Gift Ideas for Your 16th Anniversary

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. -Audrey Hepburn
Congratulations on rounding out year 16! Gift ideas for your 16th anniversary:

•    Traditional: No traditional 16th anniversary gift
•    Contemporary: Silver holloware
•    Flower: Statice, aka Sea Lavender

Silver Holloware
The term silver holloware encompasses a range of silver serving dishes. Silver cream and sugar sets, tea sets, serving dishes and cutlery are the most common examples of silver holloware. These types of gifts are usually given from husband to wife. Ladies, the 16th anniversary is a tough sell for husband gifts if you’re looking to stick to traditional guidelines! You could consider preparing a really nice dinner for hubbies, since this anniversary centers around serving dishes and the kitchen. If looking to get out, dine somewhere fancy where service and silver is the order of the evening!

Statice FlowersStatice (Sea Lavender)
The statice represents lasting beauty, sympathy, remembrance and success. It is likely that much of your success as a couple can be attributed to the sympathy shown, the beauty appreciated, and the remembrance shared between you. Feature this symbolism in your home with a dried flower arrangement. The statice is extremely popular in such arrangements because of its durability after drying. Dry flower arrangements can make stunning centerpieces for your home, and don’t wither away as live arrangements do. Statice flowers are also easy to grow, drought resistant, and are usually featured as borders or in beds. Keep the statice flower present in your home or garden as a reminder of the success of your sixteen-year marriage.

You have held onto each other for sixteen years and this is a very important accomplishment. Silver serving ware represents the occasions upon which you have served one another, both during major life events and on a daily basis. Statice flowers symbolize the success that your servitude and sympathy for one another has amounted to. The 16th anniversary is the perfect year to celebrate the sacrifice and hard work that are inherent in serving one another. Extend some gratitude to your spouse for their efforts, and enjoy your anniversary celebration! Join me next time for year 17.
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