Leather Wrapped PenAnniversary Gifts for Year 9
Alright, let’s dive into year nine! Nine years together means you’re probably professionals at knowing one another better than anyone else. Use this extreme familiarity to help you pick out gifts for your spouse that are tailor made to their truest interests. Some couples seem to wane on gift giving as the years pass. Why?!? Long-time couples have a huge advantage in gift giving. Finally, you can receive a gift from someone who knows you inside and out. This works to the advantage of the gifter and the giftee. So celebrate your spousal knowledge and get him or her something extra special this year. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started…

Traditional Gift Ideas... Grow and Decorate 
Traditional 9th anniversary gifts are made from pottery. Déjà vu? If you read the previous post on the 8th anniversary, you may remember that pottery was also the traditional gift for that year. This gives all of you that didn’t take me up on my Ghost re-enactment idea a second chance to seize the day!! For those of you not running out to buy a pottery maker right now, I have a few more ideas. Dishes make fine gifts for the ladies, as do home décor items like vases, sculptures, etc. For the wife who appreciates gardening, the Wall Planter by Nerio Festa makes for a decorative way to display her flowers. The unique construction of this planter puts a spin on the traditional flower pot! Who knew pottery could be so versatile?

Go for the Bouquet
The 9th anniversary flowers are the Poppy and the Bird of Paradise. The poppy will make a stunning addition to your garden with its large colorful blossoms. This flower symbolizes dreaminess, imagination, and fantastic extravagance. The Bird of Paradise is an interesting flower resembling a colorful bird. You can find these flowers in bouquets that tend to look very tropical and highly unique. This might be a good year to present her with a bouquet, just because this flower makes for a really interesting and stunningly vibrant arrangement. The flower symbolizes faithfulness, joyfulness and paradise. If you wish to try your hand at growing this interesting bloom, it tends to do well indoors as it needs to be kept fairly warm. However, beware! The Bird of Paradise is poisonous, so avoid if you have small children or pets.

Oxford Round Leather FlaskSophisticated Libation
Modern 9th anniversary gifts are made from leather. A leather jacket for your hubby can be fun. How about a pair of fancy leather boots for kickin’ up your heels in style? There are tons of fun gift ideas for leather. The Oxford Round Leather Flask from arttowngifts.com features a sleek design that makes it a trendy addition to his attire. The flask comes complete with a removable shot glass for a convenient way to enjoy his favorite libation. For the executive husband, the Leather Wrapped Pen shown above will add sophistication to his office space. A comfortable leather grip makes writing easier. Perfect for the up and coming CEO!

Exploit Your Expertise
As you go forth to buy your gifts, go with the confidence of nine years’ worth of spousal know-how. You know them better than anyone, so get them something unforgettable this year! Short on dough? You know just how to melt their heart, too, so do something super sentimental that costs you a lot of time and effort rather than a lot of money. However you go about making their day, do so with years of experience under your belt. Hope it’s the best yet!! Join me next time for year 10.
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