Anniversary Gifts for Year 6
High five for making it to the finish line at the end of another year! Maybe your race felt like an uphill battle, or perhaps you breezed through. However it worked out, celebrations are in order! Take some time on the other side of the line to take a look back at where you’ve been; it just might seem more impressive from this side. While you’re at it, share some gifts with your honey to thank them for going the distance by your side. Here are some ideas for a first rate anniversary celebration…

Romantic Fortune CookiesSweets for Your Sweetie
The traditional 6th anniversary gifts are candy and iron. Candy is super simple. Take a look at these Romantic Hand Dipped Gourmet Fortune Cookies. Decorated with sweet candy heart sprinkles and filled with messages of love and romance, these cookies are sure to bring you good fortune on your anniversary! They taste delicious, look spectacular and mean a lot; the perfect temptation for any sweetheart with a sweet tooth! The more difficult half of this equation is the iron. Not exactly the most romantic substance! However, combine any material with wine, and the resulting romance never fails. This is why I suggest the Wine Holder Wall Sculpture from This wine holder is not only functional, but decorative as well! You can add some serious sophistication to your home d├ęcor while granting yourself easy access to your favorite vintage at any time. Be sure to raise a toast to love!

Salute Her Magnificent Beauty with Calla Lilies
The traditional 6th anniversary flower is the Calla Lily. This elegant flower is gorgeous enough to make a stunning impression on any woman. This bloom is available in several colors, each symbolizing something a bit different. To salute her magnificent beauty, the white Calla Lily is your best bet. To honor a peaceful and serene relationship, try blue Calla Lilies. If you truly admire your partner’s sophistication and charm, give her a purple Calla Lilly. Tie a few together with a matching bow for a nice gift. Or better yet, check out these Calla Lily Earrings. The beautiful adornments are made from solid sterling silver for a shiny reflection of your feelings for her. I would suggest pairing real Calla Lilies with the earrings for a double whammy anniversary gift!

Yukon Lock Back KnifeLet's Cut to the Chase...
The modern 6th anniversary gift is wood. The 5th year traditional gift was wood, so for more ideas, read the fifth year blog post. Now for a few fresh wood ideas… Consider taking your spouse on a cruise. Remember when boats were made from wood? Modern boats may be a bit different, but hey, at least there is some kind of connection. If it gets me on a cruise, I’ll take it! Sail the high seas while rekindling your romance for a truly memorable anniversary. For a more budget friendly gift, I’ve got an idea for the ladies. This Yukon Lock Back Knife features a wooden handle, attractive silver accents, and personalization with his initials. This gift is perfect for the handy or hunter hubby! It also comes dressed up in a tin gift case for an impressive presentation. Cut to the heart of the matter with a gift that simply says, I Love You!

Whatever Floats Your Boat!
Hopefully looking back on the past year will help you to avoid some of the potholes and pitfalls of your seventh year. Get started on the right foot with a few gifts, a few laughs and lots of romance. Make it unique, whether on a budget or on a cruise! Keep in mind that memories last a lifetime, so the more unique and special, the better time you will have looking back from the final finish line. Join me next time for year 7. Bon Voyage!
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