.
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