Anniversary Gifts for Year 7
The conclusion of your seventh year together ends with gifts that symbolize comfort, security and prosperity. Comfort and security can lead to restlessness, and we’ve all been warned about the seven year itch, but obviously the two of you have managed to glean something more than boredom out of the security of your relationship. Congratulations to you for this impressive accomplishment! This year, celebrate the comfort of your relationship by traveling outside of your comfort zones. Take a dance class, sky dive, try a karaoke duet, anything new that you can test out together. Prove that the seven year itch doesn’t apply to you with new activities that will break you out of your daily routines. To accompany these new adventures, exchange meaningful gifts on your anniversary to honor one more year spent getting to know one another. Here are a few gift ideas to help you out…

Copper Oval Brass Leaf EarringsKeep Toes and Hearts Warm with Traditional Gifts
Traditional 7th anniversary gifts are made from copper and wool. Wool represents the durability, warmth and comfort of your seven years together. Wool is perfect for winter anniversaries! Keep your spouse warm with a wool sweater, scarf, mittens, slippers or a blanket. Maybe your hubby works out in the cold? A pair of wool socks is a sweet gift to keep his toes nice and toasty. For anniversaries celebrated in warmer climates, copper gifts can be just as heartwarming! Send your lovely lady a Copper Rose to display on a desk or shelf for a long lasting reminder of this seventh celebration. Roses are preserved in colorful lacquers and then trimmed in copper for an eye catching expression of sentiment that will never wither away! If your girl enjoys wearing jewelry, these Copper Oval Brass Leaf Earrings make an elegant addition to any outfit and a romantic way to acknowledge her special place in your heart.

Wildflowers to Celebrate Shelter
The traditional 7th anniversary flower is the Jack-In-the-Pulpit. This springtime wildflower symbolizes shelter. The home that you have made together has sheltered your bodies and provided a safe place for your relationship to flourish. It is difficult to impossible to find a bouquet featuring these wildflowers, so a packet of seeds will work great. Plant them in your garden to represent the shelter that your relationship has provided each of you. These blooms do best in shady areas. Gentlemen, be sure to pair her seed packet with a note explaining the significance of this flower. She will love the sentiment!

Wall Street Style Ballpoint PenSpruce Up a Spouse’s Space
The modern 7th anniversary gift is a desk set. This is a great idea for guys and gals that work in an office every day. Office gifts aren’t exactly sentimental, so add customization to make it personal. Consider an Engraved Leather Desk Caddie for keeping their desk organized and trendy all at the same time! This Wall Street Style Ballpoint Pen is classy enough to make his cubicle feel like the CEO’s top floor office suite! Choose from a wide variety of barrel grains and colors for the perfect accent to his workspace.

Make New Memories and Strengthen Old Bonds

As you round out the end of another year, be sure to break out of the usual and do something fabulous! Trying new things together can be a great way to refresh old bonds and form new ties as well. Gifts are always important, and the suggestions I’ve provided will make your anniversary extra special, but on the seventh year, it really is important to add life and spark to your relationship with new experiences. Good luck in your attempts at trying some new things; it is sure to be fun or at least inspire some stories for sharing with the kiddos! Join me next time for year 8.
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