Enjoying the View on Your 19th Anniversary

"Love is something eternal, the aspect may change but not the essence."
Happy nineteenth anniversary! This quote by Vincent Van Gogh is simple and true of relationships as they evolve over time. Many couples feel that their love has changed, but truly only the aspect of that love has changed. The same love that each of you felt in the beginning still exists, but the view from inside probably looks quite different. Youthful passion and excitement usually turns to a solid companionship only made richer by the passion that hopefully still exists. The scene is still the same, but you have probably viewed it from many different vantage points over the years. You probably appreciate that view a lot more now that you have seen it from so many angles. It might be a fun exercise today to try and see yourselves as the couple that you were in the beginning. It is likely that many things about each of you has changed, and it’s interesting to think about the why’s and how’s of this change. While you ponder, be sure to exchange some gifts to commemorate this special day. Here are just a few gift ideas to get you started…

Traditional: No traditional 19th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Bronze
Flower: No traditional 19th anniversary flower

Copper and Brass Oval Leaf Earrings
Bronze is what you have to work with this year. There are plenty of bronze items for both men and women that make wonderful gifts. For me, when I think of bronze, I think of Olympians. This makes me want to visit Greece! Take a romantic trip if you can afford it. If not, bronze comes in many forms. For the wife, jewelry, bookends, a lamp, picture frame and even makeup make great gifts. These Brass Oval Earrings would make a gorgeous gift for any lucky lady. For the hubbies, pocket watches or cufflinks work just fine. Lots of accessories come in bronze, so let your imagination run wild to come up with something specific to the tastes of your spouse.

Take some time on this nineteenth year of marriage to enjoy the splendid view. Take in the big picture this year, full of hills and valleys that may, at times, have obscured a part of the picture. Where are you at this year? What is the view like? Why have you chosen this vantage point? Enjoy discussing these questions with your spouse this year. They may lead to some fun conversations. Join me next time for year 20.
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