Corporate Gift Exchanges
During the holidays, businesses often order large numbers of gifts for clients and employees. When preparing for the upcoming holiday, smart business managers can take advantage of special benefits available to them by placing their corporate gift requests well in advance of the Christmas rush. Many online retailers offer discounts and free personalization for large orders of gift baskets and personalized gifts when orders are placed far enough in advance. Last minute large corporate orders can create a variety of challenges for busy retailers. Their shippers experience pressing holiday deadlines while transporting large shipping volumes, and internally, companies face high order demand from individual customers.

Take Advantage of Bulk Discounts for Client Gifts – Order Early

Corporations must order early to take advantage of available discounts and to receive the lowest possible shipping costs. You can expect to pay close to full price and higher shipping costs for last minute bulk orders during the holidays. I recommend ordering in between mid-November and early December to give retailers plenty of time to get an order together and ship at lower rates.

Corporate Gift Giving Popular Again
Corporate gift giving declined during the height of the Great Recession. Fortunately businesses have recognized the importance of thanking their clients, so the popularity of giving business gifts during the holidays is on the rise again. Gifts to employees from supervisors and managers improve morale, while gifts between work associates boost workplace camaraderie. Giving gifts to clients has also become a trendy way to thank clients for their business and garner their future support and patronage. The perks of corporate gift giving are clear, but the actual gifts themselves can be difficult to choose. Appropriate gifts differ from recipient to recipient, so how do you choose an appropriate gift?

Employee Gifts Boost Morale
Gift towers and large gift baskets addressed to an entire office and shared among all members of the staff make perfect centerpieces for holiday office parties, and have become a normal fixture at company Christmas parties. A few employees perform above and beyond the mark, and management can demonstrate its attention to detail and performance by rewarding these star performers with customized gifts. Personalized gifts for the desk or office are perfect for rewarding outstanding Stainless Steel Folding Money Clipemployees. I would recommend personalized pens, desk organizers, paperweights, mugs, glassware or money clips. The extensive collection of personalized gifts at features items such as an engraved leather desk caddie which is perfect for organizing their desk. These gifts include room for personalization with a name and date or message. Gifts like these let employees know that they are appreciated, boost morale in the workplace and encourage continued performance from high achievers.

Coworker Exchanges Encourage Holiday Energy and Camaraderie
Inter-office gifting is a typical feature at holiday office parties. Secret Santa exchanges are fairly popular and usually feature the exchange of generic gifts. Mugs, picture frames and bottles of wine are perfect gifts for co-workers who usually aren’t overly familiar with one another. Work associate exchanges among the staff are great for fostering camaraderie among team members who work together to produce results for the company as a whole. Nurturing these types of relationships is extremely beneficial to your organization.

Client Gifts Build Business Relationships

Dom Perignon Grand Champagne Basket
Client relations are integral to the success of companies that depend on the patronage of their clients to grow and prosper. During holidays, many companies choose to acknowledge their clients with gifts that are often expensive and extravagant. Vacation packages, golf packages and lavish wining and dining are common. Fancy gourmet gift baskets and wine baskets are also perfect for impressing clients. The Top of the Line Luxury Wine Gift Collection at features a selection of high-priced wine and champagne gifts for dazzling clientele. The Dom Perignon Grand Champagne Basket is another popular upscale client thank you gift. If your company expects to count itself among the most successful in your respective industry, you should spare no expense when attempting to foster strong relationships with potential and current clients.

Order Personalized Gifts Early

Start very early when ordering personalized gifts for employees or adding a logo to a gift selection. Even for retailers who make quick turnaround time a standard, it takes time to create quality custom products. This is especially true for bulk orders placed by companies purchasing personalized gifts for a large number of employees or clients. Place orders in early to mid-November to ensure the best possible service.

Avoid Last Minute Same-Day Gift Orders
Many companies opt to have a large gift basket or tower delivered to a business office on the day of the company’s holiday party or other special holiday occasion. Same day deliveries are in extremely high demand during peak holidays. works with local florists and gift companies to hand deliver these gifts. These local shops are usually swamped during holidays. Time and resources become strained, and overbooking occurs. Orders placed for immediate delivery are often turned away, so place an order for same day delivery at least a week in advance to ensure that your order is on the roster and within the resource limitations of local gift companies.

Consider Holiday Closures
Keep in mind that many businesses close for as long as a week before or after the Christmas holiday. While it may seem appropriate to have your gift arrive on Christmas Eve it is often not practical.

December 25th
Plan Ahead for Successful Holiday Gift Giving
The takeaway here for any company is to plan ahead and order corporate gifts far in advance. The stresses and demands that peak holidays present to gift retailers makes last-minute orders, especially large orders, difficult to impossible to fill. Many retailers will offer corporate discounts for bulk orders when placed in advance of the holiday. Your company can expect to pay full price for large orders placed too close to holiday deadlines, and should anticipate high shipping costs as well. Make the holidays happier with some simple planning and preparation for a budget-friendly way to spread company-wide Christmas cheer!
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