Gift Ideas for Your 18th Anniversary

 "A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day."  
                                                                                          -Andres Maurois

Congratulations on finishing up year 18. Do you find truth in this quote from Andre Maurois? I have never experienced eighteen years of marriage, but based on the examples of marriage that have been present in my life, it seems to ring true. A perfect end is never found because a great relationship is an every-single-day job. Some days, a small hut is built, and on others, a castle. The stability and quality of your edifice depends on the time that each of you is willing to put into it each day. Since you have made it through 18 years, you probably have excellent building skills, and it may be a lot easier to work together on a daily basis than it was in the earlier years. Celebrate this teamwork on your 18th anniversary because you have earned it! Gift ideas for the 18th anniversary are meager, so your own creativity will be required…

Traditional: No traditional 18th anniversary gift
Contemporary: Porcelain
Flower: No traditional 18th anniversary flower

Porcelain Tiling in Bathroom
Fine china isn’t exactly the most exciting gift idea, especially for the hubbies! Dishes and d├ęcor are typical porcelain gifts. For couples that like to think outside the box, a bathroom remodel could make an interesting project. Make a luxurious change such as a adding a new shower or jetted tub! Porcelain tiles can add lots of color and texture to your bathroom floor or the walls of your shower. Tile also looks gorgeous in an entryway or in the kitchen! There are plenty of creative home ideas for porcelain. Who knew building your edifice could be so fun?? You can take fine china gift ideas a step further and think travel. Is a trip to China on your budget this year? You can get pretty inventive with porcelain gift ideas with just a little bit of brainstorming, so dream away to make your 18th anniversary one to remember.
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