How to Write a Thank You Note or Holiday Gift Message for Your Boss

Corporate gift giving encompasses a range of gifting situations. Gifts may be given to from an employee to a boss, from the boss to an employee, or to clients. Gifts are given during the holidays or at special occasions, at retirement parties, and to say thank you. The following post is a general tutorial on how to write a thank you note and a holiday gift message to your boss.
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To: The Boss...Thank You!
You have received a promotion, bonus, raise or gift and now wish to thank the boss. You have ordered a putter set or cigar humidor for their office and all you have left is to write a thank you note to accompany the gift. Your boss is busy, so keep it brief and simply convey your gratitude. Address whatever it is that you are thankful for and let him or her know that you appreciate this, and that you feel valued as an employee. Here are a few guidelines and a sample:

•    Address your boss as you do in a professional setting. (Mr., first name, Dr., etc.)
•    Thank the boss for the promotion, raise, bonus, etc.
•    Acknowledge the boss’s contribution to your success before closing.

Mr. Kindler,

Thank you for the promotion; I am proud to accept the position. Please accept this gift as a token of my appreciation. It is my goal to continue producing positive results for the company as the new executive designer. Thank you for your encouragement and leadership.


    Tisa Storey

A Holiday Gift Message for the Boss
It’s Christmas time and the office is chipping in on a nice holiday gift basket for the boss. Include a gift message for a personal touch to your professional gift. Here a few guidelines and a sample:

•    Address the boss as you do in a professional setting
•    Wish him/her a happy holiday
•    Thank him/her for their contributions as leader
•    Include your wishes for their holiday season

Mr. Kindler,

Here’s wishing you a merry Christmas from all of us! Thank you so much for your wonderful leadership and instruction. We hope that your holiday season is merry and bright!

    Your Team
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Gift Ideas for the Boss
Thank your boss with a gift that demonstrates an interest in his or her hobbies. For a golfing boss, personalized putter sets, gold dipped golf balls, or golf signs for their office are ideal. A cigar aficionado will love a customized humidor to keep those stogies fresh. Demonstrating knowledge in their interests is a great way to personalize their gift. Nice holiday gifts for bosses include gourmet gift baskets, wine baskets, or a nice pair of silver cufflinks for dressing up his business suit.

In Conclusion
When writing thank you notes and gift messages to a boss, be sure to remain professional while still conveying appreciation and best wishes. As always, if you have any suggestions, topic requests, or comments, please feel free to comment on the blog or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. Happy gifting!

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