Celebrating Thanksgiving Abundance with Loved Ones Near and Far

Fall Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving
It’s that time of year again, reader. Fall is in the air, winter approaches, and our chilly consolations, at least my chilly consolations, typically include warm cups of cider and coco, ski season looming just around the corner, and reunions with family for the holidays. Summer is over, and it’s a bit disheartening, but there are tons of fun things to be thankful for during the fall and winter seasons, especially all the fun holidays coming up! In a couple of weeks, the majority of us will be gathered around a Thanksgiving feast, celebrating the abundance of blessings in our lives and the opportunity to share in this overflow with our loved ones.

Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket
Each of us usually misses out on a few very important people living too far away to spend Turkey Day with. Share some autumn abundance with a fall gift basket perfect for sending across the country to someone special on Thanksgiving. Create a basket filled with preserves, homemade candies and traditional fall treats or order a pre-prepared basket online for a delightful surprise for your distant loved ones. This Thanksgiving Gourmet Basket features a bottle of sparkling apple cider nestled among all kinds of delicious treats from a gourmet cheese round to assorted chocolate creams. Even if you can’t give them a hug this year, share the best the season has to offer with family and friends living far and wide!

Oftentimes, rather than hosting our own feast, we are invited into the home of a family member or friend on Thanksgiving. This is another instance in which having a Thanksgiving gift can come in very handy. Arrive bearing gifts for your host to show appreciation for the opening of their home and the time spent preparing dinner. Homemade gifts such as canned items from your summer garden or hand-prepared desserts are perfect for giving to the host of your Thanksgiving party. Put care into the presentation for an extra thoughtful touch. For instance, if you bring a jar of homemade preserves, tie it off with a festive fall ribbon, or decorate the jar with fall trimmings of some kind.

Ultimate Gourmet Cheese and Sausage Collection with Cutting Board
Cheese and sausage platters also make fabulous fall gifts for the season of plenty! Stomachs start growing as winter sets in, so make sure your host has plenty to snack on! The Ultimate Gourmet Collection and Cutting Board from Arttowngifts.com features a large assortment of cheeses, sausage, spreads and crackers neatly presented on an attractive wooden cutting board. This delicious selection of gourmet snacks is sure to keep them full and satisfied through the fall!

Near and far, we can share Thanksgiving with the special people who make life beautiful, and certainly worth being thankful for. I hope your holiday is abundant with friends, family and food! The joy in this festive season is more than enough to make up for the cold times ahead. Warm up to your winter consolations with meditations on the millions of things in life to be thankful for. Personally, the gift of relationship is probably my very favorite blessing and is at the forefront of my mind during the holidays. May your Thanksgiving be full of the celebration of friendship and family. Here’s wishing you a happy Turkey Day 2012!
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