Traditional and Modern 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Yellow Day Lily
The 20th anniversary is a major milestone. Your relationship has proven of high value to each of you, and has also shown itself to possess endurance and strength. Celebrate the longevity of your life together with gifts of love. 20th anniversary gifts are as follows:

Traditional: China
Contemporary: Platinum
Flower: Day Lily or Aster

Traditional Gifts of China
If you are looking to keep it traditional this year, China kitchenware, delicate home decorations or artwork make really nice gifts for the ladies. If you have the means, a wonderful romantic getaway is a terrific way to help you break away from your daily routines. Traveling is a great way to foster romance and excitement in a relationship. Take a break from your daily cares. The 20th anniversary is the perfect excuse to splurge on your relationship, and an exotic vacation is usually something enjoyable for both spouses.
Personalized Color Rose with Silver Trim
Modern Gifts of Platinum
Contemporary gifts of platinum typically include jewelry. Husbands might enjoy watches, rings, or cufflinks. Rings, necklaces and bracelets are always welcome additions to a wife’s jewelry box. If you are looking for something unique and creative, has a collection of gorgeous Platinum Roses. You can choose a rose which has been entirely dipped in platinum, or they also offer a rainbow of colored roses each trimmed in platinum. Real roses are preserved in lacquer and metal for a gift that will last a lifetime.

Asters and Day Lilies
The traditional 20th anniversary flowers are the Day Lily and the Aster. Pretty little Day Lilies symbolize flirtatious or playful behavior. The Aster is a colorful wildflower that represents elegance, daintiness, love, contentment and peace. If you wish to share elegance, peace and contentment with your sweetie, arrive with a bouquet of asters. If you feel like flirting with your wife, send her a day lily!

There is plenty of potential on your twentieth anniversary for you to share luxury with your spouse. Whether traveling or exchanging gifts of platinum or delicate china, I hope that you find joy and contentment in one another’s company. Happy 20th! Join me next time for year 21.
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