13th Anniversary: Redecorate for a Fresh Outlook

Anniversary Gifts for Year 13
Thirteen years have come and gone, and despite this unluckiest of numbers, I wish you the very best of luck at closing it down memorably. Thirteen years of sharing everything means that you specialize in the interests and desires of your partner. Use this to your advantage to make this day truly special for them. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started…

Traditional 13th anniversary gifts are made from lace. Lace gifts are typically for women, so guys, consider clothing with lace, a beautiful evening dress with lace, (date included), or a lace nightgown. For a wife who loves her jewelry, buy something lace inspired. Intricately patterned jewelry can represent lace and is usually exceptionally elegant. Perhaps a piece to go along with that lacy evening dress for date night?

Consider decorating a candle with lace. I stumbled across these lace candle holders on Goodhousekeeping.com. It's a super simple idea, and a great way to dress up your romantic  candle lit dinner. Lace doesn’t have to equal doilies, so get creative with it!

The 13th anniversary flower is the chrysanthemum. This eye-catching bloom symbolizes optimism and joy. Some say that a single petal placed at the bottom of a glass of wine will lead to a long and healthy life. Share a glass of chrysanthemum petal wine to toast the longevity and health of your relationship! Another 13th anniversary flower is the Hollyhock. This blossom represents fertility and fruitfulness. If you wish to express thanks for your children, the meaning behind the Hollyhock is perfect.

Contemporary 13th anniversary gifts include furs and textiles. Fur coats and any form of clothing is an easy enough solution. How about redecorating the bedroom? Pick out a brand new comforter set, matching curtains and rugs to lend a new and exciting feel to this privately shared space. Take it even further and repaint, and perhaps include the master bathroom as well! This could turn into a really fun project for the both of you, and add new color to your daily lives.

Perhaps you’re headed off to Home Depot with visions of a brand new bedroom, or maybe you will enjoy a candle-lit supper with chrysanthemum wine for toasting. Whatever activities you choose to fill this day with, be sure that the meaning behind them is clear to you both, and don’t forget to reflect on the number 13, and just how lucky you are to be sharing this year with your best friend and favorite person. Join me next time for year 14.
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